60 second health boosters

60 second health boosters

by Bianca Castro |

Got a minute? Try these super-quick ways to improve your wellbeing

Pause mid-meal

Before you begin eating, take a moment to physically divide your food in half. Consider the divide a speed bump. When you hit the bump, pause and slow down and reassess your hunger and fullness level.

Save your face

You can apply sunscreen to your face each morning in a minute or less. Use a £1-coin-size dollop for full coverage, including around the eyelids and nose.

Change your thermostat

Lower the temperature two to three degrees after dinner and two to three more at bedtime, with a target of around 18°C. In colder temperatures, we sleep more deeply and wake up less.

Stand up

When we sit for prolonged periods, toxins sit too, which promotes damage to our blood vessels, increasing our risk of heart disease. Stand up once an hour to help reduce this damage.

Prepare snacks

Cut up at least one fruit or vegetable to snack on during the day. It’ll increase your intake of vitamins, fibre and minerals to improve digestion, support healthy skin, keep blood sugar stable and make your body more resilient against everyday damage.

Use your weight

No time for a full workout? Do one minute of body-weight squats. These strengthen your legs, improve mobility and increase blood flow.

Send a kind text

Take a few seconds to text a sincere compliment to someone you love. This random act of kindness will boost their mood and yours, too.

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