Smile more, LIVE LONGER

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Did you know that being nicer could add SEVEN years to your life? Here’s how…

Be a good friend

Good friends are good for your health. Studies have found that adults who have meaningful relationships and social support are likely to live up to 22 per cent longer than their peers with fewer connections. Friends help celebrate good times, provide support during bad times and prevent loneliness.

Be generous

Scientists in the US found that providing help and time to others appears to protect our health and lengthens our lives. One study showed that when dealing with stressful situations, those who’d been generous with others during the previous year were less likely to die than those who had not.

Smile more

Smiling not only boosts your mood, the cortisol and endorphins it releases strengthen your immune system and reduce blood pressure. A study found big smilers live an average of 79.9 years, partial smilers 75 years, and non-smilers 72.9 years.

Be nice to yourself too

Studies show that a positive mental attitude can lead to a lifespan 11 to 15 per cent longer and a stronger likelihood of living to 85 or older. The secret is to not judge yourself too harshly or hold yourself to impossibly high standards.

Be a good listener

Listening keeps your mind young and active for an extra four years. It creates mindfulness, which helps combat anxiety. And by learning how to be a good listener, you’re contributing to another person’s wellbeing.

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