The best cat food for sensitive stomachs

Finding the right cat food can be a sticky situation, so we've found the best choices to help their tummies get back to normal.

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by Caitlin Casey |

All it takes is a shake of the biscuit packet before a cat comes running right to their food bowl. Sometimes, though, the aftermath in litter boxes might not be so... friendly.

It's more common than you think for a cat's diet to be the cause of tummy problems. Intolerances, allergies and general digestive sensitivity are all possibilities for sensitive stomachs.

Does my cat have a sensitive stomach?

There are lots of symptoms in allergies, sensitive stomachs or intolerances - some of which you may be able to spot immediately.

• Vomiting, diarrhoea and flatulence: The main three you may notice as a symptom if your cat suddenly starts heaving, has more watery stools or starts popping off more than usual.

• Loss of appetite: Not eating as much as usual? This could be a sign that something’s not right in their tummy. This also comes with the frequent licking of lips, which suggests nausea in cats.

• Lethargy and sleeping: If you notice your cat is sleeping in their beds or napping a lot more than usual, this can be a sign of an upset stomach.

• Skin irritation: Scratching or hair loss can be a sign of a food allergy or intolerance.

If you notice any of these signs in your cat and you believe it could be food sensitivity, allergies or intolerance then take your cat to the vet as soon as possible to be fully checked out.

Why does my cat have an upset stomach?

There can be a variety of reasons as to why your kitty isn't feeling so well and staying informed on these possible causes can help you be more aware of what could be causing this sensitivity.


If you've put your cat onto medication recently, this could be what is making them feel a bit unwell. Consider whether it could be this and if so, contact your vet to see if they have alternative medicine.

Eating too fast

Sometimes it really is as simple as this. Cats can be very greedy, especially if they're biscuit lovers, as many cats are. If you notice your cat is inhaling their food without slowing down or often have their head stuck in the dry food bag, this could be why they have an upset stomach. Nowadays, you can buy cat food slow feeder dispensers, like this one below.

Allergies and intolerances

If your cat is not getting on with the cat food you're buying them, there's a big chance your cat could have an intolerance or allergy to a certain ingredient. Some of the most common allergies in cats are ingredients that you find in many common cat foods, such as chicken, beef, fish, dairy and eggs.

As cat owners, we never want our pets to be in pain. So, we've pulled together all of the best cat foods for those with sensitive stomachs and get them back to full health again. Before you change your cat's diet, make sure to check in with your vet to be sure of any allergies or intolerances.

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The best cat food for sensitive stomachs UK

PRO PLAN VETERINARY DIETS Feline Hypoallergenic Dry Cat Food

Best hypoallergenic cat food for sensitive stomachs
Purina Pro Plan Veterinary diet

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This Purina Pro Plan hypoallergenic cat food has hydrolysed protein broken down into components too small to cause an allergic reaction. The ingredients are made specifically to avoid any allergic reactions for cats of all ages, including kittens. Review: "My 13-year-old queen is allergic to everything & was continuously vomiting, passing runny & blood-streaked stools and coming out in dermatitis and sores. My vet had tried everything, then I moved vets and they suggested that we try this. She's been on this diet for over a year now, from about six weeks after starting on this there has been no vomiting & no dermatology issues... Wonderful stuff."

Scrumbles Dry Cat Food

Best cat food for gentle digestion
scrumbles dry cat food

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pets at home

Made right here in the UK, this Scrumbles Dry Cat Food is perfect for any pet that needs cat food to aid gentle digestion. Wheat-free with 97 per cent animal protein, this is cat food with one of the highest meat content on the market - high-quality and tasty. The added probiotics aid your cat's tummy problem, helping those sensitive stomachs. Review: "Olive is such a fussy cat and it's very hard to find something that she will actually eat and continually eat for a long period of time. However as soon as I opened the bag of food both myself and Olive were hit with a flavour sensation. So much so in fact that the first time I opened the bag she literally had her head inside helping herself! Cheeky devil."

Purina One Sensitive Wet Cat Food

Best wet cat food for sensitive stomachs
purina one sensitive wet cat food

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If your cat loves their wet cat food, there's no need to switch to dry just because they have a sensitive stomach. This Purina One Sensitive cat food is developed with vets made with limited proteins to aid antibodies and counter intolerances. Review: "My super-picky, very sensitive cat who vomits/has diarrhoea almost every time he tries something new, loves it. Solid poo, no vomit and begging for more from the cupboard. Great stuff, although expensive."

Hill's Science Plan Sensitive Stomach and Skin Dry Cat Food

Best cat food for sensitive stomach and skin
hills sensitive skin and stomach cat food

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Pets At Home

This cat food is a double whammy, supporting cats with both sensitive stomachs and sensitive skin. Hill's cat food ingredients are suggested by vets and nutritionists, using easy-to-digest proteins and prebiotics which support skin problems, too. Review: "Bought for one of our cats on vet's advice but both our cats happily munch through it. Expensive brand but a bag lasts so much longer than other supermarket type luxury brands. Seems easy to digest. Will continue to buy."

AVA Veterinary Approved Optimum Health 1+ Sensitive Wet Adult Cat Food

Best cat food for sensitive stomachs approved by vets
AVA optimum health wet cat food

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Pets At Home

Trusted brand AVA is approved by vets and this wet cat food for sensitive stomachs and skin is one of our top choices for its hypoallergenic recipe with easily digested proteins. Review: "My cat has had numerous issues with hairballs and urine infections and turns her nose up at anything but the most expensive brand. To my surprise, she really loves this food and saves me money. So far she has not been sick with hairballs. Will continue to buy as really pleased."

James Wellbeloved No Cereals Dry Adult Cat Food

Best grain-free cat food for sensitive stomachs
james wellbeloved dry cat food

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Pets At Home

If your cat has a sensitive stomach, your vet may have recommended a grain-free diet to see how your cat reacts to cereals. This James Wellbeloved adult cat food with no cereals or grains has a mix of dietary fibres and omega fatty acids. Review: "Our cat will only eat this cat food and looks beautifully healthy for eating it. Because it's grain-free, she never has the urge to overeat either."

Blink Chicken Selection Variety Pack Wet Cat Food

Best cat food for sensitive stomachs from the UK
Blink! wet cat food

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Made right here in the UK and all ingredients sourced from British farms, there isn't a cat food that is closer to home than this Blink! wet cat food. With natural ingredients and no cheap fillers, this is great for any sensitive cat who likes to be spoiled. You can also buy two for u00a314. Review: "I was getting worried that my cats would only ever like the junk food when I discovered Blink and decided to give it a go. They both wolf it down in one go, no matter what flavour I give them. I could have cried with relief. They love it so much that I can easily hide medication in it and they gulp it down with no problems. It also doesn't have that artificial smell/appearance that you get with other cat foods."

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