5 ways to love yourself

5 ways to love yourself

by Bianca Castro |

Instead of making unrealistic New Year’s resolutions you won't keep, let this be the year you go from body loather to body lover

Forget the mirror

Learning to love yourself happens away from the mirror. You can’t see beauty — it lies within. It has nothing to do with our appearance. Humility, kindness and compassion are the currency of true beauty.

Scales aren’t everything

There’s nothing bad about wanting to be the best you can be, but focus on health and not your weight. Chasing a number on the scales doesn’t define you, your health or your happiness.

Stop comparing

Skinnier or fatter — it doesn’t matter what your shape or size is. Your health is unique to you and isn’t necessarily determined by the amount of fat or lack of fat on your body.

Give your body what it needs

For good health our bodies need good food, water, rest, sunshine, fresh air and exercise. That’s it! It really is that simple.

Respect your body

Your body works hard to keep you alive each day. It doesn’t matter if it looks lumpy, stretched and saggy. What really matters is what your body can do!

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