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Stress can affect everything from our gut, sleep and even our skin. Cortisol in our brain spikes, causing us to crave sugary treats and salty snacks. Here’s how to manage stress better…

Start with gut-friendly Greek yogurt

Top with blueberries — full of vitamin C, they’ve been shown to provide anxiety relief — and walnuts or almonds, which are high in vitamin E and B vitamins, to boost immunity.

Cut back on coffee

It might feel good in the short-term, but too much inhibits the absorption of adenosine, a hormone that calms the body.

Steer clear of processed foods

It’s just a quick feel-good fix that won’t last or help.

Introduce fermented foods like kimchi and miso

These are packed with beneficial probiotics and are high in minerals, vitamins 
and antioxidants that can actually help reduce stress and anxiety.

Avocados are stress-relieving

Nutrient-packed and brimming with B vitamins, avocados have a positive effect on the nervous system.

Ditch the sugar

Sugar suppresses your HPA — the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis in your brain, which controls your response to stress.

Eat little and often

This will minimise peaks and troughs in energy levels.

Try health supplements

Several vitamins and supplements — such as Together Health’s Ashwaghanda Full Spectrum Extract — have been linked to reducing stress and with increasing your body’s resistance to life’s stressors.

From Lola Biggs, dietician and nutritionist at together

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