The best dog food for puppies

Get the best puppy food to help your pooch's growth and development.

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by Caitlin Casey |

So, you've got a new addition to the family. You've stocked your house with everything you need like puppy pads and chew toys. Before you start playing and cuddling your sweet little puppy, you'll want to think about what puppy food you should be getting them. We've got the low-down on the best dog food for puppies.

Dog food is a really important part of any pup's lifestyle. Even more so, puppy food is significant in helping your puppy with its growth.

Whether you want something with a high meat content, food that focuses on vitamins and supplements or can't decide between dry and wet food, look no further because we have found the best puppy food on the market right here.

Do I need separate food for puppies?

The reason why you should be buying puppy food specifically for your pooch is that like us humans when they're very young, they're in stages of development which benefits from having a specific diet to support that.

Puppy food helps to introduce nutrients such as calcium and protein which keep your puppy's tummy happy and get them growing strong. A balanced and complete puppy food helps your dog's overall health and lifestyle.

How long should I feed puppy food for?

It's recommended that you invest in different food for puppies up until they're twelve months of age. Some dog parents even start to move their puppy onto adult food after six months of eating it. Not all breeds reach maturity at the same time so you'll want to double-check before you wean your pup off of puppy food.

Best dog food for puppies UK 2022

Want more bark for your bite? Lily's Kitchen is known for its high meat content and lack of dog food 'fillers', meaning you're getting good sustenance for your pooch. They're five for the price of four on Pets at Home.

Pros: High Meat Percent, Great Value

Cons: None.

Review: "We've been feeding our 16-week-old puppy Lily's kitchen since we got her at 8 weeks. She LOVES it, it doesn't smell too bad, and the consistency is nice as far as dog food goes!"

If you have a particularly small puppy, this Royal Canin puppy food is made with small breeds in mind. Dry dog food also helps to keep your pup's developing teeth clean.

Pros: Good Quality

Cons: Pricey

Review: "Great product dogs overall condition has improved you feed less as better quality of food for nutrients. Would not change to cheaper products. Delivery very good pleased with supplier use again. Best price I've found."

Recommended by veterinarians, AVA puppy food is a great choice if you want something that's trustworthy. With Imutiva, easily digested proteins and a hypoallergenic recipe, this is perfect for any sensitive stomach.

Pros: Good Quality Dry Food

Cons: New Reseal Mechanism Broken

Review: "After trying 3 different brands Ava saved me, my 10-week puppy was having very runny stools so I tried Ava and was amazed that his stools are now normal. One happy puppy!"

This James Wellbeloved puppy food is naturally hypoallergenic and has a blend of dietary fibres making it good for your pup's tum. This is a good all-around puppy food with substance and good value for money.

Pros: Great for grazing dogs

Cons: Not ideal for dogs that will eat anything, quickly

Review: "My Whippet puppy loves the particular food, it's a great size for her to chew I love the fact as she's a grazer and I can leave this food down and she can come and eat whenever she feels like it, without the worry of it going off."

If you're looking for a value option that's easy to access in your supermarkets, Sainsbury's has a bargain. Complete with a variety of meats to give to your dog, it's a complete recipe that every pup can enjoy.

Pros: Great Value

Cons: Small Range

Review: "We have four, big puppies and need something that is not too expensive to feed them on. They gobble this up well so they obviously like it and it seems very similar to other brands - but much better value. So would very much recommend it."

This turkey and rice dry puppy food by Harringtons is filled with omega 6 and 3 oils. Plus, it has no soy, wheat or dairy to make for those sensitive stomachs. It's also made right here in the UK.

Pros: Great Value, Tasty

Cons: Small Range

Review: "Just changed my puppy over to Harringtons as Royal Canin is very expensive. This seems like good-quality puppy food for a fraction of the price. Unfortunately they only stock turkey & rice."

We've all heard of Pedigree dog food - and its junior puppy dog in jelly sachets is a winner. Safe for puppies to eat for up to twelve months, this is a trustworthy brand that you can get your hands on.

Pros: Popular Brand; Tasty

Cons: Not the best value

Review: "The puppies love this food, tried others but they wouldn't eat them."

Now you can even get your hands on puppy 'superfood' - yep, you read that right. Packed full of prebiotics, natural ingredients and supplements, this puppy food will make your pup's tummy feel good. These are enhanced natural foods that are worth the investment. Subscribe and save.

Pros: Packed with goodies

Cons: Not ideal for fussy dogs

Review: "This is perfect for two small chihuahua puppies. Full of quality ingredients and apparently very easy for them to eat, digest and - importantly - get rid of!"

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