How to get rid of fleas for good with the best flea treatment for cats

So that both you and your kitty can be flea-free and happy.

Take a Break - cat flea treatments

by Caitlin Casey |

When it comes to being a cat parent, one of the most annoying things to come across is when our cats start to itch and gnaw at their ski. Most of us will know it's time to take a dive into our kitty's coat to check if they have fleas and choosing which flea treatment for cats is right can be tricky.

If you've never dealt with fleas before, these are little insects that take home on a pet's coat and lay eggs. They can be irritating and itchy for your pet and then, before you know it, you've got a flea infestation that may move towards your furniture as well. Even though fleas can be an annoying problem to deal with, they are easily treated with flea repellents.

To make your life easy, we've hunted down the best flea treatments for cats - from spot-on treatments to combs and collars, you can choose an option that fits best for you and your kitty. Not sure where to begin? We've got a quick guide for you below.

What is the best flea treatment for cats?

Spot on: Probably the most common and popular cat flea treatment, spot-on flea repellents work by putting a few drops of treatment onto the back of your cat's neck. The treatment kills off any unwanted lice and fleas by working its way into your cat's coat.

Flea combs: Get your hands stuck in to get these fleas out with a classic flea comb. Just run the comb through your cat's coat to pick up any fleas as well as their eggs to stop them from coming back.

Collars: One of the more simple solutions, cat flea collars are a constant repellent and work well if you want to remove the problem before it starts. Just buy a flea collar, pop it on your cat and let it do the work.

Sprays and fumigators: If you find that fleas are living in your home, on furniture and in carpets, you may want to invest in a spray or fumigator treatment. These work by killing fleas around the house and stopping any more fleas from popping up.

Tablets and medication: All you need to do is pop a tablet into your cat's food to help get rid of fleas. Within a few days, you should start to see a difference in the treatment and your cat's coat being clean.

Now you know which flea treatments for cats really work, it's time to take a look at the best cat flea treatments on the market. We've rounded up the best top-rated options that actually get rid of those pesky fleas.

The best flea treatment for cats

FRONTLINE Spot On Flea & Tick Treatment for Cats - 3 Pipettes

Best spot-on flea treatment for cats
Frontline Spot-on Treatment

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If you're familiar with the process of getting rid of fleas then you've probably used a spot-on treatment at some point. This Frontline spot-on flea treatment for cats is top-rated and is proven to do the job with over 35,000 reviews on Amazon. You can order these easily in three, six or twelve pipettes and they only need to be used once a month to keep fleas at bay.
Type: Spot-on flea treatment
Pros: Easy-to-use, a popular choice
Cons: Have to keep up every month
Review: "Frontline is a very good brand and I find their treatments effective, it was recommended by my vet but I found that buying it on Amazon was cheaper. This product contains three pipettes which will last for long as I use it every couple of months. There is also a Frontline Plus in their range but I have not tried that, I found that this version of Frontline is effective enough for my much beloved small cat."

Itch Flea Spot-On Treatment for Cats & Dogs

Best flea treatment subscription for cats
itch flea treatment

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If you're forgetful and want to make sure your kitty is getting the most of their flea treatment, you can even get flea treatment subscription services. Itch is known for being one of the top brands that will send a spot-on treatment to your house every month to continue keeping fleas away. Not only killing fleas, but this treatment also kills lice, flea larvae and eggs so you can get rid of everything.
Type: Spot-on flea treatment
Pros: Subscription service, kills more than just fleas
Cons: Little bit more expensive than other brands
Review: "I've been using this flea treatment for 20 months now. Since then I've kept the monthly treatment up and now there are no more fleas. A brilliant product, it's easy to use and once it's set up it just turns up. You don't even have to remember."

Beaphar Cat Flea Collar Velvet Black, Red or Blue

Best flea collar for cats
Beaphar Cat Flea Collar

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Flea collars are an easy and efficient way to ensure that those fleas keep well away from your kitty. Some can be chunky and plastic but this Beaphar cat flea collar looks like any regular collar so makes a perfect fit for your pet. It releases flea repelling insecticides that naturally kill off any fleas.
Type: Flea collar
Pros: Super easy to use, looks like a normal collar
Cons: May be uncomfortable for your cat
Review: "A must-have! My cat is an avid mouser and as such is always catching fleas. Unfortunately, there came a time when I was having a real trouble dealing with them. As soon as I managed to clear one batch, another would turn up! I tried this collar in desperation and It worked! Neither of us has been bothered by fleas since."

Johnsons 4Fleas Tablets for Cats and Kittens, 6 Treatment Pack

Best cat flea tablets
Johnsons 4Fleas Tablets for Cats and Kittens, 6 Treatment Pack

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Sometimes cats can be irritated by collars and spot-on treatments so another option is to invest in some tablets that you can crush into your cat's food. You should see the fleas start to fall off your cat in no time.
Type: Oral tablets
Pros: Works within 15 minutes, fleas will die immediately
Cons: Have to comb through your cat to get rid of all the fleas
Review: "Works within 15/20 mins. Always find it hard to administer tablets to cats, however, these crushed up between spoons and mixed up with both wet or dry food works. They aren't put off at all so eat it all. So pleasing to see them get such fast relief however you need to then get on top of the problem, treat your home and keep hoovering!"

Cooper & Gracie Cat Shampoo & Conditioner

Best cat flea shampoo
Cooper & Gracie Cat Shampoo & Conditioner

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Cats aren't the biggest fans of bathing and so this may be a better option as a last resort or if your kitty is a calmer cat. All you need to do is wash your cat with this Cooper & Gracie shampoo and you should see an improvement with any flea irritation. The shampoo is made with all-natural ingredients for any sensitive skin.
Type: Flea shampoo
Pros: Easy to use, good for sensitive skin
Cons: May not work if your cat doesn't like baths
Review: "One of my cats is allergic to fleas and gets cabby itchy sores skin. I can’t give her another dose of flea drops yet so I thought I’d try this shampoo. After bathing her the scabs have practically all gone and her fur feels lovely. I’m impressed."

Bob Martin Clear Spot On Flea Treatment for Cats

Best top-rated flea treatment for cats
Bob Martin Clear Spot On Flea Treatment for Cats

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Another spot-on contender is these Bob Martin clear treatment pipettes. This is top-rated on Amazon and even comes up as an Amazon choice with over 2,000 positive reviews. This treatment kills fleas and ticks within 48 hours, making for a quick and speedy treatment.
Type: Spot-on treatment
Pros: Good reviews, kills fleas within 48 hours
Cons: Have to upkeep
Review: "We've used this on our cat for about 2 years and he's not had issues with fleas since we started. Really easy to apply, no adverse reactions demonstrated by him and very reasonably priced."

Masterclip Flea Removal Grooming Comb for Cats

Best flea remover comb for cats
Masterclip Flea Removal Grooming Comb for Cats

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When you're using flea treatments, you may want to get stuck in with a flea remover comb to really pull those fleas out at the source. This will work best after using a spot-on treatment or flea tablet because you'll want to get all of the dead insects out of your cat's coat.
Type: Flea remover comb
Pros: Easy-to-use, comfortable for the cat
Cons: May not get rid of fleas completely
Review: "I bought this for daily combing of our cat, who is currently host to fleas despite being injected against the pesky hoppers and also using spot-on! The comb works well, is comfortable to use, the cat doesn't mind, and it pulls out fleas and eggs. I use a bowl of hot water with a drop of washing up liquid to dispose of the debris. It keeps the flea numbers down and Paws the cat enjoys the pampering!"

Johnson's Vet Cat Flea Pump Spray

Best cat flea repellent spray
 Johnson's Vet Cat Flea Pump Spray, 100 ml, Clear

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Flea repellent sprays work well by applying directly to your cat's coat. This will work especially well if you use it alongside another treatment, as it is good to clear up any tricker places that you can't first get to.
Type: Flea spray
Pros: Easy-to-use, kills fleas instantly
Cons: You'll have to clean up any dead fleas
Review: "This stuff is brilliant, although it doesn't last as other flea treatments do, this kills the fleas instantly, which gives you enough time to fumigate the house. I use this all the time on my cats, it's brill. With using this alongside a spot-on treatment too, gives me the added guarantee. If you see a flea, just spray and within seconds it's dead!"

Beaphar Flea Fumigator

Best cat flea fumigator treatment
Beaphar Flea Fumigator

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You may be in the position where you need to clear your home from fleas as well as your cat. If you're struggling to rid of fleas from your furniture, carpets and curtains then a flea fumigator may come in handy. It lets out a white smoke that penetrates the room and kills off any flea larvae, eggs or ticks. After two hours you should find that the fumigation will have gotten rid of the insects.
Type: Flea fumigator
Pros: Will kill fleas within two hours, gets into furniture too
Cons: You'll have to air out your house
Review: "Bought these for my house and they worked amazing. Easy to use and do - set them up and then washed all bedding and soft furnishings on a 60-degree wash. I have not found another one on my pet since."

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