Your menopause: FACT vs FICTION

There are so many myths around menopause and HRT which cause confusion and concern. Here, menopause specialist Dr Louise Newson sets the record straight

Your menopause: FACT vs FICTION

by Hope Brotherton |

Is HRT dangerous?

Evidence shows that there are more benefits than risks for the majority of women who take HRT. This is because women who take HRT have a lower future risk of developing heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and dementia compared to women not taking HRT. There’s no statistically significant increased risk of breast cancer in women taking body identical HRT which is available on the NHS.

Is this the end of my sex life?

Reduced libido is a common symptom of the menopause but this usually improves with HRT and many women also benefit from testosterone.

Can I try natural therapy?

The most natural treatment for the menopause is replacing missing hormones. There’s no good evidence to support other treatments.

Will I put on weight?

Many women put on weight during the menopause as fat cells contain a weak type of oestrogen. Women taking HRT often lose weight as they’re replacing their bodies with a better type of oestrogen.

What about osteoporosis?

Around one in three women will experience an osteoporotic fracture after the menopause. Taking HRT can strengthen bones and reduce future risk of developing osteoporosis.

Can HRT improve memory?

The hormones oestrogen and testosterone are really important for brain function so when the level of these hormones reduces, women often struggle with their memory. Taking HRT replaces the missing hormones so can really improve memory.

• Dr Louise Newson is a leading menopause expert and the founder of offering free support for menopausal women.

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