The best dog food to keep your pup satisfied and healthy

Feed your dog the best food money can buy with our top picks of healthy and delicious canine meals.

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There is nothing better for your dog than nourishing healthy food. Just like their owners, one of the highlights of a dog's day is dinner, so it is important we feed our four-legged friends healthy, nutritious and tasty food so they can have the energy to play all day and make us laugh.

Food is essential to keep your dog healthy and happy, so whether you are on the hunt for the best dog food for a puppy, a dog with a sensitive tummy, or an older dog that is a little fussy, then getting them great-quality, satisfying meals is a top priority for any dog owner.

There are two types to choose from when it comes to dog food: wet and dry food. Plus, it doesn't have to be bland and boring for your pooch either. Who wants that? With so many flavours to choose from, your dog will be spoilt for choice.

We have picked out the best dry and wet dog food with the best health benefits and taste, so your dog's mouth will be watering as soon as they hear the food hit the bowl.

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What should you consider when buying dog food?

It is important to keep in mind their age, breed and size in mind when purchasing food for your pup. It is good to keep their diet varied when possible but always have their favourites in stock at home, so your dog is guaranteed to empty its bowl.

Their preferences are important when purchasing food, but so are their health needs. As long as your vet is satisfied and your dog is healthy, all food is fuel.

The best dry dog food UK 2022

Purina PRO PLAN Optibalance Adult Dry Dog Food (4 Pack)

Best dry dog food for small dogs
Purina PRO PLAN Optibalance Adult Dry Dog Food

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This dry food is formulated for total dental hygiene and made with specifically modified nutrient concentrations to support the rapid metabolism of small dogs. The food comes in a chicken flavour and has all the nutrients a smaller adult dog will need to be healthy and satisfied.

James Wellbeloved Adult Dry Dog Food 15kg

Best dry dog food for adult dogs
James Wellbeloved Adult Dry Dog Food

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Using only simple and natural ingredients, this turkey and rice adult dog food is a tasty combination for any canine. This food will help support your dog's gut health and maintain the shine in their coat. It is also made with Yucca extract, which should prevent super smelly poos. Everyone's a winner!

Tails Tailored Dog Food

Best customisable dry dog food
Tails Tailor-made Dog Food

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If your dog is a bit of a fussy eater or you think they need a more customised food plan, then is a great solution. With this meal deal, you will get unique recipes delivered to your home based on what you tell them about your pet. You can ask for recipes specially made with any health issue or dietary requirement in mind. A huge bonus is that you can also add wet food and treats to your order, so your pampered pooch can have the finest treatment.

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AVA Veterinary Approved Optimum Health Dry Food 15kg

Best dry dog food for sensitive dogs
AVA Veterinary Approved Optimum Health Dry Food

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This product is ideal for dogs with sensitive skin and tummies. It has a hypoallergenic formula and is a great source of easily digested protein, so even super sensitive dogs can fill their boots with yummy food. It also includes Imuvita to help with their immune system and overall health, so your pup will be thriving.

Arden Grange Senior Dry Dog Food 12kg

Best dry dog food for seniors
Arden Grange Senior Dry Dog Food

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If your dog is entering its older years then this senior dry dog food will go down a treat. Made with fresh chicken and rice, this delicious and tasty meal is also good for dogs' gut health as it contains prebiotics, krill and yucca extract to help with joint pain and boost their energy levels.

Royal Canin Mini Puppy Food

Best dry dog food for puppies
Royal Canin Mini Puppy Food bag

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This dry food is perfect for little puppies who are raring with energy. You can give them a good start in life by providing them with food to help support their immune and digestive system and be easily digested. It is recommended that you give this to puppies between two to 10 months old.

The best wet dog food 2022

Lily's Kitchen Grain-Free Multipack Wet Dog Food

Best wet dog food for dogs with a grain sensitivity
Lily's Kitchen Grain Free Multipack Wet Dog Food

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If your dog has a grain sensitivity, then Lily's Kitchen offers grain-free meals that your pet will appreciate. The easily digestible recipes are made with fresh ingredients and multiple flavours in the multi-pack so your dog can have a bit of variety. You can choose recipes from Sunday lunch, fishy fish pie and wild campfire stew.

Naturo Adult Dog Grain & Gluten-Free

Best wet dog food for dogs with a digestive issues
Naturo Adult Dog Grain & Gluten Free

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Naturo uses high quality, natural ingredients that are fresh and locally sourced, which combine essential proteins, fibres and carbohydrates, vitamins and healthy fats and oils to form a natural and nutritious meal for your pet. This product is perfectly suited to canines with digestive issues and allergies.

Pedigree Vital Protection Mixed Wet Dog Food

Best value wet dog food
Pedigree Vital Protection Mixed Wet Dog Food

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These pouches are easy to open and will provide your four-legged friend with a healthy meal. The value pack is made from quality ingredients mixed in with jelly, so your dog will feel spoiled. Vets and nutritionists developed these pouches, so you know your dog will be eating all the right things they need to stay fit and healthy.

Cesar Classics Adult Dog Food

Best wet dog food multi-pack
Cesar Classics Adult Dog Food

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Your dog will be spoiled for choice with this multi-pack with a selection of yummy recipes such as Beef and Liver; Chicken and Turkey, Poultry and Chicken and Beef. Cesar knows how to make food that our furry friends will absolutely love. All the ingredients are high-quality, so even the fussiest of pooches will enjoy these.

Butcher's Puppy Perfect Dog Food Trays 24x150g

Best locally sourced wet dog food
Butcher's Puppy Perfect Dog Food Trays

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pets at home

This nourishing food is full of omega 3 and 6, calcium and protein, so you know your pooch will be getting all the nutritious food to keep them in good health. The ingredients come from British and Irish farmers, so there are no additives or chemicals in the dishes.

Pedigree Pouch Jelly Senior Food

Best wet dog food for older dogs
Pedigree Pouch Jelly Senior Food

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It is important that your older dog gets all the vital nutrients they need to support their digestion, skin, fur and bones. These pouches are easy to open and full of all the good stuff. This wet dog food in jelly contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and other nasties.

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Dog Food FAQs

What are the types of dog food?

Most brands do wet and dry versions of their recipes, which is excellent for keeping a dog’s diet consistent.

Dry food normally comes in kibble form and will give them more nutritional content in a smaller form. Kibble comes in all different shapes and sizes, so it is good to know what your dog likes before you buy

Wet food has higher water content, so it will get them salivating for dinner. Wet food is a good way to keep up your dog's hydration levels.

Combining both wet and dry food keeps their diet balanced and varied.

Flavours are another factor to consider when buying dog food. It is good to note what your dog’s favourites ingredients are or ask your vet what they think your dog is missing in its diet. It’s worth purchasing smaller sample sizes at first to see if your dog preference is, to begin with.

Age is another factor that categorises dog food. Brands typically have recipes for puppies, juniors, adult and senior dogs. It is good to check the labels before you buy to see which category your dog falls under for each brand.

Allergies and sensitivities are other aspects to consider. There is food specially made for certain types of dogs, like hypoallergenic or diabetic dogs or dogs with a grain sensitivity.

How much food should you feed your dog?

All dogs are different, so it’s important to keep track of how much food they require. The food packaging will have a recommendation for portion sizes, so it is good to follow the brand's suggestions. Ask your vet for the best option if you’re unsure.

How long can a dog go without food?

Dogs should be eating twice a day unless your vet has told you otherwise. Puppies normally require three to four smaller meals daily. However, If your dog is refusing to eat and new foods aren’t tempting them, then it’s time to call your vet as it could be an underlying issue. Just like us, dogs love food, so something is usually wrong if they’re not eating their meals.

What human foods can dogs eat?

Dogs can get everything they need from their own food, but some human foods are a yummy and safe treat for them ever so often.

Some examples of human foods that are good for them are chopped carrots, a slice of banana, a couple of blueberries or a piece of chicken without the bone, as bones can be dangerous for them. Also, a slice of watermelon from the fridge is a welcome treat in the summer.

However, certain foods can be incredibly toxic to dogs, such as chocolate, grapes and onions, so keep an eye on your dog when eating these foods at home to make sure they don't manage to sneak any.

How do you introduce a new food into your dog’s diet?

Variety is the spice of life, and sometimes it's nice to change things up for your pet. However, it is good to note that dogs can become ill from drastic diet changes. So if you are trying to introduce new foods to your pet's diet for whatever reason, mix small portions of their food with the old food for a couple of days and let the portions get gradually bigger to let them adjust. This will hopefully help you avoid any nasty surprises from a bad belly.

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