How to treat your kitty with the best monthly cat subscription box

Your cat will be spoiled each month with these treat boxes including food and toys.

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by Caitlin Casey |

As cat owners, we know how spoiled cats can be. From treats and Dreamies to the most exciting cat toys you can get your hands on, we know how to pamper our furry friends.

Recently on the market, there's been an explosion of cat subscription boxes - yes, you read that right. Cat subscription boxes. This means every single month your kitty will receive a beautiful package made perfectly for them.

There is already a good variety of cat subscription boxes so it really depends on what you're looking for. Whether you want one with more food, more treats or even solely for flea and tick treatments, these subscriptions make your life easy as a cat owner.

What is a subscription box for pets?

With a subscription box made for pets - or, cats specifically as we're talking about here - you sign up to a monthly contract to receive boxes made especially for your pet. They usually include food and toys but there can be other options for you depending on which subscription box you choose.

You may pay for a set amount of time, like three months, six months or a year in advance. Or others offer monthly payment plans so that you're paying for each month individually. Again, it depends on which subscription box you choose. You might even want to invest in a subscription box for your cat's birthday when the special time comes around.

What is the best cat subscription box?

So, here we are, and we're thinking about all the options you have but the question is: which cat subscription box is the best? Well here are our top choices that you can buy right now.

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Small Catten Carton | Kittens & Cats | Raw Treats Subscription Box

Best raw cat food subscription box
Small Catten Carton | Kittens & Cats | Raw Treats Subscription Box

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Another cat food subscription box here for you to try out if you're looking for raw treats to spoil your kitty. This 'Small Catten Carton' is full of homemade raw treats and can be adjusted if your kitty has allergies. A one-off box is around u00a333 whereas a subscription fee goes down to u00a328 per box.

itch. Pet Subscription

Best flea treatment subscription box
itch. Pet Subscription

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The itch. brand is perfect for any cat owner wanting high-quality reassurance to get flea treatments on time and consistently. Their flea subscription starts from u00a36.50 a month and you can also get other goodies like treats and supplements.

slouchiehats 6 Suprise Cats Play Toys, Subscription Box

Best handmade cat subscription box
slouchiehats 6 Suprise Cats Play Toys, Subscription Box

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The cutest toy box for cats, this subscription box by slouchiehats includes six handmade crocheted cat toys. The soft fabric coming in different shapes and sizes is perfect for all cats who like to play with string and bat around toys. Reviewers love how well made they are.

MyMeow Subscription Box

Best variety cat subscription box
My meow cat subscription box

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The MyMeow subscription boxes first began with dog subscription boxes, until they turned their noses to cats too, and now have a great box filled with all sorts of treats for cats! With five or more items valued at over u00a340 every month, you're paying for almost half the price through subscription. You can also cancel your subscription anytime so you're not tied down.

Feline & Fiction cat subscription box

Best cat subscription box for book lovers
Feline & Fiction cat subscription box

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Feline & Fiction

A subscription box for both you and your cat? That's right. This Feline & Fiction subscription box is perfect for any cat owner who's also a book lover. In your box each month you'll get feline-themed books as well as cat treats and toys.

Cattitude Subscription Box

Best cat subscription box for crazy cat people
Cattitude Box

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If you're a crazy cat person and proud this is the box for you. Just like the Feline & Fiction box, this Cattitude box gives you benefits for both your cat and you. It has three or four options for you and three or four options for your cat - what more could you want! You can also gift this to someone if you know someone who would love this.

Katkin Club

Best fresh food cat subscription box
KatKin Subscription Box

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KatKin Club

If you're looking to jump to a high-quality cat food subscription box (think like HelloFresh or Gaucho for us humans), then check out this 'Katkin Club' for cats. They make fresh meals for cats every single day starting at u00a31.75 a day including dry, wet, homemade and raw options. It is slightly expensive to upkeep, but if you're looking to test them out they do a two-week free trial.

Why do cats love boxes?

If you're confused that your cat finds comfort in your shoe boxes and delivery packages more than your expensive toys, don't fret because it's actually very common in cats.

The reason why cats go straight to your cardboard boxes is actually that the enclosed space makes them feel quite comforted because it shields them from predators. Basically, it's their natural instinct.

If your cat also likes to rip up these boxes after they've done cosying up in them, it may be a way of cleaning their teeth. When you catch your cat rubbing their mouth on the side of the box, they're scraping away dental plaque.

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