The best pet hair removers to keep your home clean

We’ll be saying fur-well to pet hair with these top rollers, brushes and tools.

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by Caitlin Casey |

Fed up with finding pet hairs everywhere? We’ve all been there. It seems impossible to get rid of the pesky cat hairs which end up on all dark clothes, or the dog hairs that embedded into home furniture. No matter what animal your furry friend is, we’ve got the best pet hair removers to keep your house spick and span.

Although a pet is a perfect companion, sometimes it can be incredibly hard to remove the hairs that come with them. We’ve sought out the best products on the market to make your and your pet's life calmer, including classic lint rollers, a pet laundry bag to keep your washing machine safe and a remover made specifically for carpet cleaning.

If you no longer want to find pet hair in your food, or you're desperate to wear black clothes again, it’s time to invest in a pet hair remover that will keep you safe from those pesky hairs.

Suitable for dog hair, cat hair, hamsters, rabbits, and any other pet you can think of, here are some of the best available.

The best pet hair removers

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Fur Magic Reusable Pet Hair Remover Roller

Best all-round pet hair remover roller
fur magic pet hair removal roller

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This pet hair removal roller was all over social media recently, perfect for pet owners who want a quick fix. You need to give the roller a little oomph but by rolling it back and forth across furniture, carpets and clothing, you'll see the hair disappear in no time.

Mess-free, efficient and compact, you can keep this hair removal roller in a nearby drawer to pop out when you feel your furniture getting a little hairy. Just pop the button on the handle to clean out the mess - prepare yourself though, as you may be surprised just how much it picks up!

As well as this roller, you can pick up a limited edition roller or a set with a roller and brush, if you're looking for that little extra.

Average rating: 4.1/5

Why we like it:

• Super easy to use, just roll and go!

• Easy to clean out, popping open the inside

• Compact and reusable

Fur Magic Pet Hair Remover Lint Brush

Best lint pet hair remover
fur magic double sided remover

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Another Fur Magic bargain as above, this lint roller is reversible - fancy. As seen on TV's 'The Customer is Always Right', it has a self-cleaning base for an effortless experience.

All you need to do is swipe the double-sided extra-large lint brush and the micro bristles will pick up all the hairs and dirt found in the furniture material. It's super compact and easy to use so this is a must-have for a pet filled home.

Average rating: 4.2/5

Why we like it:

• Compact design with extra-large brush for efficiency

• Self-cleaning base means you don’t have to refill like usual lint rollers

• Gets into the smallest hairs with micro bristles

Tuff Pets Pet Hair Remover

Best pet hair remover roller for furniture
Tuff Pets Pet Hair Remover

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This is a slightly cheaper version of the Fur Magic option. Being used in the same way, all you need to do is rub it back and forth against furniture or clothes.

Similarly, this is great for the environment - better than disposable lint rollers that create waste. You just need to empty the remover once it's full and it can be used again and again. This is perfect for owners of animals with long hairs that get caught in furniture.

Average rating: 4.3/5

Why we like it:

• Efficient and environmentally friendly

• Easy to dispose of animal hair

• Can be used across different materials

Pukkr Pet Laundry Bag

Best pet hair removers for your washing machine
Pukkr pet laundry bag

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Did you know that a build-up of pet hairs and dust can cause problems with your washing machine and dryer? Well if you didn't, we have the perfect solution with this Pukkr Pet Laundry bag.

Perfect for cleaning bedding, harnesses, leads and clothing, just pop your pet's accessories into this bag and it will retain all the excess hairs as water passes through. At a size of 57 x 70cm, this is perfect for your home or local washing machine.

Average rating: 4.6/5

Why we like it:

• Protects your washing machine

• Makes cleaning your pets products easy

• Fewer hairs inside the machine means fewer hairs on your clothes and sheets!

• 2-year guarantee included

The Carpet Pet Hair Remover, Pack of 2

Best pet hair remover for carpets
The Carpet Pet Hair Remover

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Coming in a pack of two for double cleaning fun, this pet hair remover tailored specifically to carpets is impressive. The small nodules help to pull out pet hair without ruining your carpet.

Although it's made for carpets, you can use this carpet cleaner across most furniture and textured surfaces including car boots and rugs. Just gently pull the remover towards you to collect all the loose hair and voila!

Average rating: 4.5/5

Why we like it:

• Super easy to use, just gently rub on carpets

• Easy to clean

• Small and compact

Fabulouz Wonder Pet Hair Remover

Best budget pet hair remover
Fabulouz wonder pet hair remover

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At just under u00a38, this is our favourite bargain pet hair remover, perfect for a pet parent looking for something cheap but effective. It can be used across all pet hair, long or short.

Average rating: 4.3/5

Why we like it:

• Used on all animal hair

• Gets down to the embedded hair carpets can’t get to

• A value pet hair removal product

LeBrush 2.0 Universal Pet Hair Remover Brush

Best pet hair remover for ease
Lebrush pet hair remover

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At a slightly higher price point than our other best pet hair removers, this larger brush is perfect for those who don't want to have to get on their hands and knees. It can even be adapted to a vacuum tube for that extra cleaning power.

It makes cleaning easier with its extended handle and can be used across a variety of surfaces. No refills are needed for this and there are two sides you can use - a lint side for fine hair and sensitive materials and a brush side for long hair and hairy carpets, aimed at deeper embedded hair. A great product with multi-functions so you can clean the house clear of all hairs.

Average rating: 4.3/5

Why we like it:

• Multi-functioning: lint side, brush side and can be attached to vacuums

• Extended handle great for pet parents who struggle with movement

• Use across various materials and furniture

How do pet hair removers work?

When your pets shed hair, they often get caught or embedded into strands of carpet, clothes and furniture. There are a few different variations of pet hair removers but many work by catching onto the hairs to pull them out.

Your typical disposable lint roller works with a sticky tape to - literally - stick the hairs onto the rollers. These are perfect for clothes and furniture with fewer hairs on but can be bad for the environment because of the waste.

Brushes usually have small nodules or strands to pull out the hair from fabrics. These usually work best on tougher carpets with lots of hairs embedded. Be careful when using these brushes on furniture or softer carpets as they work by pulling.

Newer reusable rollers such as the Fur Magic Removable Roller and Tuff Pets Pet Hair Remover seem as though they work like magic by just rolling it up and down furniture with force. It works by the two plastic flaps picking up furniture and collecting it in the roller's compartment. This is useful across a variety of furniture and materials.

What are the best pet hair removers for furniture?

We recommend a pet hair roller to get rid of unwanted fur from upholstery. Specifically, the reusable rollers are more delicate but also help with heavy-duty cleaning. These are simple and effective as well as being easy to clean so that you can just dump the hair and dirt away when you're finished. Easy disposal, easy collection - perfect to have in your house.

Are pet hair removers for washing machines good?

As we reviewed above, the Pukkr Pet Laundry Bag is innovative and effective in tackling hair removal.

Ensuring that no pet hair gets caught in the washing machine when you wash your animal's accessories, this is a great product to avoid the spread of pet hair onto our clothes and sheets.

By collecting hair in the bag, this pet hair remover helps to prevent washing machine breakage as well as saving you time because you won't have to manually remove all the hair that gets caught.

Top tips to help stop your animal shedding or moulting

It's natural for a healthy pet, especially cats and dogs to shed. While this is unavoidable as an animal lover, there are things you can to do reduce the amount that appears in your home.

Brush your pet

Not only will your pet love the feeling of you giving them a little pampering, but this also helps to keep their fur and skin healthy. Collecting the hair that falls out whilst brushing tackles the problem before it starts, and you’ll see a reduction in hair over the house. Make sure you get a brush that’s tailored to your pet – brushes for cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and so on can have a big range.


Feeding your pet well will mean a healthy coat. Although we would never expect that your pet has malnutrition, checking the ingredients and effects of your pet food can have a huge change on fur and hair. Making sure your pet has the right food can do wonders.

See a vet if it's worrying

If your dog, cat or any other pet is shedding unusually or has suddenly lost a lot of fur, speak to your vet. Excessive hair loss can be a sign of stress, parasites, infections, allergies irritations or even some more serious diseases like cancer. If you're worried, just check in with a professional.

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