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Getting our cats to settle down into the family can be one of the most rewarding things as a cat parent. Sometimes, though, when we're adding these furry friends into our households, pesky insects can come along with them too. Every pet owner will know they need a flea collar to banish irritating fleas.

Not only annoying for cat owners, but fleas can also be seriously irritating for your cats too. Including bites, hair loss and sensitivity, flea problems don't just stop at scratching. We want to make sure our pets have the most comfortable life they can, so that's where flea collars can come in handy. Working as long as up to twelve months, flea collars for cats can be a solution that makes your life easy and your kitty's life stress-free.

So, luckily for you cat owners out there, we've found the most popular and best flea collars for cats on the market right now. From budget options to glow-in-the-dark and reflective collars, all of these have properties to deter and keep fleas away for good.

What do flea collars do?

If you've heard of fleas you've probably been introduced to a variety of flea treatments to help solve this problem. Whereas shampoos, sprays, tablets and spot-on treatments can be difficult to keep on top of, collars are simple enough and can work for months at a time.

Most flea collars slowly release a flea-killing substance into your cat's coat and thus is always working to deter and repel these insects. This active ingredient will be non-toxic to your cat but maybe irritating if your cat is not used to it.

Usually made out of fabric or plastic, you can get lots of different types of flea collars for your kitty. Whether fashion is more important to you, or you just want to keep costs low, there is a good variety out there. You can even get flea collars made out of glow-in-the-dark materials, made with those more adventurous cats in mind.

If you start to see concerning signs when you first start using a flea collar, you should check in with your vet to ensure your cat isn't allergic or sensitive to the ingredients in a flea collar.

The best flea collars for cats 2022

Bestselling on Amazon, you can get your hands on this Beaphar Cat Flea Collar that is sure to keep those pesky insects away from you and your cat. Reviewers love that they're effective and at an affordable price. An easy option when you want to deter and keep fleas at bay. Made from comfortable velvet fabric, your cat won't be scratching to get this away as it feels like any other collar.

Age: Cats and kittens from 12 weeks

Material: Velvet

Review: "A must-have! I tried this collar in desperation. It worked! Minor irritation for my cat, he stopped scratching at the collar in a few hours. Neither of us has been bothered by fleas since. I now have a subscribe and save order so I don't have to remember when to buy another collar."

These KATIC flea collars have one year of protection from fleas and ticks, meaning your cat can get comfortable and flea-free for a whole 365 days. The repellents are slowly released over months so that your cat can enjoy adventures without picking up any fleas. Even better, they're fully waterproof so won't break, even in rain.

Age: Cats and kittens from 10 weeks

Material: Plastic

Review: "This is a great product, my cat happy, no more fleas, me also happy as a result. Bank account happy - my husband happy! However, the neighbours cat not happy, now that our cat (free of fleas), can go back outside and has reclaimed our garden. Suck it, Snow!"

If your cat is an adventurer, it may be worth investing in a reflective collar so they'll be seen at nighttime. Luckily, Beaphar offers a handy collar that is made out of both reflective materials as well as being an effective flea collar. You can grab these in a three-pack so you'll never run out of flea repellent.

Age: Cats and kittens over 12 weeks

Material: Fabric with reflective yellow finish

**Review: "**The perfect collar. I feel reassured my cats can be seen on the road at night and that fleas are being kept at bay. Great price too. Always have spares in the cupboard for the inevitable day one of them comes home naked."

If you're looking for a well-reviewed flea collar for cats, it's likely you've heard of Seresto. These collars are everywhere and known as one of the most credible flea collars. With up to eight months of protection, these slow-release plastic collars are easy to apply and will last until you need to replace them.

Age: All adult cats

Material: Plastic

Review: "Bought the Seresto collar for my two cats, and they have had no issues over the last several months. One of my cats suffers from an allergy to flea bites, and on occasion has had scabs over her body. However, since using the Seresto collar, she has wonderfully smooth skin again, so I will again buy both of my kitties the collar."

If you want to keep your kitties happy and free from fleas but also want them to have a nice-looking collar too, then invest in this Bob Martin fashion flea collar for cats. Available in Aztec print, reflective options as well as a velvet choice, you won't have to worry about them wearing a plastic collar with this option.

Age: Cats and kittens over 12 weeks

Material: Fabric or velvet

Review: "Its the first time I've put a flea collar on my cat. He seemed very comfortable with it on and didn't annoy him at all. It was a nice colour and the bell wasn't loud."

Another great option for night-loving kitty cats, you can even get glow-in-the-dark flea collars. These will really keep your cats safe and away from danger as they will automatically come on when the sun goes down. Adjustable so easy to fit on all sized kittens and cats.

Age: All kittens and cats

Material: Plastic

Review: "My cat has a severe allergy to fleas and this collar has literally changed her little life! The collar doesn’t bother her at all, it’s quite long but very easily cut to the desired length. Thoroughly recommend. Incidentally, she has been wearing the collar for two months now so don’t give up after a week or so, give the collar a chance to work!"

Sometimes, you don't need anything too fancy to keep your pet happy and safe. This Wilko option is perfect for anyone looking for a budget choice, with reflective material and cat deterring properties, it will keep those fleas and ticks away.

Age: Cats and kittens from 12 weeks

Material: Plastic

Review: "The reflective side should alert drivers of your furry friend's presence and the soft underside, impregnated with anti-flea chemicals, should be both comfortable to wear and keep the nasty little critters at bay. Excellent if your cat likes to explore the great outdoors."

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