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If you've added a new fluffy member to your family, it's likely you were ready for playtime and cuddling up with them. What we're not always ready for though, is the chewing, biting and tugging that comes with a puppy's young development. That's where puppy training spray comes in.

A natural part of the teething process - just like us humans - it's no surprise that we find our puppies chewing. Toys, furniture and even our own fingers- they can use anything to get used to their growing teeth. They're interested in the feel of everything on their teeth. This can sometimes become a bad habit in their adult life.

Puppy pads and obedience classes are just the beginning of puppy training. So, when natural things like teething start to become a problem, you'll want to make sure your pups are focusing on chewing the right things. You can do this by using a puppy training spray - so your furniture is saved!

How to stop a puppy biting with training spray: Advice from the experts

Take a Break Pets spoke with Dr Karen Heskin, Pets at Home's Head of Pets. She tells us why our puppies become obsessed with chewing everything and what we can to do put a stop to it.

It's a common puppy problem, Karen says. “It’s not unusual for puppies to chew anything they can get hold of, and almost a fifth of new puppy owners told us this was one of the biggest challenges they faced when welcoming their new pet into their home.

“But chewing is actually key to a puppy’s development as dogs use their mouths to learn more about the world around them. They also chew when they are teething and want something to help relieve the pain – just like human babies chewing on teething rings."

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So, what can we do to stop our puppy from biting?

Karen's top tips include making sure there's enough variety for your puppy to enjoy. “Rotating new and different chew toys, praising your puppy when they gnaw things they’re allowed to and making sure they get enough exercise and attention can all help to reduce chewing on the wrong things," she says.

As well as rotating new chew toys, you should be firm with your puppy. Karen adds: "Also, try not to encourage your puppy to chase or chew your hands when you are playing with them as this will promote biting. Instead, use toys that they can chase and catch. If they do give you a little nip, calmly but firmly tell them ‘no biting’, turn away from your pet and give them no attention for 30 seconds. When you turn back to your puppy, have a toy ready for them to play with, this will help them learn boundaries."

Finally, make sure that your puppy stays away from your furniture, using a puppy training spray. “To deter your puppy from chewing furniture or the carpet you can use an unpleasant-tasting training spray. These products are safe and are used for discouragement," Karen advises.

How to stop a puppy biting: The best training spray, chew toys and deterrents 2022

This Animigo anti-chewing training spray can even be near wounds and on bandages, if your lil' puppy is prone to nibbling on its own body. It's also usable on furniture, shoes, curtains and general areas to prevent chewing. Leaving a citrus scent, the spray won't leave a bad smell in your home.

How to use: Spray on affected areas to deter chewing.

Deterring dogs from barking and bad behaviours, this pet corrector makes a strong hissing sound. It works by releasing air that mimics natural warning sounds. This is non-harmful and the 200ml has around 200 uses. Better for older puppies and dogs who are stuck in their chewing ways.

How to use: Direct away from the dog and spray to release noise as your dog is chewing.

Just like us humans, your puppy might be chewing because of sensitive teeth and gums. This teething gel for puppies by VetIQ helps to develop their gums and has anti-inflammatory properties. This should help them to stop chewing and teething while they're growing.

How to use: For puppies aged four weeks and up, spread onto gums to soothe.

This Vapet Chew Stopper is perfect on furniture and bandages. You only have to spray it once onto affected areas. It can be used on puppies as well as cats, dogs, kittens and rabbits. Overall, this is a good all-arounder training spray.

How to use: Spray once on affected areas and wait to dry.

Destructive chewing be gone with Johnson's Anti-Chew Training Spray. Another option that you can spray across furniture, bandages and wounds. Used by animal behaviourists and in training sessions but also easily used at home.

How to use: Spray onto affected areas.

Beaphar's training spray is made not just for chewing but also for unnecessary scratching and tugging. You can repeat this application on furnishings, woodwork, doors, curtains and more. Spray every two to three days until you find that the unwanted behaviour goes away.

How to use: Spray on an area from about 6-8 inches away.

A great way to get your puppy to stop chewing furniture and shoes is to positively encourage chewing elsewhere. Investing in chew toys like this Nylabone starter pack will relieve them from their habits and help them through the teething period.

How to use: Encourage your puppy to chew by incorporating these chew toys into playtime and everyday usage.

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