The chances of surviving breast cancer significantly increase when it’s spotted early — so it’s vital to get to know your body and talk to your doctor if you notice something that doesn’t seem right for you

Breast cancer awareness

by Hope Brotherton |

For most women, the easiest way to feel your breasts is during or after a shower.

  1. Stand with your shoulders straight and your arms by your hips and look at your breasts in the mirror. Check that:

● Your breasts are their usual size, shape and colour.

● They are evenly shaped and there’s no visible distortion or swelling.

● There’s no dimpling, puckering, or bulging of the skin.

● Your nipple hasn’t changed position or become inverted.

● There isn’t any redness, soreness, rash, or swelling.

  1. Next, look to see if the same changes occur when you raise your arms.
  1. Still looking in the mirror, check for any signs of fluid coming out of one or both nipples — this might be a watery, milky, or yellow fluid or blood.
  1. Now lie down and feel your breasts with your hands. Use your right hand to feel your left breast and your left hand to feel your right breast. It’s important to use a firm, smooth touch, keep your fingers flat and together in a circular motion, and you should cover the entire breast from top to bottom, side to side.
  1. For the last step, sit or stand and feel your breasts again, repeating the instructions in step four.
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