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Add style to your pup's walkies with these collar accessories.

Dog bow tie

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A dog bow tie is a fashion accessory for pooches that has grown in popularity over the last few years. Just like we would carefully consider the right dog lead and collar for walkies, choosing the perfect bow tie for your pooch is equally essential for style-conscious owners. Available in a variety of materials and colours, you can pick one that matches your pup’s walking accessories or one that reflects your hound’s personality.

Whether you’re after a dog bow tie for a wedding or other special moments where your pup needs to look particularly dapper and smart or you’re simply wanting to elevate your pooch’s street style when out on their walks, you’re bound to find bow ties for dogs for every and any occasion. Of course, there are a couple of things you’ll want to consider before buying ones for your pooch. We’ll touch on this more in our FAQs, but a bow tie should be made from durable and comfortable materials to avoid irritating your dog’s skin and becoming a choking hazard. You’ll also want to pay attention to how the tie attaches to your dog’s collar to ensure it stays in place without causing your pup any discomfort.

Best dog bow ties at a glance:

• Best dog bow tie for large dogs: Dog Velvet Bow Tie – View on Etsy
• Best dog bow tie for small dogs: Black Corduroy Dog Bow Tie – View on Etsy
• Best dog bow tie for weddings: Giddings Gifts Personalised Bow Tie Dog Wedding Bandana – View on Not on the Highstreet

As you’d expect, dog bow ties are made in many different sizes for dogs of all shapes and sizes. You’ll want to make sure you’re choosing one that is the right size for your dog’s breed and neck size. For example, a tie to fit on a puppy collar will be a lot smaller than one for a fully-grown adult dog. You’ll also want to make sure that your chosen bow tie is lightweight and doesn’t restrict movement to ensure your pup feels happy wearing it.

When it comes to choosing bow ties for dogs, there are many styles you can choose from to suit your and your pup’s needs. Many come as separate attachments that you can slide or clip on your dog’s collar, but you can also get bow tie dog collars with the tie part already attached. Whatever style you pick, there’s a dog bow tie for every pup in our list of the best.

The best dog bow tie for 2024

Best dog bow tie for large dogs

Dog Velvet Bow TiePupPalsUK/Etsy

If it's time for your big boy or girl to dress dapper, this Dog Velvet Bow Tie from Etsy seller PupPalsUK will be paw-fect. It's made from a gorgeous velvet fabric which oozes style and class. Its large size is perfect for those large breeds, such as Labradors and German Shepherds. Simply slip your dog's collar through the elastic fastener, and you're all set.

Customer review: "Adorable! Loved it! Perfect for our wedding pics with our dog."


  • Lovely fabric
  • Handmade to order with an option to add personalisation if wanted


  • One size fits all, however, we think it's best for big dogs due to its larger size

Best dog bow tie for small dogs

Black Corduroy Dog Bow TieSophistimutts/Etsy

Although available in medium and large sizes too, we think this Black Corduroy Dog Bow Tie would look totally a-paw-able on a pint-sized pup. This beautiful heart pattern bow tie is reinforced to maintain its rigidity and shape to keep it in tip-top condition throughout wear. As it arrives in a bostal box full of shredded paper, it would make a lovely gift to anyone who has welcomed a new dog into their family.

Customer review: "My bow ties were sooooo cute, my dogs looked very handsome in them. Great quality and fast shipping. Thanks!"


  • Cute print
  • Made from premium fabric


  • Corduroy may scratch and scuff more easily than other materials

Best dog bow tie for weddings

Giddings Gifts Personalised Bow Tie Dog Wedding BandanaGiddings Gift/Not on the Highstreet

Your pooch will be the best-dressed guest at any wedding wearing this Giddings Gifts Personalised Bow Tie Dog Wedding Bandana. The perfect accessory for a special occasion, it is adjustable and connects with snaps for ease of fitting. You can also personalise it with their name or their role on the big day.

Customer review: "Perfect fit for our four-legged wedding vip. Very cute."


  • Great for special occasions
  • Adjustable fit and choice of sizes


  • Handwash only is advised to retain shape

Best dog bow tie for Christmas

Dod.i_Boutique Christmas Dog Bow TieDod.i_Boutique/Amazon

We know we're early with this (or late depending on how you look at it) but the Dod.i_Boutique Christmas Dog Bow Tie would be perfect for your pup to wear over the festive period. Featuring a cheery Santa print, it has an elastic band fitted at the back so you can easily slide it across the collar.

Customer review: "Looked very smart over Xmas. Easy to add onto standard collar."


  • Easy to put on
  • Available in three sizes


  • Quality could be better

Best dog bow tie and collar set

Lionet Paws Cotton Dog CollarLionet/Amazon

Crafted from cotton for a soft and comfortable fit, the Lionet Paws Cotton Dog Collar combines a collar and a bow tie in one. Lovingly handmade, the buckles are made of stainless steel and the D-ring is welded for great strength and durability. Each bow tie is attached to the collar by two elastic straps, which makes it removable for when you have to give it a scrub with soap and water.

Customer review: "These collars are sturdy, with an effective metal clasp. Not only are they made well, but they look fabulous. Our little boy looks so smart in his collar & bow tie combo. We’ve bought Lionet Paws collars since he was a pup and won’t go anywhere else."


  • Choice of patterns
  • Bow tie can be worn separately


  • Material not stretchy so you need to make sure you get the right size

Best tartan dog bow tie

Barbour Tartan Dog Bow TieBarbour/House of Bruar

As well as countryside-inspired clothing for humans, did you know that Barbour has also created a range of accessories for our canine companions? Crafted in an eye-catching tartan print that the brand is renowned for, the Barbour Tartan Dog Bow Tie will have your pooch walking in style. This cotton-blend accessory has Velcro fasteners, which makes it easy to put on.


  • Nice material
  • Easy to put on


  • Velcro fastening may make it easier for your dog to undo themselves by scratching

Best dog bow tie set

Pets at Home Dog Bow-Tie and Tie SetPets at Home

It's not just a bow tie that you get with this Pets at Home set, you also get a tie for those times your pup needs a more sophisticated look. With elastic on the back, dressing your dog with this Pets at Home Dog Bow-Tie and Tie Set couldn't be easier as they just slide on your dog's existing collar to add instant style to their every day look.

Customer review: "I bought these ties for Teddy as a fun item, to take photos of him. He looks super cute and stylish too when wearing them. He wore his tie into the office one day and everyone loved him. He looks dapper in the bow tie."


  • Two in a pack
  • Slides on easily


  • One size only

How to choose a dog bow tie

When choosing the perfect bow tie for dogs, there are a couple of factors to consider to ensure both comfort and style needs are met. Here are just some of the things you'll want to consider while shopping for a dog bow tie:

Comfort and safety

Of course, your hound’s comfort and safety should be the top priority when selecting a bow tie for your dog. You should make sure your chosen tie doesn’t restrict movement or breathing, and you should avoid ones with heavy embellishments or decorations that could become a choking hazard if they become loose.

Size and fit

The best bow tie for your dog will be one that fits properly, and it’s not too big or too small for their overall size. You’ll also want to look for an adjustable tie or one that is available in various sizes to ensure it can accommodate your pup’s specific breed and neck size.

If choosing a dog bow tie collar, we recommend measuring your dog’s neck circumference to ensure you’re getting the correct size for a proper fit.


Choose collar bow ties for dogs that are made using high-quality, durable materials that will ensure they’re comfortable for your dog to wear. The ideal fabrics are soft ones, such as cotton or polyester blends and you’ll want to avoid any ones that have a rough or scratchy texture to them as they could irritate your pup’s skin.

Attachment method

To ensure your pooch’s bow tie stays in place without causing them any discomfort, you’ll want to consider how the tie attaches to their collar. Look for ones that have a secure but safe attachment method, such as Velcro or elastic bands.

Design and style

Consider the occasion when you want your dog to wear a bow tie. For example, if you’re after Christmas bow ties for dogs, you may want to opt for one that has a snowman or Father Christmas on, or if you’re after a wedding bow tie, you’ll want something classy and sophisticated.

You may want to find one that matches your dog’s personality with playful patterns and bold colours or you may one to find one that is the perfect match for your dog’s collar and lead set. The choice is all yours!

Dog in bow tie
©Getty Images/ meaghanbrowning

Are dog bow ties safe?

Generally speaking, dog bow ties are safe to wear. However, you'll want to ensure the bow tie you've chosen is made from durable materials that won't easily fray or break as bow ties are a choking hazard if they're ingested. For this reason, it's important to regularly check your pup's tie for any signs of wear and tear and replace it if it's too damaged for your hound's safety.

Just like you would with a dog collar, you'll want to make sure a bow tie isn't too tight or too loose around your pooch's neck. A properly fitted bow tie should allow room for comfortable movement and breathing.

Can I make my own dog bow tie?

If you’re someone who is crafty and you want to gift your pooch a tie with a more personalised touch, you may want to try your hand at making your own dog bow tie. Hobbycraft has a step-by-step guide on how to sew a removable bow tie. All you need is a sewing machine, scissors, pins and a tape measure and you’ll be ready to follow the below instructions to make your own dog bow tie.

Outside of the bow

• Cut a square measuring 18x18cm.

• Fold in half and pin all edges. Mark stop points with two pins in the long open edge of about 4cm, this will become the gap. Sew all three sides, leaving the gap.

• Trim all the corners.

• Turn the right way through the gap and press flat.

• Pin the middle by folding small 1cm concertina folds to create the pinch in the bow. You can secure this with a few small stitches on your sewing machine.

Middle of the bow

• Next, create the bow middle by cutting a square measuring 8x8cm.

• Press the whole piece in half to get a pressed line. Then fold in both long edges to meet the midline, and press again.

• Fold totally in half to create a long strip, press and pin. Sew down the two long edges to secure.

• Fold this strip in half, right sides together, and pin the open ends, sew across this edge to make a loop.

• Turn it the right way around so that the sewn ends are on the inside.

• Slide the bow through this small loop and position it in the centre. Use a needle and thread to secure in place with a couple of tiny stitches.

• For the collar loop, cut another rectangle measuring 12x9cm.

• Press the whole piece in half to get a pressed line. Then fold in both long edges to meet the midline, and press again.

• Fold totally in half to create a long strip, press and pin. Sew down the two long edges to secure. Fold this strip in half, right sides together, and pin the open ends, sew across this edge to make a loop. Turn right way around. (Alternatively, you can put hook and loop tape on both ends to make it fit different collars instead of making a fixed loop.)

• Place your bow in place on the large loop piece. Use a needle and thread to hand stitch the bow to the loop. Take care to only sew to the front of the collar loop.

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