The best cordless vacuums for pet hair

Keep your floors as clean as can be with the best powerful vacuums to tackle pet hair based on real reviews.

The best cordless vacuums for pet hair

by Angelica Daujotas |

Whether it's shedding season or not, our pets can moult a lot and it for sure gets everywhere (sofa crevices and all).

It's bad enough our own hair makes vacuuming a chore, pet fur can really stick to carpet and fabric fibres making it a tedious task to clean. Pet hair specific vacuums to the rescue, as they're built to shift stubborn hairs from hard to reach places and reduce tangling on the brush, a must for any pet owner.

Managing hair shedding can be a long and daunting task, especially if your pet has a longer coat, so investing in a vacuum for pet hair is the best thing you could do to make your life easier. Even better, going for a cordless vacuum cleaner will help you get to all the hard to reach places your pet visits, like the crevices of your furniture.

Top tips for cleaning up pet hair

• Use lint rollers or tape for collecting loose pet hairs on clothes and fabrics.

• Use dryer sheets or rubber gloves on furniture to create a static cling that’ll remove those stubborn hairs.

• Use a dampened shower squeegee on your carpet to scrape off those hidden pet hairs.

• Cover your sofa in a pet blanket that can go in the washing machine to help protect it from hair and pet smells.

The best cordless vacuum cleaners for pet hair

To help you tackle your pet's hair we've highlighted a few of the best pet hair vacuums, ready to help you take on the dreaded task of vacuuming.

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Spec highlights:

• Brushless motor to maximise power and efficiency

• Easily removable bin

• No loss of suction, even when the dirt bin is full

• Lightweight, compact design

• Mini motorised pet tool to agitate and lift stubborn dirt and pet hair from upholstery, carpet and pet beds

• Antimicrobial protection on the brush bars to prevent bacterial and funghi growth

• Dustvault filtration to capture 99 per cent of particles

• Removable ONEPWR rechargeable battery

• Converts to handheld

Review: Extremely happy with the new Vax! I bought this for my 75 years old mother who was finding her Dyson ball too cumbersome to lift up the stairs, plus on her new thick carpet the suction was so powerful it wouldn't actually move much…The mini pet attachment is just the right size for the stairs too. It's super lightweight, it goes really flat, which is great to get under tables etc, so more versatile than our Dyson.”

“It charges fast and easy. Because it's not really a chore now, she vacuums more, which means less build-up of stuff to clean up, so better all around. Very happy to recommend.”

Spec highlights:

• High power cleaning performance on all floors

• Accessory kit with upholstery and crevice nozzles included

• Sensor based control to ensure consistent performance

• Lightweight and flexible

• Pro-animal brush ideal for cleaning up pet hair

• Three performance levels for normal to more stubborn cleaning jobs

• Easily removable bin and nozzle brush roll

• 60 minute run time with short battery charging time

Review: “Very impressed, I was worried about low power due to being cordless, but this simply isn’t the case. Makes my old Miele look like a toy. It is effective and easy to empty and clean, particular pros are the easy to remove and clean brush, bagless design, excellent battery life and lightweight manoeuvrability.

“Some have said it is difficult to change heads, it isn’t as bad as reported and takes less than ten seconds to switch heads and the lightweight and cordless nature more than make up for this. Also, weirdly good looking and fun piece of kit - you find yourself wanting to use it, this from a person who never liked vacuuming.”

Spec highlights:

• Shark's Anti-Allergen Complete Seal and HEPA filter captures and traps small particles and pet dander.

• Washable filter to maintain suction.

• Include crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle, turbo brush, combination floor nozzle and pet tools.

• Suitable for all flooring.

• Lightweight, flexible and compact with flexible wand to bend under furniture.

• Anti-hair wrap technology to keep your bristle brush-roll tangle-free, great for long or short pet hair.

• Easily removable bin.

• Removable, rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery.

• Converts to handheld.

Review: “This is the first time I've bought anything by Shark and I'm so pleased with it. I really like the light which illuminates the floor, it’s very agile, my hair doesn't clog the foot and it's very easy to store. I thought it would be lighter, but it's not that heavy. Overall, it's a really good vacuum.”

Spec highlights:

• Advanced whole-machine filtration to capture small particles, allergens and pet dander

• Washable filter to maintain suction

• Include crevice tool, combination tool and mini motorised tool for tackling animal hair and dirt in tight spaces

• Powerful with 107,000 revolutions per minute

• Suitable for all flooring

• Easy and hygienic no-touch bin emptying

• Lightweight and compact

• Two power modes - switch between MAX mode for high power cleaning

• Removable, rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery

• Converts to handheld

Review: “It’s so light and very efficient. It’s easy to empty and also easy to change tools - I love it.”

Spec highlights:

• Handheld vacuum with quick-charging base and second battery

• Powerful suction

• Pet multi tool for tackling pet hair and crevice tool for hard to reach spots

• Super lightweight and compact

• HEPA filter captures and traps small particles and pet dander

• Suitable for all surfaces as well as carpet and hard floor

• Easily removable bin

Review: “Very powerful suction, it could even replace a bigger vacuum to be honest! The dual battery is very handy as well.”

Spec highlights:

• EPA emission filter to trap particles and dust

• Slim and lightweight design

• 3 power settings to exceptional pick up

• Washable filter

• Includes delicate brush, long crevice tool and small brush

• Motorised bed nozzle efficiently picks up pet fur

• Pause and go with self-standing design

• Easily removable bin

• Suitable for carpet and hard floors

• Removable, rechargeable lithium turbo batteries

Review: “Lightest, smallest and quietest vacuum I have ever had. I am now 70 and this is going to help so much - I may even enjoy vacuuming from now on!”

Spec highlights:

• Agile, compact and lightweight design for gliding under and around furniture

• Motorised pets turbo brush for lifting stubborn pet hair

• On/off rotating brush bar for multiple floor types

• Includes crevice tool, dusting brush and upholstery tool

• Turbo suction

• Easily removable bin

• Removable, rechargeable battery

• Converts to handheld

Review: “This vacuum is fantastic! I can use it daily to get all the little hairs and dust from my carpet and bathroom. Battery life and suction are pretty top-notch for a handheld. The manoeuvrability is excellent and all the little attachments are great!”

Spec highlights:

• 78 min run time

• Washable filter

• 3 speeds for everyday vacuuming and tougher cleans

• Anti-tangle beater bars for easy cleaning and swift hair removal

• Includes crevice tool

• Suitable for all floors

• Compact and lightweight

• Twist and clean filter to easily remove dirt

• Wide mouth for large debris and small particles

• Removable, rechargeable Lithium-ion battery

• Converts to handheld

Review: “Powerful with various settings, long battery life and comes with all the standard attachments you really need. Easy to assemble and dismantle for adaptation, emptying and cleaning, etc.”

Spec highlights:

• 60-120 min run time

• HEPA filter to trap particles, dust and allergens

• Lightweight, compact and flexible design with reach for difficult spots

• Electro compact brush for lifting pet hair from carpets and furniture

• Includes upholstery brush, crevice nozzle and dusting brush

• Vortex technology for extreme suction on all floor types

• Extra wide floorhead for picking up more dirt

• Removable, rechargeable, interchangeable Lithium-ion batteries

• Automatic speed adjustment for floor types

• Easily removable bin

• Converts to handheld

Review: “I have bought this because we have a very fluffy cat that leaves hair everywhere. It is perfect for the task; really helps you keep the pet hair under control and generally keep the house cleaner with less effort. It gets more hair out of the carpet than the normal Miele vacuums.”

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