Retractable dog leads to help you get the most out of walks

Here are the best retractable dog leads so your pet can explore safely and securely.

retractable dog lead, Retractable dog leads

by Ellen Kinsey |

Just like your pet, dog walks are often the highlight of many owners' days - especially if you have lovely weather. Dogs have to be on their lead in most public spaces by law in the UK, but leads keep them safe as they explore their surroundings. Leads don’t always have to be restrictive. Retractable dog leads are the perfect way to give your pet freedom and allow you to feel in control.

There are a few things to consider before buying a retractable lead. For example, do they pull a lot? Do they chew their lead? How strong are they? These factors will contribute to what lead you should choose.

If you are looking to give your pooch more freedom, then here are our top picks of the best retractable dog leads on the market.

The best retractable dog leads:

TUG Patented Lead

Best all-around dog lead
TUG Patented 360u00b0 Lead

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This tough and durable lead is made to last. It is ergonomically designed with a sleek anti-slip handle and easy lock, which will make your trips a walk in the park. The retraction opening allows you to control your dog from any angle. This is an excellent choice if you are looking for a simple and effective retractable dog lead.

Sizes: XS-L

Colours: White, blue, green. red, white and orange

Review: "I tried this due to the amazing reviews! And I will never go back; it hasn’t frayed, snapped or anything despite her strength and is super comfortable to hold (also a lush colour!). I would highly recommend it!"

Flexi New Comfort Retractable Dog Lead

Best dog lead for smaller dogs:
Flexi New Comfort Retractable Dog Lead

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Even with little legs, smaller dogs still enjoy being set free on walks, and this extendable dog lead will allow them to explore. This lead will give you and your dog a comfortable and safe walk with a soft grip and effective braking system.

Sizes: XS-M

Colours: Blue, white, pink, black, red

Review: "Great lead for our 5kg Pomeranian who usually struggles with getting the lead out of retractable due to their slightly stronger clutch. I would recommend."

Flexi Extending Dog Lead

Best dog lead for bigger dogs:
Flexi Extending Dog Lead - Retractable dog leads

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If you have a bigger dog, then the customised handle adjustment system will make it easier for you to handle when your pooch pulls on walks. This lead can offer freedom to larger dogs up to 50kg and can go up to eight metres.

Sizes: L

Colours: Black

Review: "Perfect for strong dogs. I found this retractable dog lead to be very strong, I have an American bulldog, and it has never snapped like the majority of retractable dog leads I have bought previously. I use this every day on her walks twice a day and bought the lead 8 months ago... so far, so good."

All Pet Solutions Retractable Dog Lead

Best lead for dogs that chew
All Pet Solutions Retractable Dog Lead

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Dogs can sometimes chew on their lead, but this dog lead is designed to pretend that. This product is lightweight and made from durable, high-quality nylon material so no matter how much your dog goes at it, the lead will remain intact.

Sizes: M (up to 50kg)

Colours: Blue, Pink, Purple, Green, Grey and Orange

Review: "Exactly as expected, good quality and looks good too."

Flexi Reflective Tape Extending Lead

Best dog lead for walks in the dark:
Flexi Reflective Tape Extending Lead - Retractable dog leads

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If you and your furry friend enjoy walks at night or in the early mornings then this extendable lead would be a great choice for you. The highly reflective design of this retractable lead will guarantee high visibility in the dark and increase safety for you and your pooch. It is also strong and durable like all Flexi leads so it would be a great fit for powerful breeds.

Sizes: M

Colours: Neon green

Review: "Works very well with easy locking to stop them from running out in the road or stopping them pestering other dogs/people. Very good quality and great having attachable treat/poo bag holder and light as accessories if you want them."

Fida Retractable Dog Lead

Best dog lead for puppies
Fida Retractable Dog Lead

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Taking puppies on walks can be adorable but also a learning experience for the dog and the owner. This lead is a bit shorter than others, so you can keep your pet close by as they are training. The handle is designed for comfort, it has a one-hand break, and it is also tangle-free so you can keep control of your curious pup.

Sizes: XS-L

Colours: Black, blue, coffee, green, navy, orange, red, white

Review: "Excellent quality and well made. I bought a vivid lime green one which is useful when road walking. The stitching is fluorescent, so you can see it when out in the evenings. The very strong 5-meter leash is good for large breed dogs."

Taglory No-Tangle Retractable Dog Lead

Best dog lead for hiking
Taglory No-Tangle Retractable Dog Lead

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Are you and your dog big fans of outdoor adventures? Then this extendable lead is perfect for when you and your pal hit the trails. This super-strong lead has a spring in the lock made from resilient stainless steel, so you won't need to worry about it breaking. The lead is also tangle-free, so you and your dog can enjoy your hike and not have to think too much.

Sizes: M

Colours: Blue, green, pink, purple

Review: "This is a great lead that actually works the way it's meant to. So easy to work, stop, recoil, and hold. Rewinding the lead is very smooth and not one tangle yet so different from the last one; it feels good in the hand and is comfortable and easy to hold. Just the right distance when fully out for me. It also looks great and is not cheap looking. Very quick delivery, I would buy again and would recommend to friends. Great lead."

Why do dogs pull on their lead?

Dogs usually pull on their lead out of excitement and curiosity as they are exposed to new environments. However, too much pulling can strain their neck and hurt you as well as they tug.

How do I stop my dog from pulling on extendable leads?

According to experts at, there are many ways you can train your dog not to pull. Here are some training tips:


‘Heel’ is a great command to introduce when you’re getting a puppy used to its first lead.

1. When your dog tries to run off, say ‘heel’ in a clear, calm voice to get their attention.

2. Wait until they look back at you – this will make the lead go slack.

3. At that moment, reward them with a treat.

4. Repeat until you can use the ‘heel’ command to keep the lead slack and your dog’s attention focused on you.


Stopping a walk every time your dog pulls is a great way to teach them that walks are less fun when they try to do their own thing.

1. When your dog pulls on the lead, say ‘stop’ in a loud but calm voice.

2. Stand still until your dog stops pulling and the lead goes slack.

3. Repeat!

Stop & turn

Dogs usually pull because they’ve seen or smelt something exciting. The ‘stop and turn’ technique teaches your dog that pulling isn’t an effective way to get where they want to go. It also gets their attention firmly back on you. Use ‘stop and turn’ like this:

1. When your dog pulls, say ‘stop’ in a loud, clear, calm voice.

2. Immediately change direction or turn in a tight circle.

3. Reward your dog when they follow you.

4. Repeat!

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