Look out for these red flags that signal your partner isn’t interested in a long-term future with you


by Hope Brotherton |

They won’t define the relationship

They change the subject, pretend they didn’t hear you, or use vague terms that leave you confused. Being evasive is a sign that they’re being dishonest with you.

Something’s amiss

They say they want to be in an exclusive relationship, but their body language tells you otherwise. For example, they say they’re excited about being with you, but struggle to maintain eye contact or scour the room for exits.

You’re reluctant to ask them about your relationship status

You’re not asking the questions you want to ask because you intuitively know that their answer won’t be what you want to hear.

They become aloof

If they’re not spending as much time with you as you’d like, and the conversations aren’t becoming progressively deeper, they’re probably not considering a long-term relationship with you.

They haven’t introduced you to friends or family

It’s natural to want to introduce your partner to loved ones. If they seem hesitant or they’ll meet your friends but won’t introduce you to theirs, they aren’t taking the relationship seriously.

You don’t talk about the future

It’s wonderful to live in the present but it’s natural to think ahead too. If you never plan the next date before you end the one you’re on, are they really that into you? Probably not.

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