Dog walking bags you need to carry all your pet’s outdoor necessities

The extra luggage you need to go further afield for waste bags, water bowls, and treats.

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by Natalie Corner |

Dogs need just as many things as a baby does when you leave the house with them, so it's no surprise that as a pet parent you've probably found yourself juggling a whole load of necessities in your dog walking bags.

Obviously, you need somewhere to put your dog's favourite ball, a backup ball in case that gets lost along the way, a portable water bowl, dog waste bags, tasty treats, training equipment and so on!

Not forgetting to include your own essentials like house keys, car keys, sunglasses, refreshments, a mobile phone, sunscreen, a hat, emergency plasters for blisters and any extra layers in case it gets cold, we often need multi-functional dog walking bags that cover all bases.

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If you prefer to keep your dog's belongings to a minimum and are looking for a dog walking bum bag, we have options for you to choose from. Or, if you really do like to carry everything including the kitchen sink on a hike, we've selected the best walking bags for all kinds of walks.

What type of dog walking bags are there?

It all depends on what you need to take with you on your dog walk which determines the style of dog walking bags you should choose. Whether it's a brief dog walk and a bum bag, or a long hike with two solid straps like a backpack, or you're happy to sling a cross-body bag over one shoulder, we've covered all the bases.

Furthermore, you also need to factor in what type of material your bag is, so look out for waterproof options if there's a chance of rain (it's the UK so it's highly likely you could encounter a surprise shower!), or if you need something lightweight that doesn't irritate your skin.


• Sling shoulder dog walking bag

• Cross-body dog walking bag

• Bum-bag dog walking bag

• Waist pack dog walking bag

• Backpack dog walking bag, available in small, medium or large

The best dog walking bags

Pet Room Dog Walking Bag

Best compact dog walking bag
Pet Room Dog Walking Bag

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This compact bag can be worn as a belt around the waist or hung over the shoulder. It has five different pockets to hold everything you need, making it easy for you to grab your essentials quickly without fiddling around. There's space for your own essentials which can be kept secure with zip fastenings. Owners rate this 4.5 out of 5 stars, making comments such as, "everything you need", "well made", "good quality" and "highly recommend".

Dimensions: 38.1 x 0.76 x 2.54 cm

Weight: 160g


High-quality fabric

Three ways to wear

Drawstring closure to keep treats safe

Front zipper pocket.

Treat pouch

Waste bag holder

Dog training clicker

Collapsible dog bowl

Adjustable belt

Review: "What a great little bag. I bought this for my rescue dog who is highly motivated by food, and he is learning so quickly with the clicker. It's a great little clicker and whistle with a springy type wrist cord that will fit around any size wrist. The water bowl is really good quality and is perfect for on the go. I love how you pop a roll of poop bags in the outer pocket, and you can pull one through at a time. I normally had all my pockets full of them.

"The bag itself can go round the waist or over the shoulder, and is very well made. The main part of the bag is big enough to put a packet of treats, your phone and a small purse in whilst the small front part is perfect for your keys. I love this bag and always take it when I'm out with my dog now."

Mobile Dog Gear Weekender Back Pack

Best for walking holidays
Overland Dog Gear Weekender BackPack

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lords and labradors

This dog walking bag is packing a serious punch. Although at the pricier end of the scale, it is an absolute must-have for those who travel often with their dog and have to make sure they can pack everything they need in one bag for a holiday.

Dimensions: H 40.6 x W 33 x D 17.8 cm



Lined carriers

Dividers inside

Side pockets

Built-in waste bag dispenser

Removable placemat

Collapsible silicone bowls

Adjustable straps

Mesh pocket and zippered inside pocket

Luggage ID tag

Review: "I love this bag! It can fit so much of my dog's stuff into it, perfect for when I take my dog to work or to stay at a friend's! Everything is really good quality and very comfortable. There was a bit of an issue with delivery where it was missed off my order but customer support was fantastic and sent out another straight away!"

Sophie Allport - Woof Dog Walking Bag

Best for style
Sophie Allport - Woof Dog Walking Bag

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We love this adorable illustrated dog walking bag from pet brand Omlet. The Sophie Allport bag features the artist's 'woof' print and has enough pockets for treats, poo bags, collapsable bowls and your essentials. Ideal for any new pet parent.

Dimensions: H 6cm x W 13cm x L 19cm

Weight: 0.2 kg


Adjustable waist or shoulder strap

Multiple pockets

Stylish dog illustration design

Zip fastening

D-rings for extra attachments

Dog Training Treat Bag

Best for training
Dog Training Treat Bag

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This dog pouch comes with lots of nifty accessories which helps secure it a firm slot on our best-of list. It also comes in handy for training your dogs when you need to quickly reward your pup.

Dimensions: 11.5 x 6.5 x 17.5 cm

Weight: 290g


Waterproof walking storage pouch

Adjustable reflective

Shoulder/waist belt for extra safety and comfort

Collapsible bowl

Dog treat pouch

Sturdy dog belt clip and carabiner

Review: "The absolute best treat bag we've tried so far!! What more can I say... It holds loads, and the clicker is great. The bowl is beyond brilliant, although it is a tiny bowl it's plenty big enough for my Golden Retriever and the second it hits the floor dogs swarm from nowhere to share the water. My Puggle is a master at treat bag destruction and despite a couple of attempts, he hasn't managed to make a mark on this one, and even better he can't mug me for treats during the walk thanks to the amazing drawstring and fabric closure. All in all, it is simply fantastic!!"

Outdoor Paws by Petface Dog Walkers Bum Bag

Best bum bag
Outdoor Paws by Petface Dog Walkers Bum Bag

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A bum bag is a great hands-free option for dog walkers, as you don't have to swing off a backpack or reach around to grab what you need. It is limited on space so we'd suggest this is one for shorter walks where you probably don't need to carry a collapsible bowl or water bottle. It's also water-resistant, so good for the days you get caught in a downpour!

Dimensions: 15 x 37.5 x 4 cm

Weight: 112g


Specific phone holder

Three zip compartments

Two pockets with velcro fasten

Water-resistant fabric

Adjustable waist belt

Review: "Really useful product for dog walking. It holds all I need and I clip on a poo bag holder for easy access. It could do with being more durable though as I have a small hole in my first one and after 18 months needed to re-stitch some of the internal seams as the treats were finding their way in with the spare lead and ball."

Radley Zip Around Bumbag

Best luxury dog walking bag
Radley Zip Around Bumbag

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Looking to treat yourself or a loved one? This Radley zip-around bumbag is ideal for dog walking when you're heading somewhere other than your local route. It's stylish yet still compact, crafted in mock croc featuring two zipped compartments as well as interior card slots and a press stud back pocket to slide in dog treats.

Dimensions: W36 x H18cm

Weight: 0.6kg


Zip-around compartments

Wide strap with adjustable slider

Textured mock croc

Compact and durable

Tried & Tested by Deputy Commercial Content Editor, Natalie Corner: "Sometimes you want to add a little extra style on a dog walk with friends and this Radley bumbag is ideal for that. Although it may not be the first port of call when looking for a practical bag but it doubles up perfectly and I can still use it when I'm not dog walking. There are plenty of compartments for my belongings and doggie essentials too!"

iEnergy PAT Waist Belt

Best for runners
iEnergy PAT Waist Belt

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Another bum bag style, but with a lot of extra capacity for dog walkers. It's made of durable and breathable mesh material, designed with dog owners in mind thanks to its multi-pockets and fastenings. It's a great bag for warmer weather and runners, allowing you to store all the important things you need along with designated secure pouches for keys and money.

Dimensions: 26 x 18.4 x 4.8 cm

Weight: 260 g


One-size waist belt

Hook for attaching your leash

Wipe-clean food bag pocket

Pocket area for valuables

Review: "Absolutely love this! Perfect for when I go running when I take my friend's dogs out and can store everything I need without having to carry my keys and plastic bags etc in pockets! Definitely a must have for any dog walkers/owners who love to exercise and are fed up having to carry rucksacks etc. Really good quality and very comfortable to wear."

'Paw Pattern & Dog Icons' - Personalised Dog Walking Bag

Best for dog lovers dog bag

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We adore this personalised dog bag. While it may not have as many pockets as other options on our list, Yappy offers pet owners the chance to customise their bag with a design that looks like their own pooch, as well as choose from six different colourways. This makes a great gift for any dog lover or a treat for yourself to show your pet just how much you love them!

Dimensions: 19 x 18 x 5cm

Weight: Unknown

Features exclusive customised dog design

Colour Options Available

Made from satin-twill material

Removable flap for easy clean

Adjustable strap, 102cm when fully extended

Zip compartment underneath flap

Review: "Great bag, fits in treats and poo bags along with my mobile phone and door key. Will make life so much easier in the summer months when I don’t have coat pockets to fill. Great design."

MALEDEN Unbalance Backpack

Best for long hikes
MALEDEN Unbalance Backpack

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A cross-body one strap style dog walking bag that is great for longer hikes, bike rides and generally going further afield. The bag will fit comfortably across your body and has an adjustable strap. There are plenty of pockets for all your essentials, including a power bank pouch so you can charge your phone along the way and don't run the risk of running out of battery. It's also waterproof, so is ideal if the weather isn't holding up but you're still heading outside.

Dimensions: L 17.78 x W 6.9 x H 35cm

Weight: Unknown


Waterproof and anti-scratch

Adjustable cross-body strap

Padded shoulder

Power bank pouch

Made from Nylon

Available in four colours

Durable for hiking, camping, climbing, running and bike riding

Review: "Needed a lightweight bag for essentials when walking the dog. I don't get on with backpacks and this bag is perfect for my requirements. Room for poo bags, treats, tissues, pair of specs, pen, hay fever tablets etc with a bit leftover. The strap includes a pocket for iPod or similar. Comfy to wear and easy to access. Keep it stocked and just pick it up when I want to go."

Dog Walking Bag by The Dandy Dog Company

Best smart dog bag

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not on the highstreet

This dog bag is smart and stylish and definitely one for those that don't want to be obviously carrying a bag full of poo bags and treats. It's plain enough to be unisex, so no qualms as to whose responsibility it is to carry the bag of essentials when you're out together. It can be worn either across the body with a strap, or through a belt using the sturdy loop on the back.

Dimensions: H16.5 x W12.5 xD8cm

Weight: Unknown


Waist or crossbody strap

Made from 100 per cent cotton canvas

Three zipped compartments

Available in five colours

Review: "Great, sturdy little bag, with plenty of room for a phone, lead, poo bags, treats etc. Very well made, love it - but would be tempted to use it for other things and not just for dog walking. Really handy little bag for taking to the shops with your phone, room for shopping bags inside etc - very happy with the product indeed and would have no hesitation in recommending to anyone."

Female walker with dog on lead in forest
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What should I take with me on a dog walk?

If you're a new dog owner and are drawing a blank on what you need to bring with you, whether you're going on a long hike away from home, or are simply quite forgetful (it happens to the best of us!), then we've rounded up a few essentials that you everyone needs to stash in their dog walking bags.

• Dog waste bags

• Appropriate dog lead, dog walking belt and/or dog harness

• Treats

• Water

• Antibacterial wipes

• Raincoat (especially if you live in the UK)

• Face mask

• Mobile phone

• Money/bank card

• Snacks for you

• Potentially a whistle and some sort of ball or dog toy

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