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Keeping your house clean and your puppy happy with these training pads.

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If you've added a new pooch to your family, there are loads of things to think about and essentials to buy your new puppy. From dog food to tackling pet hairs, it can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time. One thing you don't want to forget with a young pup, though, is toilet training. Check out our top choices of puppy pads below.

With most pets, you will have to go through training, but toilet training is definitely at the top of the list when it comes to puppies. Before your dog has been fully vaccinated, you can't take them out for their usual walks, but that doesn't stop them from needing the loo. If you have a garden or outside space, puppy training pads can work as a training tool to eventually lead them out to the garden, showing them where to go.

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If you don't have your own green space, using toilet pads while they're young can help save your carpets as they progress in their training. Puppy training pads are square or rectangular mats that you put inside your house or out in the garden to teach your pup where and when to pee or poo. They are usually super-absorbent and leak-proof to ensure the mess is easily cleaned and mopped up.

Best puppy training pads at a glance:

Best affordable puppy pads: Amazon Basics Pet Training Pads
Best leak protection puppy pads: Simple Solution Premium Dog and Puppy Training Pads
Best absorbent puppy pads: Out! Go Here Absorbent Dog and Puppy Pads
Best reusable puppy pads: PET MAGASIN Pet Training Pads with Waterproof Bottom

If you're frustrated with your doggy peeing on your carpet or in the kitchen, it may be time to invest in these training mats. We've rounded up our favourites. If you want to know more about how to toilet train your dog scroll to the FAQs at the end of this article.

Best puppy training pads

Best affordable puppy pads

Amazon Basics Pet Training Pads, RegularAmazon
Price: £12.41


Accessible, efficient and great value for money, we're kicking off our choices with these Amazon


  • Quick dry
  • Leak-proof
  • Choose different pack sizes


  • None

Best leak protection puppy pads

on sale

Simple Solution Premium Dog and Puppy Training Pads, Pack of 100Amazon

Rrp: £36.99

Price: £23.00


Say hello to these lavender-scented Simple Solution Premium Dog and Puppy Training Pads which have


  • Colour changing
  • Leak protection with six layers
  • InstaShield technology
  • 3-in-1 attractant system


  • Some reviews say their dog shredded the pad

Best absorbent puppy pads

on sale

Out! Go Here Absorbent Dog and Puppy Pads, Pack of 100Amazon

Rrp: £23.99

Price: £20.99


These multi-purpose OUT! Go Here Absorbent Dog and Puppy Pads work well with their moisture-lock


  • Moisture-locked
  • Built-in puppy attractant
  • Multiple pack options


  • No adhesive or grip

Best reusable puppy pads

On sale

PET MAGASIN Pet Training Pads with Waterproof BottomAmazon

Rrp: £21.00

Price: £12.39


If you're looking to cut down on your disposable waste, check out these PET MAGASIN reusable puppy


  • Reusable and washable
  • Super affordable
  • Waterproof bottom
  • Different sizes


  • Not very absorbent

Best synthetic puppy training grass mat

Hompet Dog Toilet Indoor Puppy Training PadAmazon
Price: £49.99


If you want to teach your dog to mess outside before they're allowed out, check out this reusable


  • Three-piece system
  • Extra durable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Reusable for sustainability


  • Difficult to clean

Best sustainable puppy pad


While puppy pads are cheap, they're not the most sustainable choice, taking hundreds of years to


  • Real grass makes it easier to train your dog
  • Good for the planet
  • Subscription option


  • Real grass needs extra care


How do I toilet-train my puppy?

At first, it can be exciting to bring a puppy into a new home, but bringing up a puppy comes with the responsibility of training them. It can take between four and six months for your puppy to be completely trained.

Like humans, every dog is different and it can take a while for some puppies to grasp it, while others will get the hang of it quickly. Here are some of our top tips for puppy toilet training.

Routine is key

The more you put into training, the more your puppy will get out of it. Use positive reinforcement, and think about timings and rewards every time your puppy goes. You may have to wait around a while if you’re taking your puppy out or putting them on mats at certain times, but it will be worth it when they start to recognise their behaviour. You can also teach them a command associated with using the toilet, such as 'go potty'.

Place a toilet area in your house

With puppy training mats, you can establish a secure area that your puppy can use to do their business. Remember to use rewards-based training and keep up the routine within the toilet area, so your puppy learns more quickly.

Don’t stress

Your puppy is young and learning, so it’s likely that accidents are going to happen. Even if there’s an accident around the house, don’t get fed up or frustrated - your puppy can’t help it! If you catch them in the act, move them before they’ve finished and then clean up. Don't scold them, as this can be counter-productive. Remember: consistency is key.

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