5 things to declutter

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According to a Feng Shui expert, getting rid of these items could help protect your peace and wellbeing

Unused or damaged crockery

Chipped, broken, or unused plates and cups drain your personal Qi, or energy, and obstruct the positive energy within your space. Clearing out broken items can help create a more harmonious environment.

Painful reminders

Holding on to items associated with negative memories or unresolved emotions can keep you anchored to the past, preventing personal growth and inviting negative Qi into your space. It's important to let go of unhappy mementos to create a fresh and positive energy flow.

Dried or dead plants

Dried or dead plants represent lifelessness and signify a lack of vitality. They can create stagnant energy and block the positive flow of Qi in your home. It’s equally important to keep your indoor plants healthy, to promote a sense of growth and vitality.

Unused or stopped clocks

Clocks that are not in use or are broken are believed to symbolise a stagnant concept of time and hinder progress. They can create a sense of pressure, reminding us of time passing without purpose. Repair or replace broken clocks and remove unused ones to encourage a healthier relationship with time.

Broken mirrors

In Feng Shui, mirrors are considered powerful tools for reflecting and enhancing energy. However, a broken mirror is believed to distort or reflect negative and fragmented energy, which can disrupt the harmony in your home. Replace or dispose of broken mirrors.

• From Celebrity Feng Shui Consultant Denise O’Dwyer, working with Explorage.com

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