Luxury dog beds your pampered pooch can relax in

Dogs spend up to 12 hours a day snoozing, so they need the best luxury dog bed to get comfy.

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by Natalie Corner |

Quality sleep is important to us. We invest hundreds of pounds in a mattress to guarantee us peaceful slumber, comfort and relief from aches and pains.

But what about taking that approach to our dogs, who ultimately spend more time snoozing than we do? By investing in a luxury dog bed, your pooch can reap the benefits just like we do.

An adult dog needs to sleep between 12 to 14 hours a day, so finding the perfect bed to lay its head down on is essential and if you can find a bed that you won't have to replace in a few months when the padding loses its firmness even better.

Here, we've picked luxury dog beds that cost a little more but are built to last. If you're unsure about spending a lot of money, then check out our quality dog beds for under £50.

The best luxury dog beds

Dimensions: H18-25cm x W50-90cm x L65-125cm

Review: "Very roomy bed so our lab can stretch out in comfort. The back and sides are firm foam material which is supportive for the dogs head. They are also deep enough to keep out all draughts. The bottom consists of a comfortable padded section. There is an all-around zip which is a bit fiddly to close but will make it easier to remove the cover for washing. Overall an excellent value for money product".

Scruffs Grizzly Bear Dark Brown Bed

Best bed for large dogs
Scruffs Grizzly Bear Dark Brown Bed

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We love this paw-shaped dog bed, not just for its fun design, but also because it's ultra-comfy for those bigger dogs who want to really spread out and relax. The bed is constructed with a faux suede covered centre cushion, the cushion and outer ring have a sumptuous fill and with a non-slip base and washable cover. It has three large pads at the back for dogs to rest their heads on.

Dimensions: 50 x 130 x 130cm

Review: "This is a perfect bed for my dog, she is so comfortable on it and sleeps in it all the time, it's soft, nicely cushioned, and perfect for pets."

Charley Chau Deep Sided Dog Bed In Cotton

Best bed for medium-sized dogs
Charley Chau Deep Sided Dog Bed In Cotton

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They can nestle into the mattress which is filled with fibre that promises not to move around and lose its padding over time. The bed has a removable cotton cover which is machine washable, along with the mattress inner. It's available in size small or medium, so will suit a multitude of breeds; from pugs and Italian greyhounds to Spaniels and terriers.

Dimensions: Small W65 x D53 x H28 cm and Medium W78 x D60 x H29cm

Review: "Beautiful quality dog bed which has been used from the moment it was unpacked. My dog has moved all his toys into it so I know it's special."

The Dog's Bed Orthopaedic Dog Bed

Best orthopaedic dog bed
The Dogu2019s Bed Orthopaedic Dog Bed

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The removable covers are easy to wash and the bed comes in a variety of sizes, all the way up to XXXL. It even has a waterproof mattress protector for those little accidents.

Dimensions: Small 71 x 48 x 10cm to XXXL 162 x 111 x 15cm

Review: "Max our Labrador who has been used to a memory foam bed, is totally at home with his new bed. It is better quality than his past which started to hollow in the middle, but his new one is firmer and deeper and has a superior cover. Also having also an inner waterproof cover prevents the memory foam from sweating through the dog's body heat. Overall a good choice."

Pawhut Toledo Dog Sofa

Best bed for a touch of luxury
Toledo Dog Sofa in Grey

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Nothing says luxury than a dog's own mini faux leather sofa bed. Ideal for a home that is more about style when it comes to fitting in your dog's bed with the decor, this grey colour will fit in without any problem. And of course, your pooch will be comfortable thanks to the memory foam cushion and high walls that provide a draught-free environment for your pet.

Dimensions: 32cm H x 41cm W x 68cm

Review: "This is my fave purchase in life. The dog hides his treasures under it but doesn't sit on it. I love it and smile every time I look at it."

Dimensions: Small Bed 46cm x 39cm x 20cm, Medium 59cm x 46cm x 20cm, Large 76 cm x 58 cm x 20cm, XL 90 cm x 76 cm x 20cm

Review: "Love it ... so does the pooch thank you ❤️ "

Is it worth investing in a luxury dog bed?

Amy Curtis, Marketing Manager at Sleepeezee, offers her advice when it comes to choosing the right luxury dog bed, “When investing in a dog bed, don’t rush into buying a cheaper model, you’ll not only compromise on the quality but will often end up having to buy another one sooner than you would like to.

"After all, you would spend a significant amount of time researching and testing a human bed, so this investment should be the same for your pet. The key is to find a bed that benefits your dog and also matches your budget and lifestyle requirements."

What are the benefits of a memory foam dog bed?

Amy explains: “A memory foam dog bed not only feels good but has added health benefits as well. Dogs of all ages and breeds will put stress on their bones, muscles and joints throughout the day, and our dog bed has been designed specifically to provide the ultimate place for your dog to relax.

"Though comfortable for any type of dog, a memory foam bed is the ideal choice for older and thin dogs who may experience painful aches and pains. Lovingly handmade right here in the UK, the Sleepeezee dog bed moulds itself to your dog’s body shape, allowing their bones, muscles and joints to rest peacefully in their natural position – ensuring your dog wakes up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated for the day ahead."

What are the benefits of dog beds?

On average, dogs only stand on their feet for five hours a day and sleep for around twelve hours, so there's no wonder they require a comfortable bed to relax on. Here are some reasons purchasing a dog bed is essential for your pet and your household.

It gives dogs extra support

Dogs need somewhere comfortable to sleep. Sleeping on a cold, hard surface can produce sores, chafing or discomfort. No matter how old your dog is, it can develop joint issues, hip dysplasia or could be recovering from surgery or broken bones. If your dog is older, they may need an orthopaedic dog bed for better support.

It gives them their own space

Dogs are denning creatures; in the wild, they will find a spot to keep themselves warm and gather leaves to create their den. It works the same in a domestic environment as well. If your pet does not a have designated bed, they will make their own cosy nest using blankets or laundry. Providing them with a dog bed or two will give them somewhere they feel warm, safe, and undisturbed.

It gives them security

If your dog suffers from anxiety, then a dog bed will give them a sense of security. Even if you leave your pet at home for the day, they will feel secure and safe in their dog bed. Dog beds are also ideal for taking on trips or moving to a new house as even in a foreign environment, their bed will be predictable and comforting.

It keeps their fur contained

Dog beds not only benefit your pet but you as the owner too. Dog beds will help minimize the amount of fur shedding in other parts of your home. As dogs spend much of their time resting, most of the fur will collect in their beds – making cleaning up more manageable. Most dog beds come with a removable cover, so you can easily wash the bed if it needs a deep cleaning.

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