Best belt for running with your dog on a daily basis

These picks will keep your curious pooch by your side at all times.

Best belt for running with dog

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Our furry friends keep our hands full, which is why a belt for running with a dog is a great breather for walks, runs and hikes. As an ordinary dog lead doesn’t suit us all, causing tangles and even injuries, a running belt can remedy a lot of issues. When your dog pulls on their lead, a dog belt tied around your waist can “distribute the dog’s pulling force over a larger area and be gentle on your back,” says Non-Stop Dogwear. So, consider a hands-off approach.

A hands-free running belt gives you a little freedom to exercise at your own pace alongside your dog. Effortless, they are a fantastic alternative for a running dog lead. Be it a small or large dog, your pooch will happily skip beside you, without the worry of a lead slipping out of your hands. With a dog running belt, you can adjust fit and leash length for that flexibility we all need. We’ve included some running belts below with reflective materials too to ensure you’re seen in the dark.

Belt for running with dog at a glance

Best belt for running with dog: PetKit Dog Free Running Belt – View at John Lewis
Budget belt for running with dog: Jackson PetCo Running Belt With Dog Lead – View at Mountain Warehouse
Best for functionality: Pecute Hands-Free Dog Running Lead – View on Amazon UK

Keeping your furry friend nearby is going to take more than recall. Finding a lead for a dog that pulls is a tricky task, especially. Buying the correct equipment can’t stop your pooch pulling – but a running belt can help lessen the strain and shock from unexpected pulls. A dog walking belt keeps your pooch safe from things such as a busy road at arm's length. Even though they’re itching to explore and eager to sniff everything in sight, their safety is our number one priority.

Running, jogging and even hiking with your dog can give way to new risks for both of you. If you’re not able to access a green area and are stuck with an urban route, a retractable dog lead (or any variation) keeps your dog secure and safe. As for a hands-free dog walking belt, they have to be adjustable for your needs, tailored to your chosen activity and supportive for your back. We’ve found the best belt for running with dogs – and answered your barking questions on them, too.

Best belt for running with a dog

Best belt for running with dog

Our top pick is the PetKit Dog Free Running Belt, available from John Lewis. It's an option for effortless dog walking, running or hiking. It features a zip pocket for your essentials and is reflective, too. With a control handle for crossing roads in busy areas, this option is safe for your pooch.

Customer review: "Bought as present for daughter. She's very pleased. Says it's a bit heavy but feels safe, comfortable and it works."


  • Hands-free for effortless use
  • With a zip pocket for storing belongings
  • Fully reflective for low-light treks


  • Unsure of back support

Best belt for running with dog for visibility

3 Peaks Running Dog Lead Grey and Neon
Price: £9 (was £18)

For keeping you and your pooch safe during low-light and night-time strolls, this 3 Peaks Running Dog Lead in Grey and Neon has been developed to provide functionality and durability. No longer will you be lonely on runs - with a shock absorber, barrel locking clip and accessories pouch, it's magic.

Customer review: "I brought this lead for hands-free walking, my dog pulls, when she is going somewhere she likes and she hurts my hands, so having this hands-free lead has been less strain on my hands, pockets handy for keys and poo bags."


  • Complete with a reflective trim for added safety
  • Multi-use design for your shoulder or waist
  • Shock absorber to reduce the effect of pulling


  • Only suitable to clean with a spot cleaner

Best belt for running with large dogs

This highly quality Barkswell Hands-Free Dog Lead with Belt is thanks to Amazon. Whilst walking, jogging or running with your pooch, this set comes with a bungee lead and adjustable waist belt for hands-free activity. With two integrated pouches for phones, keys, poo bags and more, this shock-absorbing belt and leash set is ideal for a larger and stronger breed, an excitable dog that pulls.

Customer review: "Linda could not have been more helpful when I purchased this and her customer service was second to none. I was unsure which product to buy to meet all my needs but with her great advice, I've ended up with a hands-free dog belt with bungee lead that has been a revelation. The belt itself is strong, adjustable, doesn't become loose and is comfortable to wear.

"I'm a size 10 and it fits perfectly. It has two d rings, one on either side, so is perfect if you have two dogs and it also slides around your waist without catching if your dog changes direction. I use it in conjunction with a 10 m long line to give my wayward terrier a bit more freedom in the fields without her disappearing after something and I don't need to hold the lead all the time.

"The bungee takes the sting out of the jolt if she does spot something and takes off at speed. The bungee also has two sturdy clips (one at each end) so that makes it much easier to unclip and reclip to climb stiles or get through gates. There is also a reflective stitch running through it to make you more visible to road users in dull/dark conditions.

"I haven't used the bag that comes with the belt yet as I've had a coat on with pockets since buying it, but it does fit my phone and will no doubt be useful in summer conditions when (hopefully!) the coat won't be needed. I'm using it twice a day every day and can honestly say it has made my previously stressful dog walks thoroughly enjoyable again. I wouldn't be without it now. Highly recommended."


  • Strong, shock-absorbing dog bungee
  • Adjustable and thick belt with pouch
  • With reflective stitching for visibility


  • May not suit smaller breeds

Best budget belt for running with dog

Running Belt With Dog Lead
Price: £3.99 (was £19.99)

We love the Jackson PetCo Running Belt With Dog Lead. A budget-friendly choice, it's made from durable material, complete with reflective details to make sure you're visible when light is low, or you fancy a night-time run. Fasten it around your waist and to your dog's collar for a reliable set.


  • Composed of durable polyester fabric
  • Lightweight and compact for running
  • With reflective material for visibility


  • No customer reviews yet

Best belt for running with two dogs

SparklyPets Hands-Free Double Dog Lead Splitter

Rrp: $39.95

Price: $33.96

Hands-on or hands-free, this SparklyPets Hands-Free Double Dog Lead Splitter is a dream for dog owners. Designed for tricky pullers - medium and large - it's made with a flexible, strong and shock-absorbing bungee to make sure your waist or back isn't injured. With the splitter offering 360 rotation, there is no worry about twisted leads. Plus, the handles are comfy and padded for ease.

Customer review: "I can’t use conventional or extending leads due to arthritis in my hands. My previous waist lead snapped at the clip even though it seemed large and secure. This one is such high quality, I was impressed by the premium label, a bit expensive compared with others but well worth the extra expense. It’s a little stiff and tricky at first to adjust the waist but once done it’s perfect. The zipped waist bag doesn’t hold much but the padding adds to the comfort. I would highly recommend and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again."


  • No tangle, more fun on walks, running, or jogging
  • Comfortable padded handles for more control
  • Strong, flexible bungees that prevent back injuries


  • A little stiff and tricky at first to adjust the waist

Best supportive belt for running with dog

Ideal for cani-cross, jogging, and walking, this Trixie Waist Belt with Leash for Medium/Large Dogs offers superior comfort and control. With a special leash system that evenly distributes your dog's pull, a shock absorber for sudden tugs, and reflective parts for safety. It's perfect for medium to large dogs. Woof.

Customer review: "This is just perfect for what I needed. I have four border collie dogs which I can attach and it helps me to have an arms-free walk as I have pulled my shoulder. It also means I have additional support provided by the extra padding which I need for my lower back."


  • Comfortable to wear with wide neoprene padding and elastic belly strap
  • Adjustable leash with hand loop, also suitable for leading the dog normally
  • With reflective parts and shock absorber to tackle sudden pulls for safety


  • Only for one dog

Best belt for running for functionality

Pecute Hands-Free Dog Running Lead
Price: $22.99

We love the Pecute Hands-Free Dog Running Lead, which offers added comfort during hiking and running. With a spongey waist bag, it holds essentials like smartphones and water bottles. Plus, the adjustable belt fits various body types. Winner. Features include dual handles for control, shock-absorbing spring rope, and reflective lines for night safety, making this set one of our favourite choices.

Customer review: "Bought mainly for hiking with the dog so we can climb around safely, her on the lead and me with my hands-free. The bungee helps to stop any sudden jolting. Having multiple rings on the lead is a great idea if you need a little closer control on narrower paths. It's also completely detachable if you're in a situation where you want better control over all. Pockets are all a good size to store whatever you need securely. I would recommend that the dog is lead trained and not reactive/a strong puller. Trying to get control of the dog while on a bungee is not easy."


  • Lightweight and extended crotch protection
  • With a night reflective strip and water bottle bag
  • Made from durable fabric with a waterproof coating


  • Some customers were unsure on the effectiveness of design

Verdict: Which is the best?

Our top pick is the PetKit Dog Free Running Belt, available from John Lewis. It's an option for effortless dog walking, running or hiking. It features a zip pocket for your essentials and is reflective, too.

Dog running belt buyer's guide

Finding the best belt for running with a dog will depend on your needs as a pet owner – and the activity you choose. Below, we have written a small guide on what you should look for:

Walking – or hiking dog belts should be equipped with everything your pooch needs. Much of our picks act like a dog walking bag, with handy pouches and compartments for the essentials. Look for padded and comfy belts with carabiners for attaching a foldable water bowl. Not only that, but your pick should also be a little robust, equipped to withstand your dog’s pulling force.

Running – waist belts need to be sturdy but light enough - so you can get up to the speed you desire. Not only do they have to be breathable when running, but they should also help take the strain off your back. Look for options with adjustable fit – and play around. Pack your running belt light with the essentials for your pooch - so you can achieve your fitness goal.


Is it good for dogs to run with you?

Yes, running with your dog is a fantastic idea. They can make a great partner on a run, and this shared activity can create a special bond between you. However, making a running partner out of your pooch is provided you train your excitable dog correctly.

We’d recommend getting a dog training lead if you need reassurance.

Remember to consider your abilities and start slowly. Dog food brand Purina also recommends you check that your dog doesn’t “have any pre-existing health problems which running might exacerbate.” Thanks to Purina’s guide to running with your dog, we have some tips on how to tailor the exercise to both of you:

Start with a short, 10-minute run somewhere familiar to you both.

Increase the distance of your runs gradually over several weeks.

Your dog may pant during a run – but shouldn’t be winded.

Don’t stretch yourself, either, so you’re able to give commands.

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How to wear a body belt for dogs

They should sit low, says Non-Stop Dogwear – as a high placement can risk back pain and injury. A lower placement of a hands-free dog lead distributes “the force over your hips and bum.” Plus, the usage of a leg strap to your hands-free belt will keep your new piece of kit in place.

What breeds are good for running with?

It’s true – some dogs will make better running partners than others. So, if you’ve made a health-conscious commitment this year to take up running and want to be chaperoned by your canine, see below. Doggie brand Pit Pat has identified certain traits in dogs that are good for running:

Leg length – comes into play. Pooches with longer legs will be able “to match your stride easily.” Whereas, enthusiastic smaller-legged breeds may not be able to keep up with you.

Body size – should be considered. After all, an overweight dog may cause stress on their joints, especially if trips outdoors occur often. Pit Pat recommends a medium-sized pooch for a partner.

Coat thickness – and texture is another factor. No matter how perfectly luscious your pooch’s shaggy, thick coat is, it won’t keep them comfy and cool while running in warm weather.

Bone structure – is to be considered, as many breeds suffer from bone issues, such as hip dysplasia and arthritis. To avoid extra health issues, talk to your vet first before taking them out.

Snout length – believe it or not, is another element. Pugs and bulldogs, though adorable, have flat snouts that cause issues. Your dog’s snout should be long to help manage their breathing.

Energy level – finally, is the last of our list. Senior dogs may not be able to keep up with you for long. Instead, choose a lively breed and a springy pip who is eager and will last on long runs.

For a breed breakdown, peek at PitPat's guide to dog breeds for running.

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