The best dog DNA test kits in the UK

Get to know your pooch a little better

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by Piper Huxley |

Everyone has been testing, tracking tracing their ancestry across the world – with some shocking revelations. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that your furry family members also have a shot at finding out where they come from. Unsure about your dog’s breed – or want to check their general health? We’ve rounded up the best dog DNA test kits in the UK – and you can get some clarity.

Why DNA test your dog?

Generally, if you're unsure of your dog's breed, a DNA test is a good idea. If you're looking for some clarity and are curious about looking at your pooch's geneaolgy, then testing their DNA sounds great. Plus, most of these kits check for potential health problems and medication sensitivities, too. So - they're beneficial to your pooch's health and wellbeing. If any issues come up, you can make changes to their lifestyle or diet to ensure good health and happiness.

The best dog DNA test kits in the UK

Embark Dog DNA Test, Breed & Health Kit

Best Dog DNA Test Kit

Firstly, we present Embark's DNA test. Though a US company, this doggie DNA kit is the best on the market. Garnering excellent reviews across the globe, Embark has decked out its test kits to cover health, as well as breed. Embark's panel tests more than 200 health risks and even provides the next steps to help your pooch. Embark tests over 220,000 genetic markets and screens for more than 350 doggie breeds. This is more than any other test - which puts Embark at the top of our list. Discover relatives, traits and more with Embark.


Pros: Tests for 350+ Breeds; Offers full and raw data; Provides genetic age estimate

Cons: Results can be a little complicated; Pricey; Extra Fees for Postage

Review: "We live in London and got this to test our dog. It's super easy to swab your dog (just a little earbud swab that goes under their mouth flaps to get saliva). Because Embark is based in America you can't use their pre-paid bag to ship the sample back to their lab, but you can use the bag as a bag for shipping. We just went into the Royal Mail post office and paid for it to be shipped over so they slapped a label on the bag for us. I think it was like £10? On the shipping label, we just wrote "dog DNA sample".

"It took a while to get there (maybe 2 weeks?) but eventually, we got an email saying they had received it and were shipping it to their processing lab. Then we waited just under a week and got an email saying it was processing. And then around the 4-week mark, we got the results. Really pleased with the communication from Embark! We wish the results were a bit more exciting but it was a fun experience!"

Wisdom Panel Essential - Dog DNA Test

Dog DNA Test Under £100

Next, we have our first entry from Wisdom Panel. Retailing at under £100, this "Essential" kit is perfect for uncovering your dog's breed down to 1%. For this, they test for over 350 breeds and varieties. In fact, Wisdom Panel has tested over three million pooches and - as a result - has the largest doggie database. Simply swab your pup's cheek and send the kit off to their lab in Scotland. Here, they will test for medication and drug sensitivity, ancestry, traits and key health insights you need to know as their lucky parent. Your pooch is one-of-a-kind - and so is this test kit.

Pros: Budget; Screens for 350+ breeds; Find your dog's relatives; Tests for medical complications and family tree

Cons: No Premium Exclusives

Review: "I had a rescue dog 8 weeks ago. The rescue centre advised she is a Staffie cross. I was curious about her traits and when I saw pet DNA advertised online I decided, although somewhat sceptical, to give it a try. At £87 and results are back in 2 weeks or so! The test kit arrived in a few days with full clear instructions and illustrations. Two swabs in the mouth and sent back in stamped address envelope. Easy peasy, even I could do it!

"Two weeks later the results appeared by e-mail to download followed by a typed version through the post a few days later. Apparently, she's 48% Staffie, 38% English Bulldog, 6% American Bulldog, some Bull Mastiff and a bit of French Bulldog! I don't have to guess anymore."

Wisdom Panel Breed Discovery - Dog DNA Collection Kit

Best for Breed Discovery

If you want to know every detail of your dog’s breed mix, why not grab this Breed Discovery kit from Wisdom Panel? With breed reporting down to 1% and results that are over 98% accurate, you can personalize your pup’s care to suit their unique needs. Plus, it even includes a test for drug and medication and sensitivities. Find your dog's relatives and trace the family tree back three generations with this smart kit that screens for more than 350 breeds.

Pros: Screen for 350+ breeds; Test for drug and medication sensitivities; Find your dog's relatives; Trace your dog's family tree back three generations

Cons: No in-depth health screening or Premium Exclusives

Review: "This was amazing. My dog was rescued from Spain and although he looked like a 'spaniel' type dog I was curious to find out his mix. He turned out to be a Brittany Gundog mix - which fits in perfectly with his personality!! Lots of information is given and a family tree."

Wisdom Panel Premium: Advanced Dog DNA Test

Premium Dog DNA Test

Next, developed by world-leading geneticists and veterinarians, Wisdom Panel™ Premium is the most comprehensive dog DNA test on the market, screening for over 200 genetic conditions. Get ready to know more than ever about your pup’s ancestry, traits, and health so you can care better than ever. Further, Wisdom has a large database of doggie DNA and 20 years of research under its belt. You'll get detailed genetic explanations about your pooch's characterises and the chance to consult with a professional, too. Your dog's health, traits, breed and more are in safe hands.

Pros: 210 health tests; Genetic relative match; Vet consultation for findings; Screens for 350+ breeds; family tree; 35+ trait tests

Cons: Long Wait

Review: "Best dog DNA test available on the UK market. National labs support. Delivery promise. Accuracy and development efficiency is all there. One word. One phrase. Leading Product Excellence. Personally, when the time comes and I just find the right four-pawed friend, I will know that I am more than ready and assured. Anyway, price-wise, this product service is a fair amount of money... to make sure you will be provided healthy and happy long term working solution to your barking investment, worth it."

AffinityDNA Dog Allergy Test for 125 Allergens

Best Allergy Test for Dogs

If you have a poorly pooch and are not sure what the problem is, you could test their allergies with this AffinityDNA kit. This kit is designed to offer you an easy and affordable tool that will help you get to the bottom of your dog's food and environmental sensitivities. Luckily, the test will offer you a complete report on everything your dog may be reactive to, so you can alter their food or environmental exposure accordingly. It tests 125 food and environmental items. Generally, you will receive your results in 4 weeks. We still recommend checking in with your vet first if they can't solve the problem.

Pros: Easy; Affordable

Cons: Allergies Only

Review: "My staffy had terrible skin allergies & vets kept giving him monthly injections & steroids. This test clearly indicated he was allergic to chicken and eggs. He is now happy, not itchy and has a beautiful glossy coat. I wish I’d bought this a long time ago instead of spending a fortune at vets. I was at the end of my tether. This test is so easy to use and a very detailed look at what affects his skin and coat. It has enabled me to alter his diet and dare I say cured his allergies. I cannot recommend it enough. Excellent product and service."


How do these DNA tests work?

After registering your kit with your service, you need to take a few swabs of the inside of your doggie’s cheek pouch. It is recommended to do this a few hours after they eat some food. After all, the goal is to get as much saliva as possible – because you want to collect a decent amount of DNA for the lab. This doesn't seem to differ much from service to service. It’s cotton swabs all-around, mostly.

With Embark and Wisdom Panel, you need you set up accounts on their websites before you send the completed packs. Here, you can register as many DNA kits as you like. When your test has been completed, you can access all the data on their website. Here, you can then print it out and save it.

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