How to keep your cat full with the best dry cat food

From Purina One to Amazon own brand, we've pinned down the top cat food brands for your pet right here.

How to keep your cat full with the best dry cat food

by Caitlin Casey |

Keeping your cat healthy and happy is a priority for all pet parents. When it comes down to deciding what goes on their plate, though, it may be tough to know really what to feed your cat to keep them active.

Not to mention that kitties will often have their own preferences on what to eat. Hovering by the food bowl in the morning or evening can generally tell you that they're enjoying their food, as well as having healthy toilet time and running around with energy.

Dry cat food is a great option to keep your cat nutritionally balanced because of its efficiency and high meat content, while also combatting teeth decay. Whether you're looking for solutions to teeth problems or you have a cat with a sensitive stomach, we have the best dry cat food options for you.

Wet cat food or dry cat food?

The big question for cat owners. If you're really stuck on whether to feed your cat wet or dry cat food, then chances are you don't know which one your cat really likes. Cats will always have a preference just like us humans, so first things first, you should probably take note of which foods your cat reacts to the best.

Now, let's break it down.

Wet cat food is great because it has high water content, keeping your kitty totally hydrated while containing lots of meaty proteins. It can also be quite expensive to upkeep, so can become costly.

Dry cat food, on the other hand, is super cost-effective and has great value. It still contains all of the nutrients like wet cat food, but is usually cheaper and also has less chance of bacteria.

With this in mind, it's great to use both wet and dry food for a consistently healthy diet. Remember that if you're planning to change your cat's diet, you should do so slowly, adding it little by little each day until you completely transition onto the new food.

Should I feed dry cat food to my cat?

Many of the rumours that dry cat food isn't as beneficial to your cat are, well, just rumours. There are many benefits to feeding your cat dry cat food.

More cost-efficient: Usually dry cat food comes in huge bags at a lower cost than wet pouches. You’re basically buying in bulk which makes it better value.

Less chance of bacterial growth: As it's dry, you can keep it out all day without any chance of bacterial growth - great for kitties who like to graze throughout the day. Whereas wet food has a higher chance of bacteria because of its moisture.

Complete nutrition: Dry food still has all of the nutrition and you can feed cats on a completely dry diet.

Good for teeth: The biscuits help to keep plaque off of your kitty's teeth, combatting dental disease and keeping them healthy.

The best dry cat food UK

So, what really is the best dry cat food? We've sourced out the best on the market right now.

Royal Canin Fit 32 Adult Cat 2kg

Best dry cat food for both indoor and outdoor cats
Royal Canin Fit 32 Adult Cat in 2kg

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Royal Canin has a vast selection of dry cat food that caters to all sorts of different cats - indoor, outdoor, sensitive stomach, picky eaters - and we've selected the food that's intended for adult cats who go outside but spend most of their time indoors. This Royal Canin dry cat food is one of the best for our most common domestic pets.

Size: 400g, 2kg, 4kg, 10kg, or economy pack 2 x 10kg

Review: "I’ve got two very different cats and they are both happy and healthy on this food. Great you can buy the large bags here as well, stays fresh and makes it easier."

Scrumbles Chicken Dry Cat Food 2.5kg

Best high meat content dry cat food
Scrumbles adult chicken dry cat food

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Slightly higher in the price ranges, you're getting your money's worth with Scrumbles dry cat food with almost 75 per cent total meat content. As well as being gluten-free, natural, hypoallergenic and British, Scrumbles is known for its sustainable movements - and the packaging is totally recyclable. Tasty food for your cat.

Size: 750g, or 2.5kg

Review: "We have been feeding our cats Scrumbles for nearly two years now and I couldn’t recommend them enough! The food is loved by both our cats and it leaves their coats looking excellent and also helps keep them a healthy weight! The sizes of bags you can purchase are perfect, I usually buy two of the 2.5kg at a time they last ages and are very cost-efficient!"

Whiskas 1+ Adult Complete Dry Cat Food with Chicken 2kg

Best well-known dry cat food
Whiskas 1+ Adult Complete Dry Cat Food with Chicken 2kg

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Pets at Home

Whiskas is a top-rated popular dry cat food and their classic Whiskas Chicken dry cat food is complete and balanced, developed by experts. You can find this easily in supermarkets and it has a great price point at only u00a34 for a 2kg bag.

Size: 2kg, 3.8kg, or 7kg

Review: "Whilst I have struggled in the past to find a wet food that my fussy cat will eat, I have never had this problem with this dry food. My cat Polly has always loved this brand since she was a kitten and she is now two years old and continues to enjoy them."

Lily's Kitchen Chicken Casserole Dry Food 800g

Best natural dry cat food
Lily's Kitchen Chicken Casserole Dry Food (2kg)

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Lily's Kitchen

Lily's Kitchen exploded onto the cat food scene a few years ago and appeared when owner Henrietta's dog became ill, refusing to eat normal food. Voila, Lily's Kitchen was born filled with fresh ingredients and natural sources. With over half of fresh chicken content, this is a healthy option for any dry cat food. You can grab this in 350g bags all the way up to 4kg.

Size: 350g, 800g, 2kg, or 4kg

Review: "Fantastic. Both my cats love it and one is super picky with a dodgy tummy at times, this food never upsets her tummy and suits both their digestions. Also, their coats are super shiny and healthy which is due to the food they eat. I have two very healthy cats because they've had Lily's for years. I highly recommend Lily's Kitchen and I'm so thankful for them because I want only the best for my beautiful girls."

Iams For Vitality Adult 1+ Catfood Ocean Fish 2kg

Best fish dry cat food
Iams For Vitality Adult 1+ Catfood Ocean Fish 2Kg

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We've all seen the chicken and meat dry cat food, but this Iams Ocean Fish is a great option for any fishy eaters. There are no fillers, artificial colours or GMOs as well as being wheat-free and containing almost 90 per cent animal protein. At a super affordable price in local supermarkets, we recommend this high-quality kibble.

Size: 2kg

Review: "Iams was recommended by our vet and I can say that our four cats absolutely love it, especially the fish variety. Good quality, if expensive, but I now won't buy them anything else and they refuse to eat the Whiskas dry food."

Amazon Brand - Lifelong - Complete Dry Cat Food Rich in Chicken and Rice 3kg

Best value dry cat food
Amazon Brand - Lifelong - Complete Dry Cat Food Rich in Chicken and Rice 3kg

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Amazon has their own brand of pet food and turns out, it's pretty good value. At just over u00a310 for 3kg, it's a total bargain. Lifelong by Amazon is complete and balanced cat food, developed with nutritionists and veterinarians. You can even get it on Prime delivery!

Size: 3kg, 3kg x 3, or 10kg

Review: "My fussy puss LOVES these biscuits! He has always had Royal Canin indoor cat biscuits but they are rather expensive. We have found other Amazon products to be of great quality and value, so we decided to try these biccies for Ted."

Meowing Heads Fat Cat Slim Chicken and Fish Adult Cat Food 1.5kg

Best dry cat food for heavier cats
meowing heads low fat dry cat food

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If your cat is a little on the chunkier side - we've all been there - then this Meowing Heads dry cat food is a great option for cats who love their food but need less fat content. As part of the Barking Heads brand, this cat food has clean and natural ingredients with no fillers. Delicious.

Size: 1.5kg

Review: "My two cats love this. They were recommended this for a healthy higher meat percentage diet. They dive straight in as soon as they're put in the bowl! The only shame is, they don't sell at my local store so I have to get it ordered in."

Purina ONE Kitten Dry Cat Food Chicken & Wholegrain 800g (Case of 4)

Best dry cat food for kittens
Purina ONE Kitten Dry Cat Food Chicken & Wholegrain 800g (Case of 4)

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If you're looking for the best dry kitten food, we recommend this Purina ONE Kitten dry food, with dual defense through its unique Bifensis formula. With full nutrition tailored to growth and muscle development, this promotes a healthy immune system and is perfect for youngsters.

Size: 800g x 4

Review: "I had never used this before and bought it as this was the food Rupert was given from his previous home. Safe to say it's been a successful one! Rupert was fussy with his wet food but absolutely loves this! Smells nice too which makes a difference!"

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