The best wet food to get your cat purring away

We’ve collated all the best wet cat food – from Scrumbles to Iams here’s what you should be feeding your kitty.

The best wet cat food - cat eating wet food from bowl

by Caitlin Casey |

If you're looking for a variety for your kitty, wet cat food sure does do the job. From meat in gravy and fish in jelly or even subscription boxes, there's a whole range of wet food to taste and try.

It's always great to have wet cat food in your cat's diet, and usually, it will be paired with a combination of dry kibble to ensure your cat has a balanced and complete diet. In 2018, over 230 thousand tonnes of cat food was sold - that's a lot of cats being fed!

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We know sometimes the choices on your supermarket shelves can be overwhelming, so we've done the hard bit for you and cut it down to the best wet cat food you can possibly buy. From value to luxury, keep reading to find out what you should be feeding your kitty.

Should I feed my cat wet cat food?

Apart from the scrumptious gravy and choice of variety you get with wet cat food, there are a lot of benefits to investing in the wetter options.

High water content: With wet food, you know that your cat is getting completely hydrated because of the moisture that comes from the wetness of gravies and jellies.

Meat protein: You’ll find that a lot of wet cat food has naturally high meat content too, because of how it's made. Add in any extra natural ingredients and you’ve got a winner.

Packeted efficiently: There’s a lower risk of overfeeding your cat here because usually, it comes in small packets that you feed to your cat twice a day. Totally simple.

Variety: As we’ve already mentioned, there’s so much choice with wet cat food – and, they usually come in variety packs as they are, so your cat is getting pure luxury.

The best wet cat food UK 2022

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Iams Delights Wet Food Land and Sea Collection with Meat and Fish in Gravy, 12 x 85g

Best overall wet cat food
iams delights wet cat food

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This is our top Editor's pick - mainly because of its amazing variety and price. With both meat and fish, you're getting the best of both worlds with this Iams wet cat food, perfect for any healthy cat. It's 100 per cent complete and balanced for just under a fiver so you know you're getting your money's worth.

Review: "My cat loves it and won't eat cheap supermarket brands, so good to see where can get it from without hurting the bank!"

Scrumbles Wet Cat Food Variety Pack, 6 x 85g

Best high meat content wet cat food
Scrumbles wet cat food multipack

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Scrumbles is a great wet cat food to buy if you're looking for high quality and no messing around. Being grain-free with natural ingredients and made right here in the UK, this is perfect for any cat owner looking for a higher quality product.

Review: "My cat absolutely loves this, so I assume the taste and smell is good. Because it's quite 'meaty' the cat doesn't seem to mind that he has gone from 100g to 85g portions. I like it because the packaging is all recyclable and eco-friendly, and good natural ingredients (plus no sugar, I think)."

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Purina ONE Adult Mini Fillets in Gravy Adult Cat Food Pouches, 40 x 85g

Best wet cat food variety
purina one adult multipack

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This Purina ONE variety pack has great options for any kitty. Including Beef, Lamb, Fish and Chicken, this will give you 40 packets to last you a while. It helps to maintain strong natural defences with its antioxidants and has high-quality protein.

Review: "My three cats love this food. Amazing how many carrots and peas are in. Very tasty food as my cats are very picky. They all love different brands but agree fully on this one. Lots of meat and gravy."

Lily's Kitchen Adult Organic Chicken Patu00e9, 19 x 85g

Best wet cat food pate
Lily's Kitchen Chicken Patu00e9 (19 x 85g)

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Lily's Kitchen

Check out Lily's Kitchen Patu00e9 which gives an ultra-smooth paste for kitties who may struggle with their teeth. Even better, this is grain-free with totally natural ingredients, so you're getting high-quality meat, too.

Review: "We bought this after our ten-year-old Napoleon lost six teeth. Chunky food is out of the question now and early kidney disease makes food choices limited and tricky, as he also needs grain-free. We gave this pate a go...and results! He absolutely loves it!"

Felix Original 1+ Mixed Selection In Jelly Cat Food, 120 x 100g

Best wet cat food to stock up on
Felix Original 1+ Mixed Selection In Jelly Cat Food, 120 x 100g

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You're more likely to see bulk buying with dry cat food, but if you're looking for wet cat food to stock up on, this Felix deal is perfect. For less than £40 you can get 120 sachets of wet cat food with a high-quality popular brand. Your cat will be spoiled for days with this deal.

Review: "For us one of the best all-rounder in cat foods. Not expensive compared with the shops, fair price. Like, people, they don't like all flavours - cannot help that. Delivery was very good and the item was in stock, was very happy."

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AVA Veterinary Approved Optimum Health 1+ Sensitive Wet Adult Cat Food Fish, 12 x 85g

Best wet cat food for sensitive stomachs
AVA optimum health wet cat food

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Pets At Home

If your cat suffers from a continuous sensitive stomach, this may be the choice from them. Hypoallergenic and made with digestion in mind, the AVA wet cat food is recommended by veterinarians and will help to ease any stomach problems.

Review: "I moved to this for my two kittens. So far so good they love it. I tend to share a pouch with them and see how they go eating it as sometimes the are not hungry. Easy to give more if they eat it all rather than waste a pouch through uneaten food."

Wainwright's Complete Wet Kitten Food Chicken with Veg, 12 x 85g

Best wet cat food for kittens
Wainwright's Complete Wet Kitten Food Chicken with Veg

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Pets at Home

If you've just added a cute new family member to your household, then you should try out Wainwright's wet kitten food. Exclusively from Pets at Home, it has a hypoallergenic recipe with a money-back guarantee if you don't like it. With chicken or tuna, your kitty is sure to love.

Review: "I done some research before I got my kitty and this had such good reviews and the high meat content was a winner compared to other brands. My kitty loves it."

Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Ageing 12+ Senior Wet Cat Food Jelly, 12 x 85g

Best wet cat food for senior cats
Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Ageing 12+ Senior Wet Cat Food Jelly, 12 x 85g

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Pets at Home

We haven't forgotten our older crowd either - this Royal Canin senior cat food is made for any cats over the age of twelve years old. Royal Canin is really good for any specified needs - sensitive stomachs, seniors, kittens - and we recommend this ageing food to boost the immune systems of older cats.

Review: "My eleven-year-old cat has sore joints and I wanted to switch her to wet food so she was getting a bit more liquid in her diet. I was delighted when I found this particular product.. Not as delighted as her though! She has turned her nose up at her dry food she has been on for four years and only wants this now!"

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