The best pet cameras to keep an eye on your furry friend

Whether you're popping out or at work, you can keep your furry friends safe with these pet monitors.

dog tearing up newspaper - the best pet cameras

by Caitlin Casey |

With restrictions seeming to be a thing of the past and many of us going back to work in the office, it may be slightly daunting leaving your pet at home alone, especially if they’re prone to anxiety. Here at Take a Break Pets, we've sought out the best pet cameras for every owner with a furry friend.

According to the Pet Food Manufacturers Association, in 2018 around 44 per cent of households have pets, making around 51 million pets owned - including eight million cats and nine million dogs.

That's a lot of animals to keep an eye on!

For instance, where domestic animals like cats and dogs are most likely to cause trouble at home alone, pet cameras can be used for all types of animals. That is to say, it just depends on what kind of pet owner you are.

Why should I buy a pet camera?

Nowadays, you can get pet monitors of all kinds, including HD to see your pets in high quality, or even two-way audio so you can call your pet and calm them down if needs be.

Still not sure why you'd need one? Check out this cheeky pup caught on camera below:

You never know what your pet could be doing at home - especially with many of us going back to work, your cats and dogs may need some extra checking in on.

The best pet cameras and monitors - our full breakdown

Victure 1080P Wi-fi Camera

Best overall pet camera
Victure 1080P Wi-Fi Camera

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This is our top first choice - with almost 30,000 reviews the product speaks for itself! Whether you're using this for baby monitoring, pets or security, this wi-fi camera is high quality and easy to use.

With 360 degrees wide-angle viewing area and remote tools, you can keep an eye on your pet from wherever they are in the room. The app will send a message to you whenever motion or sound is detected so you'll be able to see immediately if something is to happen.

Key features

Includes: Motion tracker, sound detection, two-way audio, micro SD card, works with Alexa

Size: 16 x 10 x 10 cm

Resolution: 1080p

Viewing area: 360 degrees panoramic viewing

Colour: Black or White

Furbo Dog Camera

Best pet camera with treat dispenser
christmas gift ideas dogs

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Perfect for any pet which gets distracted easily, this Furbo Dog camera distributes a treat with just a push of a button. If the treats don't work you can also send audio through the app for your pet to hear your voice.

We love the treat dispenser, but it also comes with a barking sensor and 1080p camera which also allows night vision. Slightly pricier than our other options, but a great tool if you need to work with an anxious or naughty pet.

Key features

Includes: Treat dispenser, doggie diary, selfie alert, emergency alert, barking alert, two-way audio

Size: 15 x 12 x 22.5cm

Resolution: 1080p and 720p for video capture

Viewing area: 160 degree wide-angle

Colour: White

EZVIZ 720p Indoor Camera

Best pet camera for size
EZVIZ C1C 720p Indoor Camera

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This is a great camera for a two-way talk function so your pet can hear your voice if you need to call them. We love that it's a smaller size so won't take up much room but is still effective.

The only problem with this camera is that if you want to capture videos you'll have to pay £50 a year - but it still allows you to see what's happening in real-time without the extra costs.

Key features

Includes: Alexa compatibility, two-way audio, 12m night vision, one-year guarantee

Size: 103 x 64 x 64cm

Resolution: 720p

Viewing area: 110 degree angle

Colour: White

Wansview Wi-fi IP Camera

Best budget pet camera
Wansview Wi-Fi IP Camera

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This Wansview camera is great for someone who needs a quick, easy solution to keeping an eye on your pet. You can even edit the sensitivity of motion so that your alerts aren't so frequent.

Another two-way audio and 1080p resolution, this is a staple choice for a new pet camera. You can grab this in black or white to suit your room.

Key features

Includes: Built-in microphone and speaker, motion detection, smart pan, tilt, zoom

Size: 13.4 x 11.2 x 9cm

Resolution: 1080p

Viewing area: 105 degree wide-angle

Colour: White or black

Victure Baby Monitor Pet Wi-fi Camera

Best pet camera for monitoring remotely
Victure Baby Monitor Pet Wi-fi Camera

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The picture quality is the biggest selling point of this camera, with a 1080p resolution and infrared night vision - you can keep an eye on your furry friend at all times of the day.

This is a little bit tricky to split up and a micro SD card isn't included so you'll have to grab one of those. Otherwise, though, we like that it has sound and motion detection as well as two-way audio.

Key features

Includes: Infrared night vision, sound and motion detector, two-way audio

Size: 10 x 6 x 8cm

Resolution: 1080P

Viewing area: 120 degree angle

Colour: White

TCP Smart Wi-fi Security Camera

Best pet camera for easy set up
 TCP Smart Wi-Fi Outdoor Camera Motion Sensor 1080P

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With its size in mind, this is great for storing in a room where you don't want it to be seen, without taking away from the image quality.

This is easily set up, with two-way communication and no hub required, you can look after your pet with no worries. Perfect for a sophisticated pet owner looking for something easy.

Key features

Includes: Wi-fi enabled, motion sensor, two-way communication, night vision, easy fit

Size: 11.9 x 5.3cm

Resolution: 720p

Viewing area: 100 degree angle

Colour: White

The verdict: Victure 1080P Wi-Fi Camera

Although all six of these pet cameras were great in different ways, our top pick for every pet owner is the Victure 1080P Wifi Camera. With easy set-up, great picture, two-way communication and more, you won't need anything else.

Keep an eye on your pet and make sure they're safe with any of our top picks of the best pet cameras. All great options, here's why they made it onto our top spots.

The best pet camera with a treat dispenser: Furbo Dog Camera

Best pet camera for size: EZVIZ C1C 720p Indoor Camera

The best budget pet camera: Wansview Wi-fi IP Camera

Best pet camera for monitoring remotely: Victure Baby Monitor Pet Wi-fi Camera

The best pet camera for easy set up: TCP Smart Wi-fi Security Camera

How do I know my pet is safe at home?

By using any of these best pet cameras, you can know your dog, cat or any other animal is safe and sound in your house without any accidents.

Keeping an eye on them with tracking cameras including motion and audio detection means you can get live updates on what's happening at home, and keep yourself happy when you're out. Most of the time, things will be fine. However, accidents can happen and it's great to know what's going on when it does.

Whether you need a cheaper, easy option or a high-end pet camera with a dispenser, these are the top picks and we would recommend them to all pet owners.

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