How to spot 6 signs of breast cancer

How to spot 6 signs of breast cancer

by Bianca Castro |

It’s the second most common cause of death for women — but would you know how to spot the early signs?

1. Breast lump

The first symptom of breast cancer for many women is a lump in their breast — but don’t panic. Nine out of 10 breast lumps are not cancerous. If you spot a lump, see your GP straightaway to ease your fears.

2. Change in size, shape or feel

Regularly check your breasts to get a feel for what’s normal for you. Remember, everyone’s breasts are different shapes and sizes, so the more you check, the easier it’ll be to identify any changes.

3. Breast pain

Breast pain is a very common issue for women which can be caused by hormonal changes, so it’s not a reason to panic. However, if the pain continues, see a doctor.

4. Skin changes

Abnormal changes can include everything from puckering and dimpling to a rash or redness of the skin of the breast. The skin might look like orange peel, or the texture might feel different to usual.

5. Change in the position of your nipple

Warning signs include the nipple turning in or sinking into the breast — or it could just look or feel different to usual.

6. Fluid leaking from your nipple

Fluid leaking from a nipple in a woman who isn’t pregnant or breastfeeding can be a visual sign of cancer, but it can also be caused by other medical conditions — do consult a doctor to put your mind at rest.

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