The 7 deadly sins

The 7 deadly sins

by Bianca Castro |

They are factors that can lead to serious health-related consequences and worse. How many are you guilty of indulging?

Soft drinks

Soft drinks contain artificial colours, flavours and ingredients, as do caffeinated drinks, and they do not sufficiently hydrate the body.

Sedentary lifestyle

We’ve evolved from hunter-gatherer ancestors who needed to move to survive, to being sedentary for most of the day. To minimise illness and disease, be as active as possible in your everyday life.


Nowadays we often experience ongoing chronic stress rather than short bursts of acute stress. In order to combat this, try focusing on what you can control, rather than what you can’t. Turn off news updates and delete social media.

Sleep deprivation

Getting enough good-quality sleep each night is just as important as eating well and drinking enough water. The body needs to rest, reset and regenerate at night to heal itself.


Refined sugar found in sweets, desserts and soft drinks is devoid of any nutrients, and can lead to health problems when consumed in large amounts. Sugar quickly spikes our insulin levels and is then stored as fat, which often leads to weight gain.

Synthetic fragrances

The overuse of fragrant products such as perfume, cleaning products, shampoos, air fresheners and even make-up, can also lead to health issues. Stick to natural products wherever possible.

Social disconnection

Without connection, we risk depression and anxiety. As humans we need to bond and feel close to others, as this releases feel-good hormones.

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