Dog coats for all breeds and sizes

Keep your pooch warm and dry on walks with our pick of the best dog coats in the UK.

Dachshund being held whilst wearing a coat

by Ellen Kinsey |

Dog clothes aren't always just for fun or a statement. Dog coats are a genuinely beneficial article of clothing that will help keep your pup warm in colder weather. Some breeds of dogs do not have thick enough fur to keep warm in the chilly winter months, so a dog coat would be a massive advantage for them to feel comfortable.

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Dog coats come available in a variety of sizes to fit all dogs, big or small. They are also normally windproof and water-resistant - keeping your dog warm and dry on walks through the inevitably rainy British seasons.

What to consider when buying a dog coat?

Firstly, just like humans try on clothes, you will be able to tell if your dog feels uncomfortable in its coat. So make sure they seem content in it before settling for the purchase.

Make sure your pup can move freely in the coat and do the normal actions such as running, playing and going to the toilet.

Additionally, it is recommended that you buy a coat that has reflective strips to keep your four-legged friend safe in the dark. The reflective detailing will help cars and bikes see them and put your mind to rest on night walks.

The best dog coats for your pooch - UK 2022

Mark-Anthony Waterproof Dog Coat

Best Dog Coat for Winter
Waterproof Dog Coat

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This fleece-lined dog coat is perfect for warmth and also protection as it has a rainproof outer shell, which makes it the perfect year-round jacket. It also features reflective trim so your pet will be visible at night.

Sizes Available: XS 10.2"- XXXL 23.3" (Shoulder to Tail)

Fabric: Fleece

Pros: Waterproof, Fleece-Lined, Reflective Seams, Elasticated Undercarriage, Loop for a Lead

Cons: Sizing can be inaccurate. Judging by the reviews, the coat can be quite loose.

Review: "Bought for my mini schnauzer, the jacket is a snug fit so suitable for small dogs only, mine is small - so perfect for her. I particularly wanted something to cover her underbelly, which gets covered in dirt, wintertime; this does the job. It's also got a small collar which gives added protection and an opening for the lead; I use a harness, and the opening works with this. It's waterproof, lightweight and has a nice fleecy lining. Would buy again."

ANCOL Muddy Paws Stormguard Coat

Best Budget Dog Coat
ANCOL Muddy Paws Stormguard Coat

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This dog coat has over 3,200 raving reviews on Amazon and would be an excellent option for your Springer Spaniel, Labrador, or Border Collie. The subtle brown colour looks very stylish, and it all has a zippered harness slot for a lead attachment. We love that it is an affordable product that doesn't skimp on quality.

Sizes Available: Small to Extra-Extra-Large

Fabric: Unspecified, Fleece-Lined

Pros: Elasticated/Velcro Leg Straps, Hook/Loop Tape Fastening, Fleece-Lined, Reflective, Chest-Protector

Cons: Leg Straps are now Velcro - which can irritation/itchiness when left exposed.

Review: "I purchased a large size for my Staffordshire bull terrier, and it's a perfect fit! So, any Staffy owners thinking of buying this dog coat, then this is the size to buy! The quality is excellent! It's got a hardwearing, waterproof outer cover and a lovely soft and warm fleece inner lining. It also has a protective under chest cover to protect your dog against puddle splashes which gives it added warmth too. All the stitches, seams and Velcro and elasticated straps are very good quality! I hope this honest review helps."

All Seasons Waterproof Dog Coat in Blue Check

Best Dog Coat for Design and Colours
All Seasons Waterproof Dog Coat in Blue Check

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This all-season waterproof dog coat comes in sizes that fit from 20cm to 65cm body length and a hole to feed a lead through to fasten to your dog's collar and gusseted sides for additional comfort. If your dog measures between back sizes, it is advised that you choose the size down as these coats are on the bigger side. Plus, there are plenty of styles to choose from.

Sizes Available: 20cm - 65cm, Measured Shoulder to Tail

Fabric: Waterproof, Soft Fabric

Pros: Easy to Clean, Windproof & Waterproof, Hole for Lead, Velcro Fastens, Elasticated Legs, Padded

Cons: Eight colour and pattern options

Review: "Bought two of these coats for my cairn terriers. And I have to say they are lovely: well-made and waterproof. My babies look fab in them; would definitely recommend them. They are a little more expensive but well worth it."

Morezi Dog Zip Up Dog Raincoat with Reflective Buttons

Best Zip-Up Dog Coat
Morezi Dog Zip Up Dog Raincoat with Reflective Buttons

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How adorable is this hooded yellow dog raincoat? Now you and your four-legged pal will stand out in the crowd in this stylish, vibrant coat that you can match with. The internal lining has a nautical pattern, and the reflective buttons do up below. In terms of sizing, you should measure the thickest part of your pet's chest and add 2cm.

Sizes Available: Extra-Small to Extra-Extra-Large, Measured by Chest Length

Fabric: Synthetic & Waterproof

Pros: Double layered Zip, Water-Resistant, Adjustable Harness/Lead, Machine-Washable

Cons: Not Stretchy - so, it is recommended to add two cm to the measurement to fit your dog.

Review: "If you're thinking of buying this, don't hesitate! It's such good quality; make sure you measure your pet and go along with the recommended size charts. Like another review, my pup is a Yorkie, so she has a small flathead, but by the photo, you can see the hood is adjustable- she refused to walk without the hood up :') I think the wind was too much for her ears. We're looking at rescuing another dog and already know we'll purchase their raincoat from here!"

Joules Quilted Dog Coat

Best Quilted Dog Coat
Joules Quilted Dog Coat

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With a printed thermal lining, this coat fastens and adjusts with touch-fastening straps for a snug fit which will allow your dog to play and feel warm and cosy.

Sizes Available: S (Length 35cm) - L (Length 55cm)

Fabric: Diamond Quilted, Fleece-Lined

Pros: Fleece-Lined, Adjustable Touch-Fastening Straps, Quick & Easy, Machine Washable, Classic Design

Cons: Not an XL - or beyond

Review: "I bought this for my new puppy she looks beautiful in it and gets so many compliments. I love the little gap for the lead to fit through. Perfect and lovely item."

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Withu Pet Coat Jacket

Best Machine Washable Dog Coat
Pet Coat Jacket

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If your dog is a messy pup, then this coat will be a good match. Suitable for most dog breeds, this machine-washable coat will keep your pet cosy on their walkies. It features a flexible rib neck and a zipper for a harness and lead, ensuring safety and style and a range of colours to suit your pet.

Sizes Available: XS (Length 26.6cm) - XXXL (Length 61cm)

Fabric: Polyester, Cotton

Pros: Great Range of Colours, Machine Washable, Hole for Lead

Cons: Overseas Postage

Review: "This jacket is perfect, I shopped around for the best price and delivery, and am more than happy with the quality, the look, the fit etc, so far. I had one outing on a rainy day to the woods, saved the dogs belly from getting too muddy, just hand-washed the belly part to clean for now. I went for a medium for a 17wk old Frenchie pup weighing 5.5kg, so she has some growing room and should last a while. Perfect for autumn/winter now."

Flecta Vizlite Reflective Dog Jacket

Best Dog Coats for Walks
Flecta Vizlite Reflective Dog Jacket

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This high visibility jacket is perfect for all light conditions and works by absorbing UV light from any source such as the sun or a light bulb and then collects the absorbed light. When there is no more light to absorb, the stored energy issues a bright glow. It also contains thermal insulation, which reduces body heat loss in cold weather, so your pooch will stay snug no matter the climate. As this coat only comes in one size, it is suitable for medium-sized dogs such as Boxers, Pitbulls and Springer Spaniels.

Sizes Available: M (Length is 50cm) - but, Pets at Home stocks this Flecta Vizlite in S-XL.

Fabric: Unspecified

Pros: High Visibility, Innovative Technology, Flectalon Thermal Insulation, Showerproof

Cons: No Reviews - as of yet.

Sizes: Small to Extra-Large

Fabric: Waterproof, Synthetic

Pros: Water-Resistant, Adjustable Touch-Fastening, Hole for Lead, Machine-Washable

Cons: Maybe Order a Size Up

Review: "It's a great little coat. Kept him loverly and dry and fitted him perfectly. He is a smaller terrier so the size s was perfect. He looked a real cutie in it."

Barbour dog coat

Luxury Dog Coat
Barbour dog coat

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If your dog lives a life of luxury, then why not get them their very own Barbour coat? It is beautifully made with a cord-lined collar and belted middle for that classic Barbour brand look. Additionally, this coat is crafted from cosy quilted fabric with a fleece lining for lightweight warmth.

Sizes Available: Small - Extra-Extra-Large

Fabric: Nylon Lining, Velcro

Pros: Velcro Fastening Underbody Strap, Diamond-Quilted Nylon Outer, Foldback Collar, Machine-Washable

Cons: Beware of Sizing

Review: "Love this! My puppy is a little small at the moment to wear it. But, the sale price was just too good to miss. By next winter it should be perfect for her. Great quality and brilliant sale price for sure!"

Dog Jacket With Harness

Best dog coat for a perfect fit
All Seasons Dog Jacket

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This Pawpect4Pets dog jacket is warm and comfy but also lightweight and breathable. It also features a clever in-built harness with adjustable straps which means you can attach your dog's lead straight to the jacket via two D-rings. If your pup is in-between sizes, it's recommended to order the next size up.

Sizes Available: Small - 5XL, great for an accurate fit.

Fabric: Waterproof Mesh, Sports Fabrics

Pros: 100% Waterproof, Fleece-Lined, Zip-Fastening, Machine-Washable

Cons: N/A

Tried and Tested by Deputy Commercial Content Editor, Natalie Corner: "I've bought a fair few dog jackets for my pooch (pictured) and this is definitely a perfect fit. I measured just behind his front legs and around his chest to get the right size. It's so easy to slip-on and the zipper on the back means it's a snug fit but not too tight, he loves wearing it! It came in handy with the recent stormy weather!"

DoggySquad Eco-Friendly Dog Raincoat

Eco-Friendly Dog Coat
DoggySquad Eco-Friendly Dog Raincoat

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Made from recycled polyester, this dog coat is so beautiful. Inspired by fishermen raincoats of the Spanish Atlantic coast, this doggy coat is designed to protect the front legs and trunk of the dogs, allowing freedom of movement.

Sizes Available: 10-22 (Scroll for Measurements)

Fabric: Recycled Polyester (from Plastic Waste from Oceans/Textile Fibre Waste)

Pros: Waterproof, Recycled Material, Space for Collar, Quick Drying, Machine Washable

Cons: No Opening for Harness

Review: "I couldn’t be happier with this raincoat, it is everything I have been looking for to keep my dog dry on rainy days! Really good quality, I already washed it twice and it still looks brand new!"{:target=_blank :rel=noreferrer noopener}

The final verdict: the best overall dog coat

The coat that ticks all the boxes for us has to be the ANCOL Muddy Paws Stormguard Coat due to its lovely design, reflective edge tape, range of sizes and great price tag. However, in a close second is the Barbour dog coat, which has a gorgeous classic design and currently is being offered at a discounted price.


Do dogs need to wear a coat?

Most dogs can handle small periods in the cold weather, but certain breeds feel the cold more than others, and your dog will benefit from wearing a coat. Additionally, If dogs are older, ill, or have thin furs such as whippets or greyhounds then they will benefit from a dog coat as they feel the cold much faster.

What temperature does a dog need a coat?

According to Pets at Home, here's a handy guide on what temperature a dog may need a coat:

Below 10⁰C - Some small to medium-size dogs might need to be walked in a jumper or coat dependent on the length of their fur, activity levels, and how long they'll be outside.

Below 5⁰C - Certain larger dog breeds can be affected by the cold weather and may need to wear a coat. Pay close attention to their fur length, time spent outside, and behaviour when in the cold

Minus 5⁰C or less - Although you know your dog best, please be wary when walking any breed or size of the dog in such low temperatures as this can cause frostbite and paw injuries

How do I measure my dog for a coat?

In order to measure your dog you will need to take three measurements:

Chest: Start by measuring the thickest part of your dog's chest which is behind their front legs. Allow for a few extra centimetres when choosing the size so they can have extra room for mobility.

Length: To measure the length of your dog, make sure your dog is standing properly and not sitting or lying down. Start by measuring along your dog's backbone from the base of the neck to 5cm from the base of the tail.

Neck: The last measurement you need to take is around the girth of the neck and add a couple of centimetres to allow room for movement and for a lead.

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