Secrets of your cravings

Secrets of your cravings

by Bianca Castro |

When you crave chocolate or crisps, what’s your body really telling you? You might be surprised…

Craving chocolate? Quit the distractions

We condition ourselves to crave certain foods at certain times and in certain places. If you can break the pattern of events, you can often ‘break the craving’. Often the simplest way is to stop eating in front of the TV or computer.

Craving sugar? You need more sleep

Not getting enough sleep is a major contributor to sweet cravings. Take yourself to bed 30 minutes earlier, and you’ll have an extra half an hour in the sleep bank.

Craving carbs? Swap to a healthier option

If you find yourself wanting delicious bowls of pesto pasta or toast laden with butter, swap them for the wholegrain alternatives and seeded breads.

Craving oily and fried food? Try avocado

Craving oily and fried foods means you need more fat in your diet. But rather than going for a fry-up, eat some healthy fats like smoked salmon or avocado, and air-fry or bake your favourite fried foods.

Craving salty foods? You need more veg

Eating too much salt isn’t healthy for our hearts. Cook at home as much as possible so you eat more vegetables and naturally have less sodium in your diet.

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