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Excessive salt intake is linked to an increased risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. Keen to cut down? Here are the foods to avoid and their healthier alternatives


Pizza dough contains salt, as it helps form the structure of the bread. The toppings we put on are often high in salt too, particularly cheese and processed meats like pepperoni or Parma ham. Use less cheese by grating it finely and opt for vegetable toppings, or try swapping processed meat for healthier tuna or chicken.


Soup is often high in salt because of the stock it contains. Make your own stock, use reduced-salt stock, or leave it out all together and use onions, garlic, herbs and spices for extra flavour. Canned soup can contain 2g of salt.

Processed meats

Much as we love a BLT or ham sandwich, swap for tofu to drastically lower salt levels.

Breakfast cereals

As well as being laden with sugar, some cereals often have hidden salt. Swap for rolled oats, which are a source of most vital vitamins.

Cheddar cheese

Cheese can be salty, and if you’re eating it in a sandwich, there’s the salt in the bread and any added condiments or butter to consider too. Swap for sandwiches with avocado salad, which are higher in fibre and healthy fats.

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