Groom proposed to Maid of Honour

groom proposed to maid of honour

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Janie was happy to be Maid of Honour at Cody and Maggie’s wedding, but she was blown away when Cody came to her with his own proposal…

two brides, one groom

Sitting in the restaurant, I looked up nervously every time someone came in through the door.

A sexy, dark-haired man entered the room and strode over.

‘I’m Cody’, he said, flashing me a handsome smile.

Then he turned and introduced me to the pretty red-head behind him. ‘And this is my girlfriend, Maggie’.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

They’re bloomin’ gorgeous! I thought.

We’d met on a dating app a few days before and now, as I finished my drink, I decided to jump straight in…

‘I’ve had two threesome dates already,’ I revealed. ‘But why are you looking for a threesome?’

‘A friend had one,’ explained Cody, as cool as a cucumber. ‘And Maggie asked me if I’d like to try it.’

Two brides, one groom

‘We’ve had a few threesomes too,’ added Maggie.

We chatted more about our experiences, and got on really well.

As the night went on, conversation flowed and I noticed how relaxed Maggie, 29, and Cody, 33, were with each other.

After dinner, back at Cody’s house, the chemistry between us was hard to ignore and we soon ended up in bed together.

I wasn’t expecting them to get in touch again – the app we’d met on was for casual hook-ups rather than anything serious.

But to my surprise, Maggie messaged me.

We’d love to see you again, she wrote. When are you free?

From then on, we started dating regularly, doing everything from long walks to ice skating.

'Are you our girlfriend?'

To my surprise, they told me they’d had only been dating a few months before I came into their lives.

And now it felt like our relationship was developing just as quickly, especially when Maggie started to invite me to Sunday dinner with her family.

They were lovely, but they didn’t know the details of our relationship.

‘So how did you three all meet?’ Maggie’s father quizzed me over one dinner.

‘Er… mutual friends,’ I blushed.

Our setup might have been unusual, but we could tell it was becoming more than just casual sex.

One evening, all three of us were sitting in bed.

‘So,’ said Maggie, glancing over at Cody. ‘We’ve been talking, and we wondered what we ought to call you. Are you our girlfriend?’

I felt like the cat that had got the cream.

With a silly grin on my face, I turned to them both and said: ‘I’d love to be!’

None of us had a framework for a three-way relationship, but we developed a system that worked.

Two brides, one groom

‘It’s like four separate relationships,’ I told a friend. ‘There’s me and Maggie, Maggie and Cody, Cody and me and then all three of us together.’

We had a rota, and each couple would have a date night at least once per month.

We had two bedrooms – one with a king-sized size bed and one with a queen-sized bed and alternated who slept where.

Some nights one couple would have sex, but mostly we all had sex together.

I quickly became very comfortable in the relationship and never felt jealous when Maggie and Cody were out together alone.

In time, I realised that I was falling in love… but with Maggie, and while I was fond of Cody, our relationship was developing at a slower pace.

I adored Maggie’s kindness, creativity and determination, and the next time we were in bed together, I plucked up the courage to tell her.

Two brides, one groom

‘I love you, you know,’ I smiled, as we lay with our arms and legs entwined in each other.

‘I love you too,’ she replied, pulling me in for a kiss.

Cody was in the room next to us playing a video game and we discussed how it might impact him.

‘Let’s just take each day as it comes for now,’ I said.

Only a few days later, Maggie and Cody dropped a bombshell.

‘We’re getting married,’ Cody grinned.

 ‘And we want you to be Maid of Honour,’ finished Maggie.

‘I’d love to!’ I said, hugging them tightly. ‘I’m so happy for you both!’

I was thrilled for them but it made me sad that our relationship couldn’t be out in the open like theirs.

After all, I’m in love with the bride, too! I thought.

'They showered me in love'

On the day, they both showered me in love to make me feel included.

Even though our friends knew about our relationship, our families were still in the dark and I was introduced as ‘Maggie’s best friend,’

Afterwards, I told Maggie and Cody how I felt and we decided to tell everyone officially we were in a throuple a month later.

When the day came, Maggie and Cody’s parents were happy for us.

But because of my mum’s religious background, telling her about my boyfriend and girlfriend wasn’t as plain-sailing,

At first she struggled to accept the relationship, but when she met Maggie and Cody in person she warmed to them and we finally reached a truce.

By now I’d realised something else – I was also in love with Cody!

Two brides, one groom

He’d started to be extra thoughtful, and made our date nights really special. When he found out I loved sharks he even arranged a trip to an aquarium

One night, as we snuggled on the sofa and Maggie cooked dinner, I told him how I felt.

‘I feel the same,’ he grinned, pulling me in for a warm bear hug.

After that I moved in properly with Cody and Maggie.

In time, I realised there were other advantages of living in a throuple.

Three incomes went much further than two, and splitting household chores between three people meant less cleaning for everyone overall.

‘I don’t need to worry about Maggie or Cody ever being lonely,’ I told our friends. ‘If I want some alone time, I know they’ve got each other.’

We’d been together a few years when Maggie got a message from Ava, a photographer and mutual friend of ours.

Two brides, one groom

Would you and Janie like to come out for a forest photoshoot? She asked.

We’d taken part in her shoots before, and loved the results, so we jumped at the chance.

We used it as an opportunity to get dolled up in beautiful blue and purple glittery gowns.

Giggling and pouting, we were having the time of our lives, when I noticed someone creeping up behind me.

‘Oh my God, Cody!’ I said, clapping my hand to my mouth.

With a cheesy smile on his face, he walked out of the trees towards us.

Then he dropped to one knee and Maggie stood beside him with her hand on his shoulder.

‘Will you marry us?’ they both asked, beaming.

‘Of course!’ I said, tears welling in my eyes.

It was all I’d ever dreamed of and more, because instead of having one person proposing, I had two!

Although we can’t legally marry our relationship is equally as important as Maggie and Cody’s, and we’ve even planned a ceremony.

Now we all own a house together, and I’m so happy to be sharing my life with these two amazing people.

We’ve discussed children, but luckily, we all agree that kids aren’t for us.

To anyone who questions our relationship, I’d urge them to really think about why it bothers them.

Other forms of love aren’t exclusive – someone can love more than one of their friends, parents or children at the same time.

So why shouldn’t it be the same for romance?

We’re happy and that’s all that matters.

Janie Frank, 28

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