Groom cancelled our big day to hide his SECRET wedding

Groom cancelled our big day

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We were about to say ‘I do’ when my groom made a confession, and I nearly had a fit. What the heck was he playing at? By Ellie Jennings, 29

real life don't tell the bride
Me and Adam

As the bride’s eyes widened and her mouth dropped open, the figure beside me started to laugh.

‘Her face!’ my boyfriend Adam chuckled.

We were watching an episode of Don’t Tell the Bride, and a groom was surprising his bride by organising their whole wedding behind her back.

Adam thought it would be a doddle.

‘I reckon I could pull that off too,’ he said.

I took a different view.

‘Don’t you dare, I’d hate it!’ I said, shooting him a warning look. ‘There’s no way I’d let you organise our wedding. It would be a disaster!’

Luckily, I didn’t have to worry about it for long. Because, soon after, I fell pregnant and all thoughts of a wedding went on the back burner.

In time, our little boy Jayden arrived, and Adam and I threw ourselves into being Mum and Dad.

With so much on our plates, I reckoned we’d be waiting years to get married.

real life don't tell the bride
The wedding

But, just six days after I gave birth, Adam dropped a bombshell.

We were out for a walk when he pulled a piece of paper from his pocket and thrust it into my face.

‘What’s this?’ I said.

‘Read it,’ he replied.

I unfolded the paper, nervously.

Adam had written: Now we’ve become a three, will you marry my daddy?

Then I realised that Adam was down on one knee!

I was speechless, but managed to recover enough to blurt out: ‘Yes, of course I will!’

After we’d told our family and friends the good news, we decided that it probably would be best to wait a couple of years before tying the knot.

'Don't you dare, I'd hate it!'

We wanted to enjoy our new baby, and also wait until he was old enough to enjoy the wedding himself.

The following year we finally started planning and booked the village hall for the reception.

I spoke to the vicar about booking the church and did some research into the flowers, decorations and a cake.

But one evening, a few weeks later, Adam turned to me and said something unexpected.

‘Shall we put a pause on the wedding plans? he asked.

I eyed him carefully… Was he calling the whole thing off?

‘I do want to get married,’ he went on, ‘but we’re about to go on holiday and it just feels like there’s too much to do at the moment.’

I thought about it… I’d just returned to my job in digital marketing and was run off my feet with Jayden, so it did make sense to put the wedding off for a bit.

Real life don't tell the bride

‘We’ll still keep the same venue,’ he said. ‘Just postpone.’

But weeks later, I was in for a shock when an email popped up in my inbox.

It read: We’re sorry to hear you have cancelled your booking.

It was from the wedding venue, and in a panic I called Adam.

‘The venue just emailed to say we’ve cancelled!’ I said. ‘I thought we’d only put the date back.’

‘It’s OK, love,’ Adam replied, sounding completely calm. ‘I got the same message. I just called them and they said it was a technical error and they’d accidentally sent this message to everyone.’

‘Oh phew,’ I said, letting out a sigh. ‘That’s a relief!’

And, as I packed for our holiday to Butlins, I didn’t give it another thought.

Over the next few days, we had a fantastic time on our break with Jayden, playing in the paddling pool and at the playground.

But one evening, as we returned to our chalet, events took a strange turn.

‘Ellie,’ Adam began, ‘what would you do if I had actually cancelled the wedding?’

I stopped in my tracks.

‘What do you mean?’ I asked.

‘I just wondered what you’d do,’ he went on, a strange look crossing his face.

Panic rose inside me but I tried to stay calm, especially as Jayden was playing on the floor in front of me.

‘If we decided to do that,’ I said choosing my words carefully, ‘I’d feel like it would be something we should have discussed first.’

‘Well,’ Adam replied, ‘I’ve cancelled it.’

'This is amazing, but you're an idiot'

My mouth flapped open.

My head was spinning, and I wanted to scream. But I was determined to stay calm, so all I said was: ‘I’m going to have a shower.’

Then I dashed into the bathroom and shut the door.

I needed time to think. I really hoped I’d come out of the bathroom, and find the conversation had all been a bad dream.

But as I emerged an hour later, towelling myself dry and worrying what on earth was going on, Adam came into the bedroom after me.

‘I’m getting married this year anyway,’ he said.

‘Married!’ I gasped. ‘Who to?’

‘To you!’ he said, as he burst out laughing.

And then my eyes widened as he added: ‘I’ve booked a brand-new wedding — for six weeks’ time!’

For a moment, I couldn’t take it in.

‘But why?’ I said.

‘I wanted to prove I could do it,’ Adam said. ‘And to give you a break.’

And then the penny dropped.

Adam had done his very own version of Don’t Tell The Bride on me, and now I was wearing the same stunned expression as the women in the show.

real life don't tell the bride

‘This is amazing, but you’re an idiot!’ I screeched. ‘How can you have left me worrying for at least an hour in the shower?’

‘I know, I’m sorry,’ he said. ‘But it was so funny!’

I hugged him with relief but I was still concerned.

How had my fiancé, who didn’t find multi-tasking easy, managed to book an entire wedding by himself. What was I letting myself in for?

Later that evening, once we’d put Jayden to bed, I asked him: ‘What exactly have you organised?’

Adam began to explain.

First, he’d booked a register office near our home in Grantham, Lincolnshire, then we were going to the Cosy Club restaurant nearby for a meal with family and friends.

And for the evening reception, he’d booked the whole of the White Lion pub in Colsterworth where we’d first met, so we could have as many people as we liked.

I was speechless.

I just couldn’t believe Adam had pulled off something like that — and just six weeks before the big day.

‘I wanted to leave it to the day before to tell you,’ he said. ‘But our parents said you’d go mad!’

Then I had a thought… the dress!

‘I talked to your dad,’ Adam said. ‘He told me I’d be one brave man if I chose your gown, and I didn’t want to start married life on the wrong foot.’

‘I agree!’ I said.

‘So, I called a bridal shop and asked for their advice,’ he said.

‘Which was?’ I asked, not sure I wanted to know the answer.

‘The same as your dad’s,’ Adam said. ‘Don’t do it!’

I was so glad he hadn‘t chosen the dress. Goodness knows what I’d have ended up looking like if he had.

Instead, when I got home, I went straight out and ordered myself a beautiful, ivory strapless ballgown, which I loved.

My sister, who hadn’t known about the plans, quickly organised a glamping hen weekend and then, before I knew it, the big day arrived.

Real life don't tell the bride
Us now

Adam and his groomsmen decorated the pub with flowers and it looked stunning. In fact the whole wedding was gorgeous.

Jayden was our page boy and we celebrated with all our family and friends.

Afterwards I told Adam: ‘You did such a great job. If we get married again, I’d definitely let you plan it all.’

But he shook his head.

‘Er, no,’ he said. ‘It was actually much more stressful than I imagined. So this is the first and last time I’m getting married!’

‘Sounds good to me,’ I replied with a laugh.

Since my surprise big day, Adam and I have gone on to have a little girl, Polly, who’s one now.

I feel so lucky to have my lovely family and to be married to Adam. There aren’t many men who could pull off a wedding in secret, and I’m still surprised he managed it without me finding out.

When we watched Don’t Tell the Bride, I had no idea I’d end up taking part in my very own version. But it was a surprise I’ll never forget.

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