How to stop your partner snoring

How to stop your partner snoring

by Bianca Castro |

Try these tips for a better night’s sleep

1. Body pillows

Most snorers are back sleepers, and this makes the base of their tongues and soft palates collapse to the back wall of their throat, causing a vibration while they sleep. A body pillow will prevent them from rolling on to their back in the night, meaning you should sleep a little sounder.

2. Tennis ball therapy

Sew a tennis ball, or something similar, to the back of a snorer’s pyjamas. This will make it hard for them to sleep on their back, which is the position most likely to lead to snoring.

3. Avoid certain foods

For better sleep, there are certain foods to avoid before bed, including sugar, caffeine and cheese. Research shows having large meals before bed, or consuming lots of dairy food, may make snoring worse. Have smaller nightly meals and avoid late-night cups of tea!

4. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol reduces the resting tone of the throat muscles, making it more likely that you’ll end up snoring in the night. Avoid drinking alcohol five hours prior to going to sleep.

5. Wear nasal strips

These strips sit on the bridge of your nose, opening up the nostrils slightly and increasing airflow during the night.

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