The best anti-anxiety dog beds to calm nervous pets

Give your nervous furry friend a safe sanctuary to calm their nerves.

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by Ellen Kinsey |

Treats and toys may be enough to distract and relax some pets, but for dogs that suffer from anxiety, you may have to explore alternative methods such as anti-anxiety products. There are many products out there that can help with your pet's nervousness, such as pheromone plug-ins, sprays and anti-anxiety dog beds.

The average adult dog can sleep up to 14 hours a day so picking out the right bed for your nervous dog can make all the difference. Sleep is an essential component of their quality of life so making sure they have a place to feel safe so they can drift off is really important.

Dogs can be anxious for many reasons including separation anxiety, change of environment, illness or trauma. Providing them with a den where they can get some privacy will make all the difference for your furry friend.

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What to consider when buying an anti-anxiety dog bed?

When selecting the right bed for your dog, it is essential to consider your pet's size, age and sleeping preferences.

If they tend to pick the floor as their sleeping spot, then a flatter bed will be a better choice for them.

If they are older or have an injury and need extra support for their joints or head, that needs to be considered. You should also factor in where the bed will be placed for sizing and durability.

So without further ado, here are the best anti-anxiety dog beds to calm your pet.

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The best anti-anxiety dog beds 2022

If your dog likes to stretch out, then this chaise lounge style bed will be the ultimate relaxing spot for them. Not only is it soft, but it will also support their head and joints. This nestling nook is also machine washable, so any accidents can be fixed up at a moment's notice.

Sizes available: This dog bed is jumbo size, so it will cater to all sizes or even two smaller dogs that like to sleep with each other for comfort.

Colours available: Platinum Grey.

Give your pooch a safe haven with this super soft dog bed. Not only is it comfy, but it will give your pet a sense of warm security. The hexagon design and raised edges are designed to make your dog feel safe and will provide them with their own nesting space. The bed is machine washable and is a sustainable option that is made from approximately 62 recycled plastic bottles. Reviews state it would be best for smaller breeds.

Sizes available: Large

Colours available: Grey

This adorable star hooded puppy bed will be the perfect comforting space for your young pup. Most puppies are resilient and carefree, but even the boldest of puppies can get nervous from all the change. Creating a little den just for them will allow them to feel safe and protected. This bed is also machine washable, so you can clean up any accidents when training them.

Sizes available: Small.

Colours available: Pink.

Senior dogs spend much of their days napping, so getting a bed they will absolutely love is a good idea. This bed is self-warming, so if your older dog gets cold, this bed will get them nice and toasty. Plus, you can reverse the cushion in the summer, so they don't overheat. This bed is a decent size, so your dog can get as comfortable as possible in whatever position they want. The raised edges give the feeling of safety, and they can also perch their head on the rims to see what is around them.

Sizes available: Medium, Large and X Large.

Colours available: Grey mix.

Smaller dog breeds will love this doughnut-shaped bed. The shape provides them with a secure and soft sleeping spot to get snuggled in. The bed is really fluffy and relieves muscle pain due to its shape. It is machine washable and perfect for nervous little dogs.

Sizes available: X-small, small, medium, large, X-large and XXL-large.

Colours available: Silver Grey, Chocolate Brown, Biscuit Beige, Ice White, Jet Black, Rose Pink, Steel Grey and Teddy Bear Brown.

This stylish bed is a snug nook with a durable, versatile design - the perfect combination. The circular shape and attached blanket will allow your pooch to nest and create a safe space for them to retreat. The bed comes in various colours and is made from quality washable and dirt resistant material.

Sizes available: Small and medium.

Colours available: Grey, Tide Pool, Wheat and Oyster.

Bigger dog breeds need a supportive, large bed that they can stretch out on, and this memory foam bed is perfect for that. It is made from high-quality materials, easy to clean, and designed with really comfortable memory foam so your furry friend can get quality rest. The bed edges are raised for support and a feeling of safety to help them drift off with ease.

Sizes available: Small, medium, large, X-large and XX-large.

Colours available: Beige and Grey mix.

Where should a dog bed go in your home?

Make sure their bed is in a private, calm and warm place so they can feel safe and comfortable in order to have a good night's sleep. Dogs love having their own little private den so this will really help reduce their anxiety.

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