Best dog grooming scissors for every type of coat 2024

Our guide to grooming your dog and the best dog grooming scissors for every situation.

Dog grooming scissors

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Dog grooming may not be your furry friend's favourite activity, but having a pair of specially designed dog grooming scissors in your pooch's grooming products kit will keep their coat healthy and looking its best with regular grooming. Plus, cutting your dog's hair often reduces the amount of dog hair that often covers furniture around your home and your clothes.

You may think that keeping your dog looking trim and tidy would require a trip to a professional groomer but there's no reason why you can't give them a pamper session at home. After a scrub in the bath with a dog shampoo, a rub dry, and a good brush out, you can attempt to neaten up their coat at home with a good quality pair of dog grooming scissors.

Best dog grooming scissors at a glance:

Editor's choice: PURPLEBIRD 7 Inch Straight Dog Grooming Scissors - view on Amazon UK
Top pick for chunker scissors: Dream Reach 7 Inch Chunker Scissors - view on Amazon UK
Best professional curved dog grooming scissors: Dream Reach Professional 7" Dog Grooming Scissors Curved - view on Amazon UK
• Best thinning scissors for thick coats: Mikki Pet Double Thinning Grooming Scissors - view on Amazon UK

Although you may be tempted to just use regular scissors to give your pooch a haircut, it is always recommended that you use a pair of grooming scissors, or dog fur clippers if you've got a thicker coat to get through. Of course, different types of grooming scissors will work for different fur coats. Straight dog grooming scissors are the most versatile while curved scissors provide more flexibility as they follow your dog's contours and individual style. Thicker coats will benefit from thinning and blending scissors while heavy curls will require chunker scissors being used. When it comes to those delicate areas, you'll want to make sure you've got a pair of rounded-tip scissors to hand.

Now that you know what different types of scissors are available, take a look at our ultimate guide to dog grooming scissors to find out more about each kind and our top picks for the best grooming scissors on the market.

Straight dog grooming scissors

These are the most commonly used scissors for trimming dog hair as they offer versatility across breeds and hair types. The scissor sizes will vary from four inches to ten inches. Smaller grooming scissors will work best on small dogs as they will give you more precision. However, if your pet has a heavy, coarse coat, it is best to choose a wider blade. Finally, when working with a finer coat, use a thinner blade.

Editor's choice

Fine quality and durable Japanese stainless steel are used to make these PURPLEBIRD 7 Inch Straight Dog Grooming Scissors. The blades have sharpened and precise cutting edges but the tips are blunt for your safety. With an ergonomic design that is made to relieve pressure from your wrist, these convenient and multifunction pair of scissors are a good pick.

Customer review: "Great scissors I’m just an amateur at grooming my dogs and found these scissors excellent."


  • Different varieties are available
  • Lightweight and smooth blades


  • May not be suitable for thicker coats as the results are better on thinner coats

Best professional straight dog grooming scissors

Dream Reach Professional 7" Dog Grooming Scissors Straight in JP-440C Stainless Steel
Price: $22.99

Looking for something a little more durable and professional? Why not give these Dream Reach Professional 7" Dog Grooming Scissors a go? They have an offset handle design with a slightly bent thumb for a comfortable grip. They also come with a silencer between the handles to make them quieter, which is paw-fect for pooches who are more anxious about being groomed.

Customer review: "Very nice, I'm very happy with these scissors. I have a more expensive pair, and they are just as good, nice and sharp feel good in the hand; I've had many scissors over the last 40 years of a hairdresser, and these are great. I will recommend these, and I will be buying more."


  • Set includes a box and leather to wipe scissors
  • Has a gemstone knob to adjust the tension


  • One reviewer thought the thumb hole could be bigger

Curved dog grooming scissors

Curved grooming scissors provide more flexibility for shaping as the scissors follow the dog's contours and individual style. This type of scissor works great for trimming the head area and for poodle tails.

Best budget curved dog grooming scissors

on sale

Perfect for both left and right-handed users, these AILOVA 6" Stainless Steel Pet Grooming Curved Scissors will allow you to cut through the thickest of furs and the toughest of tangles. Made from high-quality stainless steel, they are adjustable, comfortable and durable, designed for trimming the head, face, ears, eyes, legs and paws of any dog.

Customer review: "Very sharp and gives nice curve on my dog's beard and around her paws. Sharpness means can get the job done before the dog starts to fidget."


  • Screw can be tightened or loosened for sharpening and cleaning the blade
  • Can be adjusted to suit your handle and control needs


  • Not overly sharp

Best professional curved dog grooming scissors

Dream Reach Professional 7" Dog Grooming Scissors Curved in JP-440C Stainless Steel
Price: $19.99

These premium Dream Reach Professional 7" Dog Grooming Scissors Curved are made from the finest Japanese steel for smooth cutting and great performance. They are precisely weighted to give the perfect weight and balance. Not only that, they're silent when cutting and comfortable to hold.

Customer review: "A brilliant addition to my dog grooming kit, I have 3 poodles, and these scissors really make a difference in tidying feet and face."


  • Quiet
  • Comfy to hold


  • A more premium option compared to other scissors on this list

Thinning and blending dog grooming scissors

Just like the thinning scissors you see at the hairdresser's, thinning grooming scissors have teeth on both edges and are useful for thinning out thicker coats. Blending scissors are similar but only have teeth on one edge and a normal, flat-edged scissor on the other side. This grooming creates a smooth transition between the coat lengths and blends them together.

Best thinning scissors for thick coats

On Sale

Mikki Pet Double Thinning Grooming Scissors
Price: $30.85

Got a golden retriever, spaniel, collie or any other medium-to-long coated breed that needs grooming? These Mikki Pet Double Thinning Grooming Scissors are ideal for removing excess thickness and shaping thick and dense coats. The blades have been heat treated for extra strength and durability, which will also give a cleaner cut and allow them to stay sharper for longer.

Customer review: "My groomer recommended that I buy this type of scissor. I’ve been really happy with them. They're really helpful dealing with matters on my Bearded Collie’s coat."


  • Durable
  • Great for extra control and precision


  • Some reviewers felt they could be sharper

Best professional thinning dog grooming scissors

Dream Reach Professional 7" Dog Grooming Scissors Thinning/Blending
Price: $23.99

Another Dream Reach pick, this time we're recommending the Dream Reach Professional 7" Dog Grooming Thinning/Blending Scissors. Just like other scissors from Dream Reach, they're made using a quality Japanese steel, which offers smooth cutting, durability and razor-sharp performance. Plus, they're fitted with a silencer to make the experience as quiet as possible for your nervous hound.

Customer review: "A glorious pair of thinning scissors, especially for the price. I’ll be ordering a second pair as backup."


  • Quiet
  • Precise


  • Some reviewers say they're uncomfortable

Chunker dog grooming scissors

This type of grooming scissors creates a natural appearance for the dog hair but is recommended for thick coats or heavy curls. One thing to note is that these scissors require precision and practice, so maybe more experienced groomers or owners will benefit from these scissors the most.

Top pick

Dream Reach 7 Inch Chunker Scissors
Price: $25.99

With a gold coloured handle, these Dream Reach 7 Inch Chunker Scissors have a more stylish look compared to the other Dream Reach scissors we've featured in our guide. The strong, sharp blades are made of strong stainless steel and they're titanium coated so they'll last for a long time without rusting. These scissors are very easy to use and work great for detailing, trimming and thinning without pulling or catching fur.

Customer Review: "So far, I love these scissors. They're sharp and comfortable with a nice weight. My dog needs a trim every 1-2 months, and this is perfect for blending any errors I make and quickly tidying up his face. I would definitely recommend."


  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to use


  • Finger holes are a little small

Round-tipped dog grooming scissors

These scissors have blunt-nosed ends which allow you to cut your dog’s hair safely with a reduced risk of injury if they get too fidgety. This is best to use on the delicate parts of the dog, especially around the face and ears.

Best value round dog scissors

Trixie Face and Paw Scissor for Dogs
Price: $6.99

Not only are the Trixie Face and Paw Scissors ideal for dogs, but they can be used on cats and other small animals, too. These stainless steel scissors have rounded tips to ensure safety for both you and your pooch and the plastic handle has non-slip rubber grips for your comfort. Great to use for face and paw care.

Customer review: "This is a must-have for those squirmy little puppies. My dog is quite good with getting the hair around his eyes and paws cut, but I do stress when using scissors in case I catch his skin. These have a lovely round tip that makes it so much easier to cut around the eyes. They are very small scissors which means you have more control should your pup decide to wiggle. These are my go-to scissors."


  • Comfortable design
  • Made from stainless steel


  • A little noisy

Best versatile round dog scissors

Pet Magasin Japanese Stainless Steel Grooming Scissors
Price: $17.99

You get two of the Pet Magasin Japanese Stainless Steel Grooming Scissors in one pack with this buy. There's a longer pair with smooth blades for trimming body fur and a smaller pair with micro-serrated blades that are great for cutting near your pet's face and paws. The cushioned handles and finger rest ensure maximum comfort during long grooming sessions.

Customer review: " I highly recommend these as they actually do what they are meant to and at a good price.


  • Pre-sharpened to a fine cutting edge
  • Rounded tips for safety


  • One reviewer has mentioned they are awkward to hold

Best budget round dog scissors for around the ears

Another top pick for the ears and face, these Rosewood Soft Protection Salon Grooming Ear/ Face Scissors are suitable for all coat types and regular grooming. They feature an ergonomic grip to save you from having achy hands and fingers after trimming your dog's coat and will help tidy up your pet's appearance in no time at all.

Customer review: "This works a treat on smooth coats and wiry hair dogs. It was so much smoother and easier than usual that sometimes they don't even notice I'm trimming their hair. I would definitely recommend."


  • Easy to hold
  • Silent


  • One reviewer felt they needed to be tightened quite regularly

Dog grooming sets

If you are looking to get more scissors to adapt to your dog's coat, then investing in a dog grooming scissors kit would be a great idea. Here are some great choices that offer lower prices than buying each pair of scissors separately.

Best professional at-home grooming set

Dream Reach Professional 7.0 Inches Dog Grooming Scissors Kit
Price: $39.99

The Dream Reach Professional 7.0 Inches Dog Grooming Scissors Kit is a sleek little set that includes four lightweight scissors of different kinds that can be used whether you're right or left-handed and in two different directions. There's a chunker shear, a thinning shear, a curved shear and a straight shear included, with each pair designed to not rust so they're good to use for years to come.

Customer review: "These scissors are fantastic for my cockapoo. Do a good job and really sharp."


  • Razor sharp
  • Good length


  • Kit not as full compared to others on our list

Best rainbow coloured grooming set

This Powcan Pet Grooming Scissors Set includes straight scissors, tooth shears scissors, an up-curved scissor, a down-curved scissor, a straight comb, a scissor bag and a wiping cloth. The scissors are finished in a pretty rainbow colour and are made of stainless steel that ensures they are sharp, durable and strong.

Customer review: "I am not a professional groomer, I bought these to clean and tidy up my poodle/Maltese cross in between grooms as covid has extended time between appointments. She has very fine hair but ALOT of it and they work great, the scissors are sharp and accurate the comb is excellent too. They are effective to trim around the delicate and difficult areas. Unsure how they would last if being used everyday all day, but perfect for what I need."


  • Nice to hold
  • Sharpness lasts a while


  • Finger and thumb holes could be bigger

Best stainless steel grooming kit

This iSeaFly Dog Grooming Kit with Round Tip contains different-sized scissors and shears, a pet comb, and a cleaning cloth. All you need to trim any part of your pet such as the body, face, nose, ear, tail, paws and more. All the grooming scissors have rounded tips which all you to trim your pets safely in more delicate areas, such as around the eyes and ears, without worrying about hurting your pooch.

Customer review: "Bought these to trim my golden doodle puppy in between full groom. Still learning but they cut the hair well."


  • Safe to use
  • Durable


  • Scissors are for right handed people only


What to consider when buying dog grooming scissors:

When purchasing your dog grooming scissors, you can look out for some of these features that elevate the standard of the scissors and your experience using them:

Scissor size - Smaller scissor sizes work best for detailed trims around the paws, ear, or eye area. A larger scissor is suitable for a full coat trim.

Stainless steel blades - If you want something long-lasting, look for stainless steel blades that are tough, lightweight and great for all hair types. If you're looking for the best quality, scissors made from 440C Japanese Stainless Steel are the best. You can find some options for these below.

Rubberised handles and different types - There are two types - symmetrical or offset handles. We would recommend offset handles as they allow for a more natural thumb position and less stress on your hand. A rubberised handle is also best for comfort, especially if the grooming will take a long time.

Tension adjusters - Tension adjusters allow you to alter the tension screw between the two blades so the hair cuts correctly without too much force. This will stop any unnecessary strain on your hand.

How often should I groom my dog?

You can keep your dog's coat in tip-top condition by giving them a good scrub with shampoo and regular brushing and cutting. According to the PDSA, how often you groom your dog can depend on your pet's coat type and length. It is also dependent on recent activities that can lead to tangling or matting.

This is a general guide to follow:

Long-haired breeds: For dogs with coats are prone to matting, it is best to trim their coat or strip the undercoat around 4 to 6 times a year.

Medium-haired breeds: Trim coat or strip undercoat a couple of times a year.

Short-haired breeds: These dogs don't need frequent haircuts, though certain breeds may still need their undercoat to be stripped away.

You should also make sure you keep your pooch's nails in shape with frequent trimming. This should be done every month or two, depending on your dog, and can either be done with a pair of dog nail clippers by yourself at home, or done by a grooming professional.

If you have any queries, ask your local veterinary centre for advice.

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