Best cat food for Maine Coons to maintain good body condition

Adopt a breed specific diet to nourish your larger-than-life feline.

A well-fed cat lies next to a bowl of best cat food for Maine Coons.

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As one of the largest breeds of domestic cats, the best cat food for Maine Coons is tailored to specific dietary needs. With a leoline face and gentle soul, Maine Coons require a high-protein diet derived from meat. The best cat food for them should have a high meat content with chicken taking the top spot thanks to its taurine, an amino acid that maintains a cat's eyesight, immune system and heart function. All cats are obligate carnivores and require a source of meat in their diet.

Maine Coons have a slower metabolism than other breeds, therefore, they are prone to weight gain. If your Maine Coon has ballooned, combine the best cat food for overweight cats with a slow feeder or an automatic pet feeder. But, ultimately, if you are giving your cat a balanced diet and it's getting enough exercise there should be no need for dietary intervention. That is, of course, unless age or health issues are at play.

Best cat food for Maine Coons at a glance:

Best overall cat food for Maine Coons: Royal Canin Maine Coon Adult – View on Bitiba
Best wet cat food for Maine Coons: Royal Canin Maine Coon Adult Cat Food – View on Amazon UK
Best raw cat food subscription for Maine Coons: Bella & Duke Lip Lickin’ Chicken & Salmon with Lamb – View on Bella & Duke

Maine Coons can be up to three times the size of an average cat. Hip dysplasia and heart disease are also common in the breed and we can do our best to keep inherited conditions under control with a healthy diet. The aim is to feed your Maine Coon a diet that fortifies lean muscle and maintains an optimum body condition. A combination of wet and dry cat food is ideal because it gives cats the benefits that come with both food types. Alternatively, you might consider a fresh cat food or raw diet for your Maine Coon.

The key to keeping this intelligent, majestic and playful breed happy is to ensure meat-based proteins make up the largest proportion of their diet. Keep obesity at bay with portion control and lots of activities to stimulate your Maine Coon. As a general diet for Maine Coons, offer dry cat food, two to three wet cat food pouches, plus treats like some cooked chicken each week.

Best cat food for Maine Coons

Best overall cat food for Maine Coons

Royal Canin Maine Coon AdultBitiba/Royal Canin

Maine Coons benefit from a well-rounded diet that supports their joints, heart and coat. Royal Canin Maine Coon Adult dry cat food is designed specifically for the Maine Coon breed. The large cube-shaped kibble is designed for their larger jaws. It promotes thorough chewing and helps to maintain good dental health. Plus, there are prebiotics, vitamins, fatty acids and minerals that makes this a complete food.

Customer review: "I have two cats. My Maine Coon loves it and it’s the only food he will eat. My other cat, a Persian also likes it and prefers this food to her own. They both are in a great physical shape with healthy and shiny coats. This is a complete food that protects the joints of these cats that are known to have problems due to their large size."


  • King size kibble
  • Breed-specific high-quality, balanced nutrition
  • Promotes strong muscles and joints
  • Supports heart health
  • Maintains a glossy coat
  • Dry cat food is easier to portion control


  • Buy in bulk, as Maine Coons will quickly get through the smaller bags

Best wet cat food for Maine Coons

Royal Canin Maine Coon Adult Cat FoodAmazon/Royal Canin

Royal Canin Maine Coon Adult Cat Food has an adapted texture, with large meaty pieces in gravy, especially suited for Maine Coons. It provides concentrated energy that's rich in protein and essential fatty acids. Give one pouch of this Royal Canin wet cat food per day, along with kibble.

Customer review: "My cats love this food and one is a Maine Coon so I know the food is perfect for her."


  • Specially adapted texture for Maine Coons
  • Promotes bone and joint health
  • Supports a healthy skin and coat
  • Portion controlled


  • Maine Coons will gobble these up, so serve in addition to kibble

Best raw cat food subscription for Maine Coons

Bella & Duke Lip Lickin’ Chicken & Salmon with LambBella & Duke
Price: £3.38 per tub

Lip Lickin’ Chicken & Salmon with Lamb is just an example of the raw cat food that's available from Bella & Duke. It contains over 90 per cent chicken and sustainably sourced salmon. This quality source of protein provides your Maine Coon with all protein, amino acids and taurine that they need to thrive. In addition, this tub of goodness includes herring oil and a bone broth containing apple cider vinegar to maintain good joint health. The 250g tubs arrive frozen and can be stored in a standard freezer drawer. They just need defrosting the day before your cat is going to eat them.

Take advantage of the current offer of six weeks' worth of food for £15 on your first order.

Customer review: "I have a Maine Coon called Lyra, whoever courtesy-called me the other day may remember me. Anyway, Lyra, is a very fussy girl so I could only order one kind of raw meat which was Chicken and Turkey, she loves the food, it’s much easier for me going with Bella & Duke as they tailor their raw food for Lyra's specific breed, with her being a massive ball of fluff, she needs certain additives which I had to add manually before coming to Bella & Duke."


  • Top-notch nutrient-dense ingredients
  • Makes raw feeding easy
  • Tailored to your cat's age, weight and activity levels
  • Excellent customer support


  • Make sure you defrost the food thoroughly before feeding to your cat

Best fresh cat food for Maine Coons

Price: £1.89 per day

Katkin offers fresh cat food in a subscription service. The food is gently cooked in order to preserve the nutrients. It's made from 100 per cent human-grade meats that's frozen fresh and has no preservatives. The portion size can be tailored to your Maine Coon, and there's currently seven fresh flavours to choose from. The daily cost is from £1.89 for premium fresh cat food that's full of natural goodness and no fillers.

Customer review: "They both have better coats, better poop, more energy. Tend to wake us screaming for their KatKin so it's obviously a hit."


  • Better digestion and less stinky poops
  • Cats have more energy
  • Promotes a shinier, thicker coat
  • Personalised plan helps maintain a healthy weight


  • Need freezer space to store the packs

Best dry food for Maine Coon kittens

Royal Canin Maine Coon Kitten Dry Cat FoodAmazon/Royal Canin

During your Maine Coon kitten’s growth phase, it's crucial to ensure its diet meets all its unique nutritional requirements. For their first 12 months, feed your kitten Royal Canin Maine Coon Kitten Dry Cat Food. It's expertly formulated to support your kitten's long-term health from an early age. With adapted energy and protein content – plus balanced vitamins and minerals – it promotes healthy bone and joint development that's essential for this breed's large stature. The high-quality protein, including Low Indigestible Protein (LIP), maintains healthy digestion, along with prebiotics to support intestinal flora. Also, antioxidants such as vitamin E bolster natural defences. Finally, the kibble's size and texture are tailored to the Maine Coon's jaw, promoting oral hygiene through chewing.

Customer review: "My Maine Coon loves these. She prefers them as they're bigger than regular kibble pieces."


  • Supports immune system development
  • Tailor-made kibble for Maine Coon kittens
  • Optimum support over a long growth period
  • Complete dry kitten food


  • Contains wheat

Best cat food for Maine Coon seniors

Concept for Life Maine Coon Adult - in RagoutZooplus/Concept for Life

Concept for Life Maine Coon Adult wet cat food is precisely crafted to meet the specific nutritional needs of Maine Coon cats. These gentle giants require extra support for their bones and joints due to their stature. Concept for Life provides nutrients to maintain their bone, cartilage and joint health. Formulated with high-quality, easily digestible ingredients, the convenient pouches ensure freshness with each serving. With a focus on wellbeing and dietary requirements, it promotes shiny fur and healthy skin with salmon oil and zinc. In addition, this food supports cartilage and joint health with green-lipped mussel extract and glucosamine. Fluffy Maine Coons will benefit from natural hairball expulsion with the addition of psyllium. Concept for Life offers a balanced and scientifically based nutritional concept tailored to your cat's needs.

Customer review: "I bought this to try as an alternative to more expensive brands, and one of my two Maines is very fussy, but she laps this up, so it can't be bad at all. It does have a very mushy, odd texture, but it doesn't bother the cats in the slightest, so therefore I can only recommend trying it."


  • High meat content
  • Balanced and nutritious
  • Tailored to Maine Coons specific dietary needs


  • Some reviews comment that it has an unappealing consistency

Best hypoallergenic cat food for Maine Coons

Tippaws Chicken, Tuna & Salmon - Dry Cat FoodTippaws
Price: £3 for 100g sample

Tippaws Chicken with Tuna & Salmon offers a complete dry cat food designed specifically for neutered adult cats, boasting a blend of 70 per cent chicken, tuna and salmon. With a higher protein-to-fat ratio, this formula supports weight management and is enriched with prebiotics to foster a healthy microbiome. Crafted with high-quality ingredients, essential vitamins and minerals, Tippaws ensures the wellbeing and contentment of your feline companion. Free from grains and made with real meat and fish, the recipe guarantees an irresistible flavour, even for the fussiest eaters. Additionally, with every purchase, Tippaws contributes to cat rescues; and provides a nutritious meal for your pet while supporting a worthy cause.

Customer review: "I was looking for something more nutritious for my two cats, age nearly two and six and also something they would look forward to eating as they can only have dry food for dietary reasons. Tippaws has been a complete success story. My cats really like it, and customer service are really helpful and easy to deal with."


  • Donates to charity with every purchase
  • Made with wholesome ingredients
  • High protein content from meat and fish
  • Grain-free
  • Supports weight management


  • Dry food only

Best supermarket cat food for Maine Coons

Gourmet Perle Chef's Collection Mini Fillets in GravySainsbury's/Gourmet Perle

Gourmet™ Perle Mini Fillets in Gravy is made by Purina. Fine mini fillets are served in a tasty gravy. It's absolutely free from artificial colourants, preservatives and flavouring. This wet cat food comes in four meat flavours: Turkey, Lamb, Duck and Tuna. The feeding guide suggests three to four pouches a day at two or three separate meals. This varies on the activity level of your Maine Coon. All-in-all, it's appealing haute cuisine for your kitty to add to your next supermarket order.


  • Variety of flavours
  • Tasty
  • Contains added vitamins and minerals
  • Nothing artificial


  • No customer reviews

Best joint support supplement for Maine Coons

YuMOVE CatAmazon/YuMOVE Cat
Price: £16.29 (was £27.14)

YuMOVE Cat combines high-strength ingredients that promote mobility by supporting joint function and aiding stiff joints. It's in capsule form that you can simply twist open and sprinkle on your cat's food. ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel is sustainably sourced in the clean waters of New Zealand and it contains eight times the amount of omega-3, plus is thirty times more powerful than standard GLM powder. In addition, the supplement contains glucosamine, which is the major building block of cartilage. Also, manganese supports collagen formation in tendons, ligaments and cartilage. Hyaluronic acid help to lubricate joints. Finally, vitamin E maintains joint mobility by neutralising free radicals.

Customer review: "Five-year-old cat with hip dysplasia began suffering badly with mobility in one hip, to the point of being unable to walk further than a few metres, climb up stairs or access his cat tree. On vet's instructions, we began a conservative approach to treatment (leaving hip joint surgery for further down the road) and began administering anti-inflammatory medication, YuMOVE supplementation, targeted exercises and adaptations to the home environment.

"It is now more than three months from initial diagnosis. Cat has reduced medication use from every day to just a third of the original dose only every fourth day with no return of symptoms; this is very positive given cats' tendency towards kidney problems."


  • YuMove is the UK's no.1 recommended joint supplement brand
  • Ideal for Maine Coons as it supports joint health
  • Simple to sprinkle on food


  • Remember to consistently give the supplement to your cat in order for it to be effective

FAQs: Best cat food for Maine Coons

Where do domestic Maine Coons come from?

Maine Coons originate in the state of Maine in the United States. They are known as 'gentle giants' due to their large size and friendly demeanour. It's thought that Maine Coons are the descendants of longhaired cats brought to North America by early European settlers. These cats then adapted to the harsh climate and rugged terrain of Maine, developing their distinctive appearance and robust characteristics over time.

What is a Maine Coon cat like?

With a stately and strong face, Maine Coon cats are large, with tufted ears and bushy tails. They have thick fur and a sturdy, muscular body.

They are affectionate, sociable and intelligent. Maine Coons enjoy human company and are gentle and friendly, often forming strong bonds with their owners.

What health issues can Maine Coons develop?

Maine Coon cats may be prone to certain health issues such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (a heart condition), hip dysplasia, spinal muscular atrophy, and polycystic kidney disease. Regular veterinary check-ups are important for monitoring their health and addressing any potential issues early.

What should I feed a Maine Coon?

A well-balanced diet that's rich in high-quality protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals is ideal for a healthy Maine Coon. Consider feeding them commercial cat food formulated for their specific needs. Look for members of UK Pet Food as an endorsement of quality food for cats.

Finally, consider a cat water fountain so your Maine Coon has a constant supply of chilled running water.

How many calories does a Maine Coon need a day?

According to Katkin's Maine Coon cat food guide, they should eat: "between 190-875 calories a day to thrive. This is dependent on their age and weight."

Katkin has a simple calculation so you can work out the number of calories based on your cat's weight.

"For each pound your cat weighs x it by 30 calories. So if your cat weighs 20 pounds, they should eat at least 600 calories a day."

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