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Best scented cat litter

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Choosing the right scented cat litter for your furry friend no longer has to be a problem. After all, if there’s one thing, we know about cats… they’re fussy. Super picky. Not only do you have to find cat litter that works for your lifestyle, but your cat has to be alright with it, too. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you and found the best scented cat litter, which is safe and will cover up any nasty smells.

When picking scented litter for litter boxes, there are a few things to look out for. Though we cover more in our litter buyer’s guide below, there are a few key decision-making factors to consider before you buy. These include the price, whether you opt for a clumping litter or not, the quantity and weight of packaging and, most interestingly, the type of scent. We’ve chosen tried and tested scented cat litter in our round-up, reviewed by cat parents and available in various freshening aromas.

Best scented cat litter at a glance

Best scented cat litter overall: Ever Clean Lavender Clumping Cat Litter, 10L – View on Amazon UK
Best value scented cat litter: Amazon Baby Powder Bentonite Cat Litter, 10L – View on Amazon UK
Best scented cat litter freshener: Bob Martin Cat Litter Freshener Powder, 500g – View on Amazon UK

Cat litter, of any shape and size, is important for our indoor moggies. In the wild, cats bury their urine and faeces – so cat litter serves a similar purpose. Not only is a litter box a safe spot for a cat to do its business, but it makes removing and throwing out the waste a little more bearable, too. Indoor cat litter should have odour control, as they won’t be doing their business outdoors. You'll need a lot of cat litter over the years, so it is best to get the litter knowledge in early.

Texture, amongst other things, will be important to cats of all ages, as they’ll be stepping gingerly into their beloved litter box to do their business. For inquisitive younglings, litter for kittens should be either a non-clumping clay, natural pellet or crystal when under four months. All cats are perfectly unique in their own way – so finding the best scented cat litter is a must. Put your paw on the mouse and scroll down for our top litter picks, with FAQs answered.

Best scented cat litter for 2024

Best scented cat litter overall

Ever Clean Lavender Clumping Cat Litter, 10LEver Clean / Amazon
Price: $42.00

Meow you're talking. This Ever Clean Lavender Clumping Cat Litter, 10L has been made for pets and parents, alike. With paw-activated fragrance tech, our top pick releases a fresh scent on demand when the litter tray is in use - and locks in odours, rather than masking. Made with clumping clay, this option guarantees little crumbling with easy removal and low dust. Hurrah! It's a pleasing, calming scent.

Cat parent review: "This is great litter. Have tried wood pellets, crystals, bentonite etc, but none as good as this. It clumps brilliantly, so very easy to clean out and very little wastage. It doesn't smell and doesn't track at all. Definitely worth the extra money. Comes in a box with a tab to open, so easy to pour out."


  • Extreme odour elimination
  • Paw activate fragrance release
  • Little crumbling with easy removal


  • Your cat may not like lavender - other scents available

Best value scented cat litter

Amazon Brand Baby Powder Bentonite Cat Litter, 10LAmazon
Price: $32.00

Made of pure, natural bentonite clay, this Amazon Baby Powder Bentonite Cat Litter, 10L comes with a high absorption capacity to lock away liquid and odours. Claiming to last longer than other litters, this Baby Powder scented litter can provide up to six weeks of messes from your kitty. Firm, and clumping, this special pick won't break whilst being scooped and won't provide any dust, either. Fabulous.

Cat parent review: "I have three indoor cats, including two Sphinx so they make good use of their litter trays! When given the choice between this bentonite litter and ANY other litter option they all opt for this litter without fail. Clumps extremely well, small solid clumps which are easy to remove with no liquid residue left over. Very good odour control. Well worth spending the premium price for it."


  • An economical option, a long-life bag
  • Excellent clumping ability for easy clean
  • Clay has a high absorption capacity


  • Some pet parents noticed a lot of tracking along their floors

Best scented cat litter for allergies

Catit Go Natural! Lavender Clumping Pea Pod Cat Litter, 5.6 kgCatit / Amazon

Rrp: $24.00

Price: $19.91

Plant-based and biodegradable, this Catit Go Natural! Lavender Clumping Pea Pod Cat Litter, 5.6 kg comes from sustainable sources. Not only that, but it absorbs up to three times its own weight in moisture. Easy to scoop, 99% dust-free and low-tracking, it's been delicately scented with odour control.

Cat parent review: "This is a brilliant cat litter that I've been using for a few months now. The smell is very subtle, and it clumps well (although when it gets a bit empty, clumps do start to stick to the litter tray sides - so keep it topped up). It's sort of expensive but lasts for about 30 days for my two cats so only needs replacing about once a month for me. Highly recommend giving it a shot. Try to transition your cats by mixing half of your current litter with this stuff. That made the transition easy for us."


  • Soluble, easy disposal and 100% biodegradable
  • Dust-free - which is ideal for people with allergies
  • Litter quickly clumps and traps unpleasant odours


  • Stock issues with the 10L litter - will be back soon!

Best linen-scented cat litter

Clumping White Cotton Fresh Cat LitterAmazon / Sanicat

Enriched with the natural power of oxygen for a stink-free litter box, the Sanicat White Cotton Fresh Clumping Cat Litter, 10L is a great pick. Coarse granules reduce tracking, leave no dust and are soft on your cat's cute little paws. Naturally clumping, this litre is easy to scoop for hygiene and odour control.

Cat parent review: "Well we normally buy Bob Martins ultra clumping for our four cats, but the supply in our local B&M is erratic so we thought we'd try this one, works perfectly clumps, has no dust and absorbs the odour perfectly. A bit expensive compared to the Bob Martin stuff, but we know we can get it easily with Amazon and delivered to the doorstep so it's worth a little bit extra."


  • Packaging is FSC-certified paper and 100% recyclable
  • Enriched with oxygen to neutralise unpleasant odours
  • No dust and coarse granules reduce tracking and is soft on paws


  • Clumping is not always reliable

Best scented cat litter for easy scooping

Intersand Odourlock Calming Breeze Cat Litter, 6LIntersand / VioVet

Next, for easy clumping and cleaning, we recommend the Intersand Odourlock Calming Breeze Cat Litter, 6kg. Offering superior odour control with its advanced formula and soothing scent, this litter has been designed to keep your home smelling fresh and clean; it provides long-lasting protection against unpleasant smells, ensuring a comfortable environment for both you and your furry friend.

Cat parent review: "Excellent, leaves no odour and lasts a long time well worth the money."


  • Made with 100% pure and high-quality natural clay
  • Ultra-fast clumping makes it easy to scoop
  • 99.9% dust-free, which is better for you and your cat


  • Strong scent may not suit fussier cats

Best scent litter for lasting odour control

Sanicat Aloe Vera 7-Day Freshness Clumping Cat Litter, 4LSanicat / Amazon

Naturally eliminates bad odour for at least seven days, this Sanicat Aloe Vera 7-Day Freshness Clumping Cat Litter, 4L, leaves no dust or stains. Plus, it's soft on your cat's little paws. It's a highly absorbent litter that covers up your cat's business for improved hygiene. Plus, it's been enriched with oxygen.

Cat parent review: "I have 5 cats, 4 boys and one girl. 3 of them were previously feral, and two of them were raised by neglectful owners. They all have their individual litter habits/phobias/preferences. I used to use CatSan and I swear to god, it was impossible to clean. I switched to litter tray liners and it was still difficult to clean. Sanicat, however, lasts the 7 days it recommends (although I would recommend scooping daily, even though it says you don't have to), it's got a nice scent that doesn't put cats off. It looks nice enough, the pink pearls, and it does mask odours nicely. I would never use any other litter, this one is cheap enough and does a good enough job for me to not even consider it."


  • Natural and highly absorbent formula
  • Aloe vera scent for ongoing 7-day freshness
  • No dust or stains, and is soft on your cat’s paws


  • Tracking control may not be as good as others on the list

Best scented cat litter freshener

Bob Martin Cat Litter Freshener Powder, Meadow Fresh Scent - Effective Odour Control for Longer Lasting Freshness, Made in the UK (500g)Bob Martin / Amazon

If you're content with your current litter, then consider adding an extra layer of freshness to your business. Simply sprinkle a layer of Bob Martin Cat Litter Freshener Powder, 500g, over the litter in your cat's tray to prevent nasty odours and provide all-day freshness. With a floral meadow fresh scent leaves the litter tray smelling fresher and cleaner. Plus, this litter freshener is made in the UK.

Cat parent review: "Love this, sprinkle in the litter tray after emptying, removes smells straight away - definitely recommend it."


  • Uses odour encapsulating tech to target nasty urine smells
  • Easy to use - simply sprinkle onto litter for lasting freshness
  • The scent is gentle, ensuring litter is clean, fresh and OK for cats


  • Some customers have had issues with the powder coming loose from the tub

Verdict: Which is the best?

The Ever Clean Lavender Clumping Litter is a reliable, clumping and fresh-smelling pick.

How to choose a scented cat litter

If you're unsure about which scented cat litter to snag for your cat, we've written a short buyer's guide. Below, we have listed the important factors to consider from scent to odour control.

First, comes cat preference. After all, cats are fussy - and your furry friend may be sensitive to strong scents. Consider your cats' preferences and behaviours before introducing a scented litter.

Next, fragrance strength should be considered. For this, we recommend opting for a mild, natural fragrance that doesn't overwhelm your cat's sensitive sense of smell. See above for gentle scents.

Another important factor is odour control. Finding the cat litter for odour can effectively neutralise nasty smells without relying on fragrances. Baking soda and charcoal can help with elimination.

In this round-up, we have chosen litter with an above-average clumping ability. For this, ensure you choose a litter that clumps - as this will take away so much hassle when cleaning the litter box.

Dust level is something we've considered when picking our scented options above. In the interest of safety, cat litter should produce minimal dust to prevent respiratory issues for you and your cat.

Similarly, the composition of your cat litter should be made from non-toxic materials that are safe for your cat's health - and comfy for little paws. Choose reputable brands with cat parent reviews.


Cat litter: scented vs unscented

This is a dilemma for all cat parents: do I opt for scented or unscented litter? While scented options promise a fresher-smelling environment, there are some things to consider before you buy. This is why, with the help of Christine O’Brien at Hill’s, we’ve listed the pros and cons of each:

Scented cat litter


Masks odours effectively, leaving a fresher-smelling home.

Some cats may tolerate or even prefer scented options.

May contain additives to help neutralise odours.


Fragrances can irritate a cat's sensitive nose, potentially causing discomfort.

Overpowering scents may deter cats from using their beloved eco litter tray.

Artificial fragrances may contain chemicals harmful to cats' respiratory systems.

Unscented cat litter


Ideal for cats with sensitive noses, avoiding potential irritation.

Less likely to deter cats from using a litter tray - self-cleaning box - or not.

Allows pet owners to monitor their cats' health effectively.


May not effectively mask odours as well as scented options.

Some pet owners may prefer a fresh scent in their home.

Lack of fragrance means it may not provide lasting odour control.

Is scented cat litter bad for cats?

Some scented cat litter may be unsafe for your cat, particularly strong, toxic fragrances that may cause some respiratory issues in some breeds. However, cat parents have reviewed and approved all of our picks. We've checked the composition, scent strength and additives to ensure they are cat-safe.

Opt for a reputable brand or high-quality product with plenty of cat owner-approved reviews.

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