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When winter rolls around, you may need to invest in some dog walking gloves. Not only will they keep your hands toasty, but a pair of gloves may protect your mitts from getting injured by an enthusiastic pooch pulling you along. Durable and long-lasting gloves are just one of the many dog walking accessories that we recommend for your daily strolls.

Walks are arguably the most important activity for your furry friend. Most dogs need at least one to two walks per day, says the PDSA. Whether brisk to burn off extra energy or slow to let your dog sniff and explore, a walk is a great way to keep them fit and happy, too. If you are planning a longer walk than usual, you’ll need to pack some extra supplies – ideally in your dog walking bag, which comes with helpful and hidden compartments to store dog walking essentials.

Best dog walking gloves at a glance:

Best dog walking gloves: Lzfitpot Anti-Slip Winter Warm Gloves – View on Amazon UK
Best budget dog walking gloves: TOLEMI Thermal Anti-Slip Gloves – View on Amazon UK
Best dog walking gloves with grip: OEX Vostok Grip Glove (Unisex) – View at Go Outdoors

Though we love to spoil our pooches with new food, toys and gear, don’t forget to invest in some dog walking kit for yourself. Dog walks aren’t just for our dogs – they’re a way for us to get out of the house and stay active – which can contribute to better physical and mental health. It’s a win-win, essentially. Equipment like dog walking boots will help support your feet during longer walks with tricky terrain – ideal if you’d not prefer to come home with blisters and callouses.

Dog walking can be seriously messy – and if you’re sick of picking up slobbery sticks and getting out poo bags with your bare hands, maybe a pair of dog walking gloves wouldn’t be such a bad idea. If your pup is particularly energetic on a strong and reliable rope lead, you will want to avoid any rope burn. For this, you need a pair of tough and comfy gloves suitable for all year.

Best dog walking gloves

Best waterproof dog walking gloves

Trespass Unisex Waterproof Contact Gloves
Price: £20.99 (was £29.99)

Introducing our first pick: the Trespass Unisex Waterproof Contact Gloves: Stay cosy on walks with these adjustable fit gloves. Waterproof for dry hands and breathable to prevent sweat, this has been made from bonded fleece for warmth. Plus, it's touchscreen compatible for easy device use without removal.

Customer review: "Brilliant gloves for walking or just keeping warm, I leave them on whilst poo picking as you can still use your hands easily. The bonus is you can use your phone as normal too."


  • With a decent waterproof rating and breathability
  • Features an adjustable wrist strap for an ideal fit
  • Made from a touch-screen-friendly bonded fleece


  • Unsure of effectiveness of grip

Best dog walking gloves

Next, we recommend the Anti-Slip Winter Warm Gloves - a fine choice for our top pick. Why not stay snug during dog walks? Made from double-thickened fleece lining keeps hands warm while breathable material wicks moisture. Anti-slip silicone palm for a secure grip, touchscreen-compatible fingertips, perfect for various outdoor activities. Ideal gift for winter adventurers!

Customer review: "These gloves are so warm, I'm often outside and they keep my hands really warm. I've had them for a year so far and they've worn really well, still look new."


  • Anti-slip silicone palm enhances grip
  • Breathable material prevents sweat build-up
  • Exceptional warmth with thick fleece lining


  • Some sizing stock issues

Best women's dog walking gloves

For dog walking, consider the Rab Women's Power Stretch Contact Grip Gloves. Lightweight and made from Polartec Power Stretch Pro fabric, with grippy palms and touchscreen-friendly fingertips. Perfect as everyday warmers or liners in cold conditions, it comes with a low bulk cuff for comfortable wear.

Customer review: "A reasonable price. They are very comfortable and wear well."


  • Lightweight and versatile design
  • Grippy palms enhance traction
  • Touchscreen-friendly fingertips


  • Unsure on waterproofing capabilities

Best budget dog walking gloves

Perfect for dog walks with a skin-friendly design, this pair of Thermal Anti-Slip Gloves have touchscreen compatibility and breathable fleece fabric. Made from stretchy milk silk for comfort, with silicone palm texture for grip. Ideal for various outdoor activities year-round. Great gift for active individuals.

Customer review: "These gloves are amazing. I've always got cold hands and traditional wooly gloves do not keep my hands warm. These work so well and the fact that they are touch screen friendly too is so good. They clip together so you can't loose them or if you do you loose both at the same time!"


  • Skin-friendly stretchy for a flexible but snug fit
  • Budget option made with breathable fleece fabric
  • Touchscreen-compatible fingertips for convenience


  • Unsure of the waterproof capabilities

Best dog walking gloves for winter

Stay warm and active during dog walks with the 3M Thinsulate insulation and breathable fabric of the Unisex Winter Gloves. These gloves have non-slip palms to provide extra grip, while touchscreen fingertips offer convenience. Perfect for various outdoor activities in cold weather. Comfortable, durable, and versatile for everyday use.

Customer review: "Honestly, one of the best purchases I've made on here. Especially for those with bigger hands. Plus, I cycle, this is a game changer. The grip is also a huge plus. Just get them. Only thing stopping me from getting a second pair is that the quality is great, it'll probably last. Been a month and they're just like new."


  • Non-slip palms for enhanced grip
  • Efficient 3M Thinsulate insulation for warmth
  • Comfortable and breathable material


  • Limited waterproofing or extra warmth

Best men’s dog walking gloves

Next, consider the Barts Powerstretch Men's Gloves in Black. Stay cosy during dog walks with these warm and elastic gloves. Breathable, moisture-absorbent, and quick-drying with grip for added convenience. They're perfect for outdoor activities - with easy care with machine washable instructions.

Customer review: "They are thin enough to allow easy finger movement, yet they look elegant, and will keep you warm."


  • Warm and elastic for comfort
  • Breathable and moisture-absorbent
  • Quick drying and with a good grip


  • Not a lot of information provided

Best thermal dog walking gloves

The Regatta Unisex Thinsulate Thermal Winter Gloves are ideal for dog walks. These unisex gloves offer warmth and durability. The Thinsulate lining retains heat, while acrylic knit and knitted ribbed cuffs ensure comfort and longevity. It's a quality product for outdoor enthusiasts and dog walks.


  • Made with Thinsulate lining for warmth
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Complete with a ribbed cuff


  • No customer reviews

Best windproof dog walking gloves

Women’s Windproof Thinsulate Gloves
Price: £12.99 (was £29.99)

Spring walks are made easy with Mountain Warehouse Women’s Windproof Thinsulate Gloves. They feature a windproof membrane and silicone dots on the palms for grip. Plus, the stretch cuff ensures a snug fit. The Thinsulate lining offers warmth without bulk - and the pair comes complete with a lightweight and improved grip, these gloves are perfect for dog walks.

Customer review: "Wearing these to get to work and they are great!"


  • Windproof membrane for protection against the elements
  • Silicone dots on palms provide extra grip
  • Stretch cuff ensures a comfortable and secure fit


  • Limited waterproofing

Best premium dog walking gloves

Men's Water-Resistant Leather Gloves with Stitch Detail
Price: £41.40 (was £69)

Embrace outdoor dog-friendly excursions with Sherston Men's Water-Resistant Leather Gloves. Crafted from premium leather, they repel rain while providing durability. Knitted lining and extended cuffs ensure warmth, and stylish stitch detailing completes the look of this pair and adds flair. Plus, this is available in two colour options, these gloves offer both protection and style for winter adventures.

Customer review: "Well worth spending a little more to get Dents. I would definitely buy them again if needed."


  • Premium water-resistant leather offers protection against rain
  • Knitted lining and extended cuff provide warmth and insulation
  • Stylish stitch detailing adds a touch of flair - with two colours


  • Unsure on the grip these provide

Best dog walking gloves with grip

Experience durability and innovation with OEX Vostok Grip Gloves. Constructed from anti-pill tech stretch polyester, they offer sturdiness and flexibility. Features include silicone-printed palms for a durable grip and touchscreen fingertips. They're perfect for dog walks, providing comfort and practicality in chilly weather.

Customer review: "I found the fitting on these very good and for 10 pounds very close or almost as good as the rab for 30! There are less grip sticks compared to others but means less to fall off. The cuffs are great compared to others close but not too tight. For Daily use here great and perfect for my gore text mittens when needed."


  • Touchscreen fingertips allow easy access to devices
  • Durable construction with anti-pill tech stretch polyester
  • Silicone-printed palms and fingers offer a reliable grip


  • May not be waterproof

Dog walking gloves: Buyer's guide

When the chilly weather sets in, every dog owner knows the struggle of keeping your mitts warm whilst out for a stroll. If it’s raining, consider a waterproof coat for your dog. In this guide, we'll explore what to look for when choosing the best gloves for dog walking to suit your needs, year-long.

Comfort and insulation – is our first factor for consideration. Look for gloves lined with materials like fleece to keep your hands snug, but flexible – so you can grip the lead securely.

Water resistance – is a must-have for rainy or snowy days spent walking with your pooch. Seek out gloves made from waterproof materials to keep your hands dry and comfortable.

Durability and grip – can be key when it comes to dog walking gloves. If your pup likes to pull on the lead or the terrain is tough, a durable pair with strong stitching send silicone grips is best.

Touchscreen capability – should be considered when looking for a pair of gloves. With smartphone-friendly gloves, you can check your messages or adjust your route easily.

Reflective elements – are a priority if you prefer an evening stroll with your dog. Many of our picks have safety in mind – with reflective accents to increase visibility to motorists and pedestrians.

What is the size difference between men’s and women’s?

There is no difference between men's and women's gloves, says Fischer Sports. Instead, look for fit. They add: "If you seem to fall between two glove sizes, you'll be warmer in a larger glove."

Need a little support finding your size? Dents Gloves has an easy-to-read size guide and chart.

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