What do our dreams really mean?

What do our dreams really mean?

by Bianca Castro |

Nightmares can shine a light on something that is wrong or troubling us. Here’s the meaning behind them…


Dreaming of snakes represents someone toxic in our life. This person is exhibiting behaviour that harms or threaten us.

Teeth falling out

Losing teeth during a nightmare is often connected to allowing something out of your mouth the previous day that you shouldn’t have, like a secret or someone’s personal business.

Being chased

This dream is often experienced by those who run away from issues instead of tackling them head-on. The dream is telling you that the longer you run from the issue, the longer it’ll cause you problems.


This dream tends to happen when we’re feeling let down by someone or something in real life.


You dream of death when something in your life is coming to an end or significantly changing, such as when a relationship ends, or you change career. If you dream of someone else dying, it means a shift in your relationship with that person.


A drowning nightmare occurs in those feeling ‘in over their heads’ with something, such as responsibilities, debt or emotions.


When something or someone is ‘bugging’ us, we may find that bugs infest our dreams. The more creepy crawlies in your dream, the bigger the problem is in waking life.

Being cheated on

If you’ve previously experienced a partner’s infidelity in a relationship, dreaming about it in the present day indicates you still have trust issues.

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