6 Hidden Symptoms of MENOPAUSE

6 lesser known effects of the menopause

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An expert sheds light on some of the lesser-known issues


The primary cause of fatigue during menopause is hormonal changes, particularly decreased oestrogen and progesterone levels, which can affect energy regulation. Sleep disturbances, mood swings, physical symptoms, and changes in metabolism also contribute to feelings of tiredness.

Breast tenderness

Breast tenderness occurs due to hormonal fluctuations, especially changes in oestrogen and progesterone levels. These hormones influence breast tissue, and their imbalance can lead to increased sensitivity and discomfort. While breast tenderness is more common in the perimenopause phase, it can still be experienced during menopause due to these hormonal shifts.

Thinning hair

As oestrogen levels decrease, it can shift the hair growth cycle, resulting in hair becoming finer and thinner. Additionally, declining hormone levels can affect hair follicles and reduce their ability to produce new hair. Genetics, stress, and nutritional factors can also contribute to hair thinning during menopause.

Dizziness or vertigo

Hormonal shifts can affect the inner ear's fluid balance and its role in maintaining balance and equilibrium, leading to dizziness and vertigo. Other factors such as changes in blood pressure, stress and age can also contribute to these symptoms.


During menopause, hormonal fluctuations can affect neurotransmitters in the brain, leading to mood swings, irritability and anxiety. Other contributing factors include the physical symptoms of menopause, sleep disturbances and life changes.

Brittle nails

Women may experience brittle nails due to hormonal changes, particularly a decline in oestrogen. These hormonal shifts can affect the structure and quality of nails, leading to increased fragility. Nutritional changes and age-related factors may also contribute to brittle nails.

• Information from Dr Jamie Winn PharmD, from Universal Drugstore

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