The best puppy chew toys for teeth and gums

Soothe your pup with these teething chew toys

Best puppy chew toys - puppy chewing rubber duck

by Caitlin Casey |

When puppies are young, you might find them naughtily ripping up furniture, carpets and destroying their toys - this is all part of their development when their teeth are growing.

Although annoying, it is something that most puppies go through in their development training - just like puppy pad toilet training - and there is one way you can avoid your puppy destroying your home: chew toys.

Made with durability and strength in mind, chew toys tend to last longer than average toys because they're made to sustain the ripping from ferocious teeth. They work really well with teething and growth because they help soothe and keep your pups entertained from tearing up anything in sight.

Are chew toys good for puppies?

You will see dogs of all ages use chew toys, but they are particularly important for puppies, who need to learn to handle their chewing and biting as well as soothe their gums from painful teething growth.

Meaning, yes, chew toys are really good for puppies. Many puppies chew toys will be made for smaller dogs in mind and you can get larger chew toys for when your puppy grows out of them.

What toys can I get my puppy to chew on?

Some chew toys are made with puppies in mind, so you should always double-check the label before you buy a chew toy for your puppies.

In terms of what you can buy for your pup, chew toys come in all shapes and sizes, including bones, pacifiers, balls, ropes and more.

Check out our top picks of puppy chew toys below.

The best puppy chew toys UK 2021

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Got a bone to pick? This Nylabone starter set is perfect for pups, made with each stage of teething in mind. First a soft, flexible bone, then a blue bone to clean their growing teeth and a tough white bone for when their adult teeth are fully grown - something for every stage!

What we love: Three bones for three stages

Flavour: Chicken

Age: For every teething stage

Another great teething choice for any pup, this pacifier is one of our top choices. It promotes positive chewing and helps clean teeth with its raised nodules. It also has a lick-proof flavour to keep up that delicious taste.

What we love: Lick-proof flavour with an easy to clean toy

Flavour: Bacon

Age: Puppies with no adult teeth

This all-natural rubber formula is gentle on your puppy's teeth but also helps to teach them their chewing behaviour, offering treats if you stuff it with puppy kibble or a dash of peanut butter. It also bounces to make playtime extra fun.

What we love: It merges playtime, teething and treats

Flavour: Stuff it with the treats of your choice

Age: For puppies with baby teeth

If your pup particularly loves squeaky toys, this extra cute Teether Deer by Little Rascals is a great option. Its perfect for gnawing with soft fabric and encourages interactive play.

What we love: Lots of textures and a squeaker for extra fun

Flavour: No flavour

Age: Puppies with baby teeth onwards

Playtime just got extra fun with this Rubber Ball from Mighty Mutts which are super tough and durable, withstanding any chompers. The ball has a hollow centre which means you can fill it with treats as well as being able to float for a fun pool time. Comes in Medium and Small too.

What we love: A ball made for the harshest of teeth which is also recyclable

Flavour: No flavour

Age: Puppies with baby teeth onwards

With three different colours, rope to chew on as well as soft polymer, this is sure to satisfy any dog or puppies chewing instinct. With the small bristle projections, it will stop your pup from chewing on everything around your house.

What we love: Pack of three with lots of elements

Flavour: No flavour

Age: For puppies and small dogs

Can't decide which toy is best for your pup? Pick up this multipack which includes three different shapes for your puppy to chew on. Perfect to keep them busy.

What we love: Includes a ball, ring and bone.

Flavour: No flavour

Age: From puppies with baby teeth

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