Best outdoor cat litter box for all weathers

Solve patio potty problems with an outdoor convenience for your pet.

best outdoor cat litter box

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One way to stop cats pooping in the garden is to give them their very own outdoor cat litter box. A cat litter box provides your little Leo with an alternative garden throne. It allows them to satisfy their natural instincts without scrapping in the vegetable patch. Even if it's raining, a hooded litter tray can be used, so it helps minimise accidents indoors. An outdoor loo can also reduce the odour and mess that comes with an indoor tray – now, that's got to be a pawsitive.

If you love your garden and tire of cats treating it like a personal excavation site, an outdoor cat litter box could put an end to manicured flower beds getting mangled. These al fresco feline facilities take the form of a hooded all-in-one litter trays or a wooden box with a tray inside. Typically, they are waterproof and spacious. They minimise the odour of faeces in the garden and provide a private sanctuary for skittish kitties to do their business.

Best outdoor cat litter box at a glance:

Best overall outdoor cat litter box: Outdoor Cat Litter House With Large Tray – View on Ebay
Best weatherproof outdoor litter box: Cat Litter House Special Design For Outdoor Use – View on Etsy
Best plastic outdoor litter box: CAT CENTRE Grey Large Hooded Litter Tray Box – View on Amazon UK

When it comes to positioning the cat litter box, place it away from your cat's food and water. In Vicky Halls' article on cat litter trays for Cats Protection, she advises: "They should be in discreet corners or adjacent to walls so that the cat has full view of approaching danger but is protected from behind." Other than that, treat an outdoor cat litter box with the same cleaning routine as you would an indoor box; unfortunately, the self-cleaning cat litter box for outdoors has yet to be invented.

If you're conscious to find the best eco cat litter trays, several cat litter boxes in this guide are made from sustainable wood sources. Aesthetically, a wooden box will blend in with the garden more so than a plastic model. But do bear in mind that wood will need treating over time. For a guide on litter tray best practice, scroll to our frequently asked questions section below.

Best outdoor cat litter box

Best overall outdoor cat litter box

Outdoor Cat Litter House With Large TrayEbay

One way to stop cats messing in your garden is to install an outdoor cat litter box. This Outdoor Cat Litter House With Large Tray is a robust and leak-proof solution. It's raised off the ground and has a quality waterproof roof, so it can be kept outdoors all year round. The large entrance allows your cat to climb through and there's extra floor space so stray litter can be dispersed there rather than al over your patio.

Customer review: "Thank you for the outdoor cat litter houses. These are well made and serves the purpose well. Thanks also for the prompt posting. Perfect item for our cat outside enclosure."


  • Eco-friendly material
  • Strong and durable
  • Leak-proof
  • Quality product


  • Wood will occasionally need treating to preserve it

Best weatherproof outdoor litter box

Cat Litter House Special Design For Outdoor Use Etsy

This Cat Litter House Special Design For Outdoor Use is made from wood and comes with a convenient, easy-to-clean plastic tray. This fully assembled house features a unique design and has been treated with a water-based preservative for 100 per cent pet safety. The removable tray simplifies cleaning and litter changes. The fully enclosed structure offers your cat privacy and it has air holes for freshness. A small corridor minimises litter tracking and it also includes a flap for effortless access. Quality roof felt provides weather protection, and the hinged roof allows easy access to all areas. Plus, it comes with a starter pack including one liner bag.

Customer review: "Arrived perfectly, with everything needed. Looks exactly as advertised and the quality is really good. Cat was curious straight away… Let's hope he uses it."


  • Comes with an easy to clean tray
  • Large
  • Handmade


  • Wood will need treating from time-to-time to prevent it from rotting

Best plastic outdoor litter box

CAT CENTRE Grey Large Cat Hooded Litter Tray BoxAmazon/Cat Centre

The CAT CENTRE Grey Large Hooded Litter Tray Box offers a safe and convenient solution for your feline friend. It's made from from pet-safe materials and has a removable roof and flap for easy cleaning. It's designed for your cat's privacy, whilst also minimising odours. It has an elegant curved design and is available in Grey or Beige.

Customer review: "My cat loves it can be used as litter tray or outside weather retreat."


  • Can be used as a cat house or litter box
  • Easy to clean
  • Neat design


  • Some reviews comment that the flap is problematic

Best outdoor litter box for large cats

Ferplast Closed Cat Litter TrayBitiba/Ferplast

The Ferplast Outdoor Cat Litter Tray is designed for outdoor use. It's waterproof and sheltered by a hood against rain. Its generous opening accommodates large cats comfortably, while its deeper tray allows for natural burying behaviour.

Customer review: "Perfect solution if your cat prefers to poo or wee outside. We had false grass laid and our cat missed the soil area and was pooing on the grass. She has stopped now she has this outside loo. It's a bit of a pain to go outside to clean it's but OK as long as it works for her. You could actually use it as an outside bed with a blanket as it's totally waterproof, and worth the price paid."


  • Waterproof
  • Extra large entry
  • Suitable for large breed cats


  • Lid can blow off

Best outdoor litter box for senior cats

CAT CENTRE Hooded Outdoor Cat Litter TrayB&Q/Cat Centre
Price: £30.80

The CAT CENTRE Hooded Outdoor Cat Litter Tray is made from BPA-free plastic so it provides safe and durable long-lasting use. Designed to be discreet in your outdoor area, it gives your cat a clean and private environment to do their business. The accessible tunnel entrance is ideal for older cats and allows them to use this litter box in any weather. Additionally, secure side clips keep the hood in place.


  • Easy entry
  • Hood clips on
  • Waterproof
  • Spacious


  • No reviews

Best outdoor cat litter box to blend in

Cat Litter House Box Outdoor Use Large TrayEbay

For outdoorsy cats who need relief mid their garden frolics, this Cat Litter House Box Outdoor Use Large Tray offers a robust solution. It's a spacious, wooden cat litter box that comes with a plastic tray. Positioned in a shelter spot, this durable shelter provides kitty with some relief in all weathers. The wood can be painted, so it can be themed with your garden.

Customer review: "Great product! Arrived extremely well packaged. Very light so easy to move. Stain effect is good but I intend to paint mine with Valspar paint to match my garden and deck. Love that it comes with the appropriate size litter tray too. Would buy from seller again."


  • Treated wood
  • Fully assembled
  • Large


  • Wood may need treating again in the future for upkeep

Best luxury outdoor cat litter box

Bellatrix Cat HouseWayfair
Price: £62.99 (was £72.99)

The Bellatrix Cat House is a sturdy solid wood cat house for your feline friends. The transparent windows and doors allow them to survey their surroundings, while the openable top and removable middle board simplify litter box placement and cleaning. The asphalt roof, waterproof paint and raised floor ensure durability and weather resistance. Ventilation holes to maintain fresh air circulation and prevent odour build-up. Overall, this cat house offers a versatile and safe environment for your pets to enjoy.

Customer review: "Easy to put together, sturdy and waterproof. This was a great addition for inside our outside shed area for the cats."


  • Stylish
  • Multi-functional
  • Waterproof
  • Raised off the ground


  • Needs to be positioned in a sheltered spot so strong winds don't catch it

Best travel cat litter box

INUAN Travel Cat Litter BoxAmazon/INUAN
Price: £22.49

In need of a convenient convenience for your kitty on the go? The INUAN Travel Cat Litter Box is a portable potty solution that folds into a pocket-size square. Plus, you get cat liners, a travel scoop and a collapsible bowl too. Adventure in the great outdoors with your furry companion, with a no fuss leak-proof and claw-proof fold away litter box.

Customer review: "The INUAN Travel Cat Litter Box is a great solution, we used it on our holiday and it worked great. The collapsible design allows for easy storage, while the leak-proof construction ensures no messes in transit. The lid and handle make it easy to carry, and the waterproof material is a nice touch for added convenience. Great value for the price."


  • Amazon's Choice
  • Portable
  • Folds down small
  • Includes accessories


  • Intended as a temporary solution, not for daily use

Best outdoor cat litter box for car travel

IRIS USA 15.5" Travel Cat Litter BoxAmazon/IRIS
Price: $13.02 (was £16.33)

Traveling with your cat has never been easier with this IRIS USA 15.5" Travel Cat Litter Box. Your feline friend can conveniently use the bathroom almost anywhere, eliminating the need to worry about space in your luggage for a traditional litter box. Made of lightweight canvas, it can be stored flat when not in use and quickly brought out whenever your cat needs it. Plus, the zip top securely stores litter without any mess.

Customer review: "I like this for pets and car travel. It is contained and unobtrusive."


  • Folds flat
  • Portable
  • Contains odours when zipped


  • A little flimsy, especially when used by large cats

Best outdoor cat litter box for style

Savic Cat Litter Tray MiraBitiba/Savic

The Savic Cat Litter Tray Mira combines both practicality and style. With its elegant leather-effect appearance, decorative stitching and non-slip legs, it brings sophistication to any setting. Its enclosed structure and activated carbon filter combats odours. Additionally, it has a transparent swinging door for easy access and is made from durable, easy-to-clean plastic.


  • Stylish
  • Raised off the ground
  • Durable
  • Carbon filter for odour control


  • No reviews

Outdoor cat litter box FAQs

What do I need to know about maintaining a clean cat litter box?

Best practice for managing a litter tray involves key steps to ensure cleanliness, odour control and the wellbeing of your cat:

Size: A litter tray should be large enough for your cat to comfortably turn around and dig. General rule of thumb is one and half times the length of your cat.

Location: Place the litter tray in a quiet and accessible area where your cat feels safe. Avoid placing it near their food and water bowls.

Type of litter: Choose a litter that your cat prefers and that works well for odour control. Clumping litter is popular as it makes cleaning easier, but some cats prefer non-clumping litter. Experiment to find what works best for your cat.

Depth of litter: Maintain a depth of litter around 3–4cm. However, if your cat is peeing a lot, Vicky Halls advises: "the depth should be sufficient to soak up the larger than normal amount of liquid that is deposited at any one time."

Cleaning: Scoop the litter tray at least once a day to remove waste and clumps. Thoroughly clean the tray with mild soap and hot water on a regular basis, replacing the litter entirely every week. For more information, read our guide on how often should you change cat litter.

Number of trays: For households with multiple cats, provide one litter tray per cat plus an extra one to prevent competition and territorial disputes.

Vicky Halls advises, "When cats go to the toilet outdoors they generally prefer separate locations for urination and defecation. So if you were to simulate the ideal facilities indoors you would provide two trays for one cat."

Odour control: Consider using odour-absorbing litter to help neutralise smells. Regular cleaning and proper ventilation also help control odour.

What type of cat litter works best?

The best type of litter often depends on the preferences of both your cat and you. Here are some common types of litter and their characteristics:

Clumping clay litter forms clumps when it comes into contact with moisture, making it easy to scoop out waste. It's popular for its convenience and odour control.

Non-clumping litter: Unlike clumping litter, non-clumping litter absorbs urine but doesn't form tight clumps. It's generally less expensive but requires more frequent changes.

Silica gel crystals are small, absorbent crystals that lock in moisture and control odour effectively. It's low-dust and can last longer than traditional clay litter.

Eco-cat litter is made from natural materials. It's biodegradable and an eco-friendly option. They are often flushable and decompose naturally. However, some cats may take time to adjust to the texture and smell.

Pellet litter is made from compressed sawdust or recycled paper. It's absorbent and controls odour well, but some cats may not like the texture.

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