The best hamster cages to keep your tiny pet happy

Whether you have a dwarf, Syrian or Russian hamster, we’ve got the best hamster cages to choose from.

Hamster enjoying his cage - best hamster cages

by Caitlin Casey |

We know that buying a hamster cage can be confusing. Do you need to upsize if you have more than one, choose a wire top or plastic tank, and how much space does your little friend need?

No need to worry anymore, as we have the best options to make your pet feel right at home, right here.

Hamsters come in all different shapes and sizes including Chinese, Russian, Winter white, Syrian, Roborovoski, and more, it can be hard to know what’s the best. Where Syrian hamsters (also known as Golden hamsters) are large and should be kept alone, Dwarf hamsters are far more sociable and like to be kept in pairs.

By the time you’re reading this, you probably know which hamster you have or want and are looking for the perfect place for them to stay. We’ve put together a list of the best options for each breed, including top picks for two-tier cages, large cages, cages for multiple hamsters, and more.

If it’s still a bit overwhelming, we recommend reading the RSPCA’s page on how to look after your pet hamster. You can check out the standards and criteria you should follow for the perfect hamster cage on their website.

So, what types of hamster cages are there?

It might be difficult to work out which hamster cage is best for you but actually, it’s pretty simple. There are four main types of cages you can get, and we’ve broken them down below.

Alaska hamster cage: You’re likely to have seen this hamster cage in the top pet shops and online, known as a wire-top cage with a plastic base. These often have a wire mesh top to fix water feeders and toys to the sides. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are most likely to be the hamster cage you purchase.

Glass hamster cage: Glass cages can be a super fun way to keep an eye on your hamster. Also known as aquarium cages as they look similar to the glass tanks you’d keep fishes in. These can be heavier and costlier because of the material it’s made out of but better for smaller hamsters so they can't slip out any wires.

Wooden hamster cage: If you’re looking to get your DIY on and want to make your own hamster cage, you can easily make one out of wood. Make sure your wood is untreated as the hamster is likely to chew on it and similarly, use no glue as this can be poisonous.

Hamster bin cage: Not so common, a hamster bin cage is really simple - it’s just a plastic storage bin with a lid and the most affordable type of hamster cage you can get. As long as you drill holes for ventilation this DIY type of cage will suit any type of hamster.

At Take a Break Pets, we recommend Alaska hamster cages as they’re the most common and easiest to get your hands on.

The best hamster cages in detail

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Ferplast Plastic Duna Fun Hamster Cage

Best cage for dwarf hamsters
ferplast plastic hamster cage

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This Duna Fun Hamster Cage is perfect for any dwarf hamsters and those solo hamsters. Giving your little pet around 430-sq. inches of space, there's enough area for them to dig, play and add even more to the cage. You can make it up to three levels with ladders and a wheel to explore, including a food bowl, nesting shelter and water bottle.

We wouldn't call it basic but this is a great starter cage to get stuck into. You can even expand it out further with the tube section being adjustable as well as offering additional piping and pods sold separately.


For: Dwarf hamster

Size: L55 x W39 x H37.5cm

Materials: Plastic and Metal

Pros: Multiple levels to explore, sturdy plastic construction

Cons: When you're fitting the wheel it can be fiddly

Ferplast Favola Two-Tier Hamster Cage

Best two-tier hamster cage
Ferplast Favola Two-Tier Hamster Cage

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This is slightly smaller than we would usually recommend at around 340-sq inches, but unlike the usual smaller cages, this has a great second tier that creates a huge extra area for your hamster to explore. The transparent plastic makes it even better being easy to clean and making your hamster in good sight.

As well as the big area, this Favola Hamster Cage comes with a shelter, drinking bottle, bowl, wheel, ladder, and connections with tubes and other habitats from Ferplast.


For: Dwarf hamster

Size: L60 x W36.5 x H30 cm

Materials: Plastic and metal

Pros: Plastic, two tier system makes efficient use of space

Cons: No room for large internal cage accessories

Savic Plaza Rat and Syrian Hamster Cage

Best large hamster cage
Savic Plaza Rat and Syrian Hamster cage

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This is made for those slightly larger hamsters who need more space - and this takes up a larger space at around 770-sq inches, over double our previous hamster cages shown. Even though the shelf is slightly smaller, the ladder is extended and there are lots of spaces for hamsters to run in and out of.

The size of this cage allows extra accessories to be added in. Whereas many hamster cages have their door on the top, this one is on the side so make sure to keep an eye on it as you won't want a hamster escaping. This cage includes a feeding bowl, drinking bottle, wheel and shelter.


For: Syrian hamster

Size: L100 x W50 x H50 cm

Materials: Plastic and metal

Pros: Large and well built

Cons: Small shelf

Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Hamster Cage

Best all-in-one hamster cage
Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Hamster Cage

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Pets at Home

This whopping hamster cage has so much shelving and activities for your hamster to enjoy. With two shelves, including one with zig-zag pathways, two shelters, a slide, a wheel, a water bottle and a pod network, it's surprising you can fit anything else in this cage!

This is slightly smaller than the Savic hamster cage above but still comes out in the bigger range with around 614-sq inches. The bottom tray is deep with extra defence from the shavings and nesting materials slipping out.


For: Syrian hamster

Size: L80 x W50 x H80cm

Materials: Plastic and metal

Pros: Lots of activities

Cons: Lots to clean

Savic Gerbilarium Gerbil and Syrian Hamster Cage

Best hamster cage for multiple hamsters
Savic Gerbilarium Gerbil and Syrian Hamster Cage

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Pets at Home

This hamster cage is exciting and spacious, perfect for if you've got a pair of hamsters or more than one hanging around. This has lots of space for burrowing and climbing, and a deep bottom to fill with shavings.

With its size and depth, your hamsters will get the most out of their cage running around. It comes with a wire dual-level roof, ladder, feeding bowl, water bottle and play tube.


For: Syrian hamsters / multiple hamsters

Size: H51 x W70 x D37 cm

Materials: Plastic

Pros: Large in size, lots of elements

Cons: May be too big for a solo hamster

Pico XL Hamster Cage Silver

Best hamster cage for multiple levels
Pico XL Hamster Cage Silver

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This huge mansion of a hamster cage is fully furnished and has an excess of spaces for your hamster to crawl into. With multiple shelves and ladders, your hamster can climb from height to height and make the most of its exercise.

It even has a loft den that your hamster can snuggle up into and where you can easily access them. Whether they're running around or going to sleep, you'll be able to find them. You can also lift up the cage and accessories in one go which means extremely easy cleaning, unlike some other hamster cages. This cage includes a unique loft den, water bottle, food dish and solid wheel. What more could you want? A great cage for a great value.


For: Russian, Dwarf and Syrian hamsters

Size: L47 x W50 x D36cm

Materials: Plastic and metal

Pros: Large size, easy to clean, lots of ladders and shelves

Cons: Not enough space to add anything else

Pets at Home Wire Syrian Hamster Cage Grey XL

Best hamster cage tried and tested
Pets at Home Wire Syrian Hamster Cage Grey XL

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Pets at Home

This fully equipped large hamster cage from Pets at Home has two doors for easy access for petting and feeding, with each component of the cage easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance. Available in grey, purple, and blue.

One of our Commercial Content Writers, Eleanor Weaver, has housed her Syrian hamster in this cage for over two years:

"My Syrian hamster, Nova, has lived in the Pets at Home wire cage ever since she was a baby with plenty of space to run around and no issues with escaping either! The deep plastic tub allows plenty of space to fill with bedding for her to burrow in and is easy to clean, whilst the added platform is simple to install (though in her old age, I have removed it to convert her home into a 'bungalow' now she's less active). There's ample space for her to roam around, and while she has knawed on the plastic in the past, it has stood the test of time.

Nova in hamster cage
Nova growing up in her Pets at Home hamster cage ©Eleanor Weaver

"The cage comes with a bowl, wheel, bottle, feeding dish, and plastic home, but I chose to buy my own pieces to suit my hammie's personality. I also found the wheel to be quite noisy against the bars, so if you're a light sleeper, I'd recommend getting a different 'silent spin' wheel to keep your hamster's activity from keeping you up at night.

"All-in-all it's served as a wonderful home for my hamster throughout her life, and I'd definitely recommend as a good-sized cage that's easy to buy when getting your other hamster essentials at Pets at Home."


For: Syrian hamsters

Size: L69.5 x D46 x H41cm

Materials: Plastic and metal

Pros: Good size, durable, easy to clean, long-lasting

Cons: Noisy wheel, basic design, unable to add tube attachments

Make your own hamster bin cage

If you're looking to save money whilst still providing your hamster with a spacious home, you can make your own using a plastic tub.

Victoria Raechel is a YouTuber with a passion for small pets and animal care, and shares her guide to making your own DIY bin cage in the video below:

Make your own wooden hamster cage

If you're more DIY savvy, you can try your hand at making a wooden hamster cage for your pet using spare wood, or by adapting/ upcycling some old furniture pieces.

If you'd like a little inspiration, you can see how Victoria made her new wooden hamster cage here:

What do hamsters need from a cage?


Your hamster cage should always be placed in a draught-free, quiet location with a stable temperature. It should not be in direct sunlight. If you want to double-check what's best for your pet before you commit to a cage, make sure to consult a professional such as your vet or the RSPCA.


As we've explained above, there are a variety of cages you can choose from, including your generic plastic and metal or even wood and glass. We'd recommend choosing a cage with materials that is easy to clean, especially plastic and metal. If you're using wood be aware that it's absorbent, meaning it will be hard to clean with surfaces becoming quickly unsanitary and smelly.


Size recommendations really vary, with some sources saying that your hamster needs a minimum of 60cm x 30cm with the cage being at least 30cm tall, but the RSPCA suggests it should be "as large as possible".

It's important to provide wide floor space for your hamster to run around in, and whilst levels provide fun areas to explore, it's the size of the floor space, not the height size, that matters.

Budget and breed could impact your cage size decisions; Syrian hamsters need double the space of dwarf hamsters and if you have more than one hamster you should definitely be investing in a bigger cage.

However, while it may be tempting to grab a cage for a gerbil or rabbit to make as much space as possible, you just need to make sure the gaps between cage bars are small enough. Larger cages often mean larger bars and you don't want your hamster escaping!


Necessary accessories in your cage must include a water bottle and bowl for food. Hamster activities, though, can come in all shapes and sizes.

Some cages, like the Pico XL above, mean there are already lots of attachments included. Other cages, like the Ferplast Favola Two-Tier leave space for you to add your own.

In general, you will need a nesting box shelter for hamsters to hide with privacy. Engaging activities like wheels and gnawing items are great too, to keep your hamster stimulated and exercising.

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Must-haves for your cage: The best hamster bedding confetti and woodshavings

Carefresh Complete Natural Paper Bedding Confetti

Carefresh Complete Natural Paper Bedding Confetti, 10L

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Coming in at 10L, this bedding confetti is soft, clean, and will keep your hamster warm to nest in. Take a Break Pets recommends this hamster bedding because it's all-natural, highly absorbent, and odour-free. Your hamster will be snoozing in no time!

Pets at Home Small Animal Woodshavings Bale

Pets at Home Small Animal Woodshavings Bale (16 Kg)

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A slightly bigger pack of classic bedding for hamsters, these wood shavings from Pets at Home are a great investment for any hamster owner. At 16L, this is great coverage for your hamster's cage as well as being biodegradable and absorbent.

What are the most common breeds of hamster?

Syrian hamster: Known commonly as the Golden hamsters, they like to be alone and are typically larger. These are a popular breed for any hamster lover and they are easy to handle.

Winter white hamster: This is a smaller hamster, meaning they are quick. They're smaller because they're a breed of dwarf hamster so we'd recommend a glass cage so they can't slip through the wires.

Russian dwarf hamster: Again, another breed of dwarf hamster but not so easy to handle because of their size. They have a life span of around two years so they'll make great pets.

Chinese hamsters: These hamsters are recognized for their striped fur, being good-natured, and mostly nocturnal.

Roborovski hamsters: A very sociable breed Robrovskii hamsters are nocturnal but very sweet-natured.

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