Piece of cake! I lost 7 stone in a year

I lost seven stone in a year

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When I started my new business, something overshadowed my excitement. But I’d need to resist daily temptation to change things. By Abby Redmond, 26

cake shop owner loses 7 stone in weight

As I swung open the shop doors, everyone clapped and cheered.

It was the first day of trading for my very own cake shop, Abby’s Cakes and Cupcakes.

‘I’m so proud of you,’ my mum told me, smiling. ‘There’s nothing you can’t do.’

‘Yeah, except lose weight,’ I replied.

Launching my shop was supposed to be a happy moment, but just like it did with so many things, my size was overshadowing it.

I’d struggled with my weight my whole life.

Although I’d tried every diet going, I’d reached 21st 1lb and a size 22. I’d fret about fitting into booths at restaurants or needing an extender belt on planes.

And the irony was that I wasn’t even polishing off my own mouthwatering cakes — I’d never really had a sweet tooth!

But after working long hours, I had no energy left to cook of an evening, so would fill up on takeaways or ready meals.

A few months after the shop opening, I decided to go swimming for the first time in years, to get some exercise.

But when I put on my costume and saw myself in the changing room mirrors, I was horrified.

cake shop owner loses 7 stone in weight

I was only 24 but I looked so much older. Taking in my size and my stretch marks, I barely recognised myself.

You’ve ruined your body, I thought, tears welling.

It took all I had to get into the pool after that.

But back home in Bishopbriggs, East Dunbartonshire, I messaged The Wee PT on Instagram, expressing an interest in her plan.

Viv, the owner, had opened a gym over the road from the cake shop, and I knew there would be no hiding from her.

‘Honestly, do you think this will work for me?’ I asked Viv at my first session.

‘Definitely, just show up and follow the plan,’ she replied

It felt like she actually believed in me.

To be in a calorie deficit, we worked out that I needed 2200 calories a day.

I had my PT sessions and went for outdoor walks where I listened to podcasts and relished the me-time.

A few weeks in, my jeans felt looser. and a month into the plan, I’d lost a stone.

I enjoyed the odd cake in moderation, but easily stuck to the plan.

It also inspired me to create a protein bar, in white and milk chocolate flavours, that I could eat every day if I wanted. My customers loved them!

A year on, I’d lost a whopping seven stone.

Soon after, on a girls’ holiday to Morocco, I walked confidently around the pool in a bikini — a world away from my nightmare in that swimming cossie.

I’m so proud of how far I’ve come and I’m proof that you can have your cake and eat it!

5ft 8in

21st 1lb Size 22

14st 1lb Size 12

Total loss
7 stone

Diet before

Breakfast: sugary cereal

Lunch: McDonald’s Big Mac meal

Dinner: takeaway chicken curry

Snacks: crisps, biscuits

Diet now

Breakfast: Abby’s Protein Bar and a protein shake

Lunch: chicken salad bowl

Dinner: low-calorie chicken curry

Snacks: protein puddings, fruit

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