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Our Fair Lily

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Our book club special is the first book in a new Flower Girls collection from Britain’s best-loved saga author Rosie Goodwin. It was having a short story published in TAB that led Rosie to tackle writing her very first novel twenty years ago - since then, she's gone on to write well over forty novels! You can get a MONEY OFF voucher for her latest book Our Fair Lily in this week's issue of Take a Break, ON SALE NOW!

Our Fair Lily

Our Fair Lily by Rosie Goodwin

Lily Moon spends her days as a parlour maid for Lord and Lady Bellingham at Oakley Manor. She’s never expected more from life. But one day, everything changes when she temporarily becomes lady’s maid to the Bellinghams’ daughter Arabella, who is pregnant with an illegitimate child.

When Arabella suddenly disappears and Lily is left holding the baby, a friendship forms between Lily and Arabella’s brother. Or, more than friendship if the village gossips are to be believed.

When Lily is called to Paris to try to bring Arabella home, a new opportunity emerges which could change her life forever.

Could Lily dare to believe that she could be more than just a parlour maid?

Our Fair Lily by Rosie Goodwin is available now in paperback priced £8.99 from Bonnier Books, but you can pick up your book for £4.50 at Morrisons with the £1 voucher in this week's Take a Break, ON SALE NOW!

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