7 ways to… EAT LESS

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Try these science-backed ways to manage your portions

Eat mindfully

Ever devoured your dinner in front of the TV without really tasting it? Eating like this can lead to overeating. However, mindful eating — tuning in to what your body needs — can turn this around.

When you reach for chocolate or another treat, pause. Ask yourself what’s driving you. Boredom? An argument? Noticing your thoughts and emotions will help you focus. You may still eat the chocolate, but it’s a choice, not an automatic reaction.

Plan your meals

Thinking about your meals in advance of your weekly grocery shop will help fortify you against the powers of junk food promotions. Also, if you’re going out for dinner, look at the menu — and nutritional information — before you go to make healthier choices.

Organise the kitchen

You don’t need to bin all your snacks, but put certain items that you’re trying to cut down on out of sight!

Eat more protein

Protein takes longer for the body to digest than carbs, meaning it’ll keep you fuller for longer.

Use smaller plates

People consume less food when using small plates. By halving the plate size, you eat one-third less than normal.

Take photos

Those who post pictures of their food on social media tend to eat more healthily as it’s a way of tracking how well they’re eating, plus they feel more accountable.

Start with a salad

While eating more might seem counterintuitive, you’ll consume less overall.

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