The best dog cooling vests for the summer

Your pooch will be cool as a cucumber…

Panting small fawn coloured French Bulldog dog wearing blue cooling vest harness to lower body temperature on hot summer day

by Piper Huxley |

Enjoying the sun? Well, your panting pooch may be finding it a bit much. Don't worry. We've rounded up the best dog cooling vests to keep your dog happy and healthy in the warmer months.

It's no denying that summertime is great fun for your pooch. If you're out for the day, bringing your pooch along makes the trip very special. They'll love to run around and play. Unfortunately, the heat in the summer months can cause your pets - dogs and cats alike - to overheat. Sometimes, they can even get heatstroke.

Dogs, unlike humans, have less ability to cool down. In fact, the only way they can regulate body temperature is through panting - which is highly inefficient during hot weather. So, that's why we're here to help. Equipping your pooch with a cooling mat or a cooling vest will help them stay healthy and happy when it's hot outside.

How do I know what size cooling vest to get my dog?

It is very important for your pooch's comfort that you purchase the right size vest. Luckily, each vest will have a size specification guide so you know which size to purchase. All you'll have to do is get the tape measure out and measure the behind the front legs of your dog and over their back for the widest measurement. We've made sure to include a range of vests that have a decent range of sizes - just to give you some more options.

The best dog cooling vests for summer - UK 2022

POPETPOP Dog Cooling Vest has a reflective side striping which makes it easier for you to see your dog on walks, hikes or runs. This paired with its cooling properties make it a must-have for adventurous owners. Judging by the reviews, it's recommended to go a size up - if possible.

Sizes: S-L

Material: Cotton

Pros: Reflective, Harness Clip, Adjustable Buckle

Cons: Only Three Sizes

Review: "These coats really worked. I was very surprised by the excellent quality and strength of these compared to other more expensive coats I have seen in other pet stores. Work well, wear well and the dogs have not seemed to pay any attention to them. Good sizing too."

This cooling vest will work to keep your furry friend comfortable for up to six hours and helps protect them against UV and heat-related illness. The elastofit technology allows the vest to expand to 33 per cent to fit your dog's unique shape.

Sizes: XS-XL

Material: Unsure. Hand Wash Only.

Pros: Elastofit Technology, Easy to Fasten, Lightweight, 6-Hour Protection

Cons: No Harness Clip for Walks

Review: "This is probably the best item I've bought for my dog, Ebony. It's so simple: run under tap give it a wring out and put it on the dog. It instantly cools the dog down - and I believe calms the dog, too. Brilliant value for money."

The Prestige Cool-Coat acts like a second skin to your doggy. The coat will allow them to feel cool but not wet and cold. While wet, the coat will mould seamlessly to your canine but will begin to become stiff as it dries. Owners only need to put the coat into the water to re-activate.

Sizes: M - there are Extra-Small, Small, Large and Extra-Large sizes available.

Material: Synthetic Material

Pros: Lightweight, Easy to Use, Adjustable

Cons: Sizing seems to be an issue for some customers

Review: "I am so impressed already. I have recommended it to all my dog-owning friends and those you meet on walks. It is absolutely brilliant, so simple to use, a great fit and works an absolute treat within minutes. My poor dog would be panting away in our recent good weather and I would be feeding her ice cubes every half hour. However, we put this vest on her and she calmed down within minutes. Next, she was asleep - which shows she was comfortable. Cannot recommend it enough. An excellent product, we are very happy with our purchase."

The Animate Cooling Dog Coat has become popular with dog walkers because of its design. The straps allow your dog to be comfortable and cool when they join you on long walks. This cooling vest is quickly activated by soaking in water.

Sizes: Large - but this is available in Small, Medium and Extra-Large sizes.

Material: Synthetic Material

Pros: Machine Washable, Adjustable, Bag

Cons: No Clip for Walks

Review: "I am a dog walker and take my black lab with me on some of the walks. He needs to get in the car a few times, so when it's hot he needs something to cool him down. This coat is perfect. The only cool coat that not just fits well, but works a treat. He is cool on the walks and cool in the car. It stays cool for around 3 hours. Thoroughly recommend and a good price too!"

This Ancol cooling vest can be dipped into water and put onto a hot dog to reduce the risk of overheating. Simple. Just repeat whenever the vest dries out. With this, you'll be keeping your pooch cool, happy, and healthy on those extra hot days. The dog cooling vest also features a belly strap to ensure a snug fit. Handy.

Sizes: XS-XXL

Material: Synthetic Material

Pros: Easy to Use, Belly Strap, Good Range of Sizes

Cons: No Clip for Walks

The PDSA Pet Cooling Vest is activated by wetting, and there is no need for electricity or a freezer. It has adjustable hook and loop fastenings to make sure that your dog is comfortable in the heat.

Sizes: XS/S & M/L

Material: Synthetic Material

Pros: Adjustable Hook, Loop Fastening, Reflective Trim

Cons: Limited Sizing

Made from instantly cooling fabric, this KIPETTO vest is easy to take on and off - which certainly makes things easy. Lightweight, your dog will hardly notice they're wearing the dog cooling vest and will be super happy. Simply dip into cool water for one minute and wring out the excess. Easy-to-clean and reusable, this funky vest is a favourite.

Sizes: Medium, Large & Extra Large

Material: Synthetic Material

Pros: Cool Design, Lightweight, Machine Washable

Cons: No Small Sizing

Review: "Love these cool vests. I brought these after one of my dogs got heat stroke. I wanted something lightweight and comfy for my girls. When they arrived I was really happy as both fit perfectly. I have a Pomeranian cross and a Pug cross. Small was the perfect size for my Pomeranian cross and Medium for my Pug cross. Just rinse them under a cold tap and they keep them cool for four hours. The best buy for my girls."

Soak in cold water, wring it out and put it on your panting pooch. Soft and lightweight, this cooling jacket is adjustable and easy to put on and take off with a double zipper. The Aluminium-alloy D-Ring on the dog's back is able to attach a leash - which we find very useful. Plus, the reflective nylon webbing allows good visibility at night.

Sizes: 2XS, S-XXL

Material: Synthetic Material

Pros: Reflective, Easy to Clean, Zipper, Adjustable, Comfortable

Cons: Zip can break

Review: "Overall this is a very good cooling vest! It stayed damp for a long time. It fit my Labrador very well, there are two zips along the spine, and an elastic pull cord to adjust the tummy fit. It also has two sturdy lead connections where a harness would be on the back."


What are the symptoms of heatstroke in dogs?

The key signs that your dog may be overheating:

• Excessive Panting

• Excessive Drooling

• Fast & Irregular Heartbeat

• Rapid Breathing

• Lethargic Behaviour

• Disorientation

• Vomiting/Diarrhoea

• Collapse

What happens when dogs get too hot?

If not able to cool down, like us, dogs can develop heatstroke. They can be fatal - if not treated immediately.

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