Hormonal fluctuations are responsible for all sorts of symptoms, including feelings of anxiety. Here Rosie Millen, nutritionist and spokesperson for Bio-Kult, explains how to ease them

Ways to ease the menopause

by Hope Brotherton |


Exercising increases the production of endorphins, which are natural mood lifters and diverts you from anxious thoughts. Doing exercise each day, such as yoga, can lower muscle tension, which also reduces anxiety levels.

Limit your caffeine intake

Caffeine increases cortisol levels in the blood stream and increases heart rate and blood pressure, which can increase symptoms of anxiety in menopause. Try having just one coffee a day before 2pm so it doesn’t disrupt your natural sleep pattern.

Have protein at breakfast

Protein-rich foods contain an amino acid which gets converted into serotonin, which lifts the mood and reduces anxiety. Starting the day with protein helps stabilise blood sugar levels, improves energy levels and can help you avoid eating processed sugary food which can trigger an increase in anxiety.

Try probiotics

These help your body produce serotonin, and live bacteria has been shown to reduce circulation of stress hormones. Bio-Kult Brighten, £19.94 from bio-kult.com, contains an advanced multi-strain live bacteria formula, and additional vitamins and minerals that help combat anxiety and low mood.

Take time for relaxation

Lying down and concentrating on your breathing can keep anxiety levels under control. Getting out in nature can also put your anxieties into perspective, while enjoying fresh air and getting vitamin D for 20 minutes daily is beneficial to everyone’s wellbeing.

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